Michelle Catallo

About Me

Welcome to my life: Ms Cat's Honest World! Honest brand reviewer with many hobbies, interests, three amazing kids, two dogs, a cat, and a full-time job. Saying my life is hectic is a bit of an understatement.

I can go from gardening to baking to cleaning my house and parenting then go on my roof to fix something or trim my tree and head back in to make homemade laundry soap to jump in my truck with my kids and go on a hike. Love trying new things, sharing life, and making memories all while sharing via my multiple media platforms.

I believe we should go through life trying to learn something new each and everyday. Everyday is an adventure so, thank you for reading and let's get reviewing!


Adorable Gift For Any Kit

13 Jan, 2019
Yes, standard wooden lead, but with plush toppers and wrapped in a flashing holographic surface. Silver at one angle with a rainbow of colors at another. The pencil itself is around 5" in le... more »

Smoothly Portable

13 Jan, 2019
I have had my eye out for a Writing Board for several months now, and am so far very pleased with this one. Very light, yet durably built. The screen is pressure sensitive so you do not need to app... more »

Clinchingly Robust

13 Jan, 2019
Yeah, I know there is no such word as "clinchingly", but I stand by it as this holder's definition! Universal, multi-angle, adjustable, foldable, non-slip = All spot-on adjectives for... more »

Soothingly Handicraft

11 Jan, 2019
Bath Bombs ~ once you find the "recipe" that works best for you and the right blends to get your comforting moments you seek then it becomes easily repetitive. First you need the right to... more »

Incandescently Useful

10 Jan, 2019
"A shower curtain is just a shower curtain" is what I originally thought, but now I say "Nay"! What makes this shower curtain liner stand out from others? What makes t... more »

Photos On Wood

05 Jan, 2019
This is a mix review and DIY craft: What can one do with 50 pieces of beautifully unfinished natural wood slices? Transfer photos, something I have wanted to try out for quite a while! This p... more »

Quite The Melodic Melodica

30 Dec, 2018
I chose beginner musical instruments for my kids this holiday season and, to my surprise, my kids were very taken with this 37-key keyboard. Not knowing much about instruments myself, I was, and am, l... more »

Fin-Tastic Gift

24 Dec, 2018
Warm and close knitted mermaid tail blanket! My daughter loves these and what makes this different than others is that the tail fin is open which helps with her waddling (walking) while being able to... more »

Craftsmanship Shows

29 Nov, 2018
E-TING keeps wowing me with not only the designs they send in their sets, but the craftsmanship. I can tell you, it really is their attention to detail that make their doll clothes so much easier to p... more »

Just Try & Be Surprised!

27 Nov, 2018
Okay, be honest! Have you thought about using those foot patches you have seen advertised? I decided to try them out as part of my Sunday Spa Days last night and was surprised on a couple levels:... more »

Exceptionally Rich, Bold, & Earthy!

21 Nov, 2018
Having grown up steep in English heritage, steeping tea is my traditional evening creed especially during the cold winter nights or when I am feeling under the weather. Right now, I have both goi... more »

Fun Collection!

19 Nov, 2018
One of the reasons why I chose E-TING doll clothes is that it is a complete surprise what pieces you actually get because each one is handmade and unique. But, one thing that is certain in their... more »

Let Jealousy Roar

15 Nov, 2018
Nothing says have a holly, jolly Christmas like a lightening spewing predator dinosaur hovering over a burning Christmas tree in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains under a celestial sky ev... more »

Celestially Awesome With A Bang

15 Nov, 2018
How can one truly cover all the awesome points that make this lava-fire spewing T-Rex at the end of time's galaxial big bang?! That was the best analogy I had on this #notsorry  My youn... more »

Cat Logic

15 Nov, 2018
My teen daughter has a thing for crazy cat shirts and sweaters, clothes in general really. While this isn't over the top, it's just too cute and a perfect holiday gift for her! It's a surp... more »

The Hunt

14 Nov, 2018
Eldest son wanted an Ugly Sweater for Christmas, but I when I showed him this wolf sweater jacket / zip-up hoodie,he opted for this instead. Phew!  He loves wolve... more »

Dynamic Duo Dining

13 Nov, 2018
This cruet set is fantastic! I love that they have two different spouts, so you can pour slowly or quickly. The tips let out enough dressing without going overboard or taking forever to dispense. The... more »

Great Design

11 Nov, 2018
My eldest son is on the cusp of being between boy's and men's size clothing:  XXXL/16 in boys or Small/Medium in mens. At 12-years of age he is 5'4" and 112 lbs; just giving you... more »

Free Up Your Reading

08 Nov, 2018
Free up your hands and let this sturdy, yet light-weight, adjustable wood bookstand do the work for you! I'm very impressed. It also folds away nicely, takes up about as much space as a notep... more »

"Taco-Top" Time!

05 Nov, 2018
Up the fun for your budding paleontologist with these Triceratops Taco Holders: Installation is a snap; just follow the directions and take note that each leg has a number stamped within and each h... more »

Vibrant Halloween Themes

04 Nov, 2018
Creative Designs has a slew of bright, colorful products all throughout Amazon and I honed in on their pillow cases; perfect for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces, or your shop!... more »

6-In-1 / All-In-One

04 Nov, 2018
Jasontric really covered every detail when it comes to wanting your Apple Airpods on-the-go with you. Plus, the conveniences they included truly make this stand out! What are the 6? Airpod Case,... more »