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Eileen Haxton

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Nice combination lock.

11 Dec, 2017
this worked great for me as a gate lock for my access road on our property. I am sure it would make a very nice bike lock also. more »

Pretty and fun.

04 Aug, 2017
Very pretty fidget comes in a nice little box. Sould make a nice gift item. Got this one for my granddaughterb because all the kids at school were playin with them.  This was a great choise being... more »

These help take the strain off my legs.

31 Jul, 2017
These do seem to take the strain off my knees and legs. When I am standing for a long time I would get leg cramps and if I wear these it does not happen. more »

Good for protection from dirt and dust.

31 Jul, 2017
This has wowrked good protecting my phone from getting dirty and I can still use all the features while it is in the case. I have not tried it around water, yet. more »