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Nikki Joyce

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Super strong

06 Jan, 2019
Nice wide clip on these. Made very well. And very strong magnet. Perfect for hanging art work on my fridge. And clipping things to the side of the microwave!  more »

Bigger than I thought

06 Jan, 2019
A bit bigger than I thought but so much cuter than a bowl covered with plastic wrap with holes in it.... more »

Works Great

06 Jan, 2019
This worked really well. We have several devices that use the old android plug and the new C plug in. So this is super helpful. I'm planning on buying another. I wish this were longer though! An 8... more »


06 Jan, 2019
I bought these for my son who is 3 because he is a little rough on things on the tree. He didnt even bother them. They were super cute and he even gave one to his teacher for christmas! more »

Excellent quality

04 Dec, 2018
Excellent quality and exactly what I needed. For a gift. Lol  more »

Great power bank!

04 Dec, 2018
As a normal adult these days I'm on my phone all the time and my battery drains quickly. But this keeps me charged and ready to go! If I can't charge in my car then i charge in my purse wherev... more »

Popped right off

12 Nov, 2018
Dropped my phone these popped off immediately. Tried both and the same thing happened every time. Finally threw them out!  more »

Love these things!

12 Nov, 2018
Love these clips for everything! Best purchase ever! My box came cracked but doesnt bother me.  more »

Lightweight earrings

12 Nov, 2018
Super pretty lightweight earrings. Love them. more »

Very good brush

12 Nov, 2018
Awesome brush. Free lint brush was a good deal! more »

Good bag

12 Nov, 2018
Seems sturdy and strong. Obviously havent tested it in a fire but hopefully we dont have to more »

Use this every day

12 Nov, 2018
My dog loves this harness. It has a small cushion on it that goes against his chest but it fits very well! more »