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Sarah Thompson

About Me

I love trying new things and writing reviews!


Very durable!

17 Nov, 2017
I like that this liner is mildew resistant and is very stylish. It even came with some very nice looking hooks. I can tell it is very durable, because of my young ones pulling on it and it hasn't... more »

I love this light and so do my children!

15 Nov, 2017
This Led light works really good.  It required no set up.  All I had to do was screw it in the socket and it was ready to go.  It even came with a remote to control which colors I wante... more »

Keeps me busy!

25 Sep, 2017
This little fidget cube is very entertaining.  It helps me with stress and anxiety.  It also helps when I have to think about important things. I like that it has 6 things to do on it.  ... more »

Very Durable!

17 Sep, 2017
I had bought these as extras. My young children are always ruining all of my cords.  I think these will last a very long time. They are very sturdy and I love the woven cable around the actual co... more »

Very sturdy!

29 Aug, 2017
This cable is definitely made with quality materials.  I know it will hold up from my children's terrors.  It has very attractive colors too.  It came with a case and two clip ties.... more »

Very sturdy!

23 Aug, 2017
This charger is amazing!  When you have two small children and you are constantly buying new ones.  This is definitely the one to buy for such problems.  I like the rope design and the... more »

I love this light!

17 Jul, 2017
 I had gotten this light for my one year old.  He loves all of the colors in it.  It is very well made and came in 2 days.  I think this would be really great for parties too. &nbs... more »