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Bonni Potter

About Me

Fun loving mom with a Fabulous Frenchie and three cats!


Grooming Gloves

15 Feb, 2018
Order these grooming gloves to use with my pets.  Our cats LOVE it!  They will turn and move in order for you to reach all sides.  The gloves fit nicely with the Velcro adjustment.&n... more »

Cat Sunglasses

15 Feb, 2018
Love these glasses!  I was impressed with the packaging and quality.  The wire frame is weighty and substantial.  Very fashionable! Would order again.  Great price for fun sungl... more »

Wonderful Sunglasses!

09 Feb, 2018
These glasses have a great metal frame with nice polarized lens.  They came in a very well-made box.  Inside the box was a nice eyeglass case.  Also came with a cleaning cloth, screwdri... more »

Sleeping Bag

09 Feb, 2018
This is a great camping sleeping bag.  It is decent quality with tough waterproof soft fabric. It is very lightweight and compresses into a small bag for carrying. I love the inside pocket and... more »

Small Light Lantern

09 Feb, 2018
I ordered this small transportable lantern to use as an emergency light for if/when our power goes out.  Boy was I surprised at just how small and bright it is.  Love that it is water res... more »

Great Wand!

08 Feb, 2018
My cat really enjoys this wonderful retractable wand. It works very well and I love how it withdraws and expands!  My Kitten adores frolicking with the feathers and will jump and play for hours.... more »

Feather Wand

08 Feb, 2018
   My cat loved playing with this interchangeable wand!  The length is perfect and the quality is high. I really like how the toys attach to the pole.  The latch is very secure.&nb... more »

Utensil Set

08 Feb, 2018
Love this utensil set!  Each piece is very heavy and has a nice modern design.  I was pleasantly surprised at the great quality of this flatware. Highly recommend! #rankboosterreview #... more »

Great Quality Glasses

06 Feb, 2018
I can not brag enough about these sunglasses.  Ordered them for my husband and will now have to order a pair for my son! They arrived in a very nice sturdy box.  Inside that box was a hig... more »

Drum Sticks

06 Feb, 2018
I ordered these sticks for my son.  He loves to drum on things and these were such a reasonable price, that they were perfect for a beginner drummer. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality... more »

Travel Water Bottle

06 Feb, 2018
Our French Bulldog loves this water bottle.  It is super handy to take on hikes or the dog park. Easy to refill and great to have a handy bowl when traveling.  Very portable. #rankboos... more »

Safety Dog Collor light

05 Feb, 2018
Ordered these Safety lights for my Frenchie.  He loves to walk at night and I am always afraid someone will not see him. The clips seem to be very well made, and the lights glow brightly with... more »

Deshedding Glove

05 Feb, 2018
Love this deshedding glove.  They are exactly like the description.  I ordered them to use with my long hair cats, but was pleasantly surprised that they work just as well on my short hair d... more »