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Meka Keisei

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Pretty solid filter

26 Mar, 2019
Couldn't live without one of these. The water here is rather harsh, very chemical. With in just a couple days of moving here, my skin had became very dry, my scalp was inflamed and extremely itchy... more »

As useful as safety pins!

26 Mar, 2019
I have these magnetic hooks scattered throughout the house for various things. They are a bit weak though, and wouldnt hold up a pair of canvas sneakers, which I'm pretty sure is well un... more »

Great Bank

12 Dec, 2018
This is a great bank! Does what it says, haven't had any issues with it. Not too big, not too small. Not really sure what else needs to be said. more »

Worth checking out

24 Jul, 2018
Firstly, the packaging on these earbuds are top notch. The included carry pouch is high quality, and the easy to open magnetic closure was a excellent choice. I really like they chose a velcro strip i... more »

my new go to

23 Jul, 2018
Picked up this stearing wheel cover for a '12 elantra, and was very pleased with the quality. It arrived in a bag folded in half, and I was a bit worried about it having a crease, but after unwrap... more »