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Love! Love! Love!

18 Jul, 2019
They are long and the color is vibrant. I love that the gold is shiny. I’m using this for my engagement party. This is gonna be perfect for my back drop! Can’t wait for the day!  more »

Great Value

18 Jul, 2019
for Any one who has purchased balloons know that the price is great. I love the colors. I’m planning my engagement party and wanted white and gold. This was perfect, can’t wait for th... more »

Cute! Cute! Cute!

18 Jul, 2019
this is a cute one piece, I had a lot of stretch and is long. I’m 5’7 and it comes all the way down. The color is vibrant and bright, a great chill summer day out fit! more »

Small Sign

14 Jul, 2019
This sign isn’t as big as I would have liked it to be, but it’s perfect for a small gathering I’m trying to have for my engagement.  more »

Long, perfect for church

13 Jul, 2019
I purchased this dress to wear to church this summer. The color is are bright and beautiful. My only issue is that the fabric is thin. And at the top, its small so it gives off a white layer at t... more »


13 Jul, 2019
This is soo great and beautiful! I love how the colors are bright.the pants are long and I’m 5’7. Yaaayyy! The only problem was the top, it fits weird to me. I wish I could have give it 4... more »


13 Jul, 2019
The bag seems sturdy and is made of thick material, the only thing is that the bag is smaller than I pictured it. I was gonna use it like a big to keep my wedding books in but now I’m not sure i... more »

Not the same

13 Jul, 2019
The hamper arrived quickly but the only thing, it doesn’t look like the photo, it is a shark though. It’s smaller than I thought, but it’s fine, I’m using it for my son’s... more »

Not much stretch

13 Jul, 2019
First thing is that the color is not the same, which isn’t a big deal. But the band has very little stretch. If you are on the thicker side, I wouldn’t advise, it would be a waste of money... more »

Too good to be true

12 Jul, 2019
It does sorta work on scratches, but it has to be like really minor, and really not noticeable. It took forever for shipping.  more »

The necklace is ok.

11 Jul, 2019
Expected the necklace to be a little higher quality, since the price is greater than $50. This necklace seems like a necklace you would get from one of those places in the middle of the mall. I b... more »

Horrible Color

10 Jul, 2019
The color and design are not the same as photographed. It did not fit. I’m usually a Large and ordered a XL and it was too small. It did not fit well at all. May have to go up 2 sizes.  more »


10 Jul, 2019
The outfit was ok. It didn’t have the WOW factor I was expecting. The fabric isn’t what I visualized. Too was kinda big. I have a bigger bottom and smaller top, so it was a bit Ill fitting... more »

Wrong Color

10 Jul, 2019
The color was very DULL. The idea was nice. I like the fabric, it was soft and had a good stretch. According to the advertising it seemed as though it was going to be darker and brighter. And it defin... more »

Nice for the Price

29 Jun, 2019
Anyone with a little boy knows that you pay $10 + for children underwear. The price is great. They are stretchy and soft. My 8 year old loves them! The only thing is when they arrived they had a scent... more »

Pet friend

29 Jun, 2019
I purchased this for my friend’s dog. My friend loves it. The price is great and 1 time purchase will save any pet owner $100’s in grooming fees.  more »

Beautiful but top Small

29 Jun, 2019
The color of this outfit is gorgeous, only downfall is that the top doesn’t supply enough fabric to cover breast. My boobs are fairly on the small size (36B) and the Large top, didn’t cove... more »

Love Love Love

25 Jun, 2019
 This dress is gorgeous. The color is vibrant. The fabric is soft and has a good stretch. I receive so many compliments. It’s nice and formfitting. I like that is light so it’s perfec... more »

Fits like a Glove

21 Jun, 2019
I love love love this dress, it fits beautifully, good stretch. The only thing is the dress isn’t as bright as it looks on photo: yet it is still gorgeous, it’s a dress that can be dressed... more »

Runs Small

21 Jun, 2019
The shirt has beautiful colors. Looks just like the photo. Purchased for my brother. It’s suppose to be a Man shirt but the sizing seems like kid sizes. I ordered a Large, my brother usually wea... more »

Cute & Light

21 Jun, 2019
the color is bright and beautiful (yellow). It’s perfect for a hot summer day. The only downfall is that the shorts are thin and see through.  The top is pretty and fits perfectly. I advise... more »

Love it!! Better Material

20 Jun, 2019
I thought it was gonna be like a hard cotton feel but it was a soft material. I would say go up a size to give you the look of the photo. It’s so vibrant In color!! Can’t wait to wear it o... more »


12 Jun, 2019
Completely sheer. Horribly made. I returned this outfit due to ill fit. I wouldn’t advise this outfit for anyone. Did not look like picture.  more »

Love it!

12 Jun, 2019
The whole concept of this outfit is great. Only issue is that the top and bottoms are 2 different color denims. But other than that, it is a good stretch and fits and looks great.  more »


12 Jun, 2019
vivid color! Great coverage. This will look great for my trip to the Bahamas! It is a great fit and covers my stretch marks on my stomach. The top stretches and doesn’t cause back fat rolls.&nbs... more »


12 Jun, 2019
This romper is beautiful and simple. Order your size. This romper is made out of a thin fabric, and ended up ripping when I put it on. But it’s a really nice romper, just have to be gentle when... more »

BodyCon Goodness

12 Jun, 2019
This dress is amazing! I love the way it feels and look. Hug my curves PERFECTLY! Order your size. I’m in love with the colors and received soo many compliments.  more »

Order correct size

04 Jun, 2019
I ordered the dress in a Small due to coupon only able to be used on the size small. Surprisingly I was able to put the dress on: I am usually a medium/ large. But the dress has a good stretch and tha... more »

Vibrant color

13 May, 2019
This dress is very form fitting even after going up a size. It shows of every curve and bump. I do like that it is long, I’m 5’7 and the dress came to my feet. The color is so bright and v... more »


13 May, 2019
This outfit is great! Good quality! Soft material! Runs a little small. I ordered an XL, I usually wear a M/L. I opted for the XL because of sizing chart.  more »

Good stretch

10 May, 2019
This dress fits very well, and has a good stretch to it. I love the design, it’s very unique. I’m usually a LG and I purchase a Large. It is very form fitting so if you hag a few problem a... more »

Great gift idea

10 May, 2019
This box was very nice. Using for a Mother’s Day gift. There are many pieces so you are able to make the box as big or as small as you like it. And you are able to decorate any way you like... more »

Great Quality!

10 May, 2019
The swimsuit is of great quality! It fits great. Covers my small foopa I have. more »