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Ashley Burgess

About Me

Hi! I have been reviewing for roughly one year now. You can't tell from my Amazon profile because I forgot the information to my account and had to start a new one. I am interested in pet products ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish. I am also interested in adult products, children products, household, electronics, clothes, art supplies, cooking utensils, small appliances, outdoor products, tools, and jewelry. Please feel free to contact me anytime for further information. My wechat id is bamajammer540 and my email is bamajammer540@gmail.com. y'all have a nice day and be blessed!


Classic Briefs

26 Jun, 2019
I am in love with these briefs. They are super comfy! I don't have a penis but I imagine these briefs would keep everything in place very well. The material is very soft. It almost feels like I... more »

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

26 Jun, 2019
I am in love with this lipstick. It has a great variety of shades. It lasts at least 8 hours! You won't regret buying.  more »

DIY Oil Painting

19 Jun, 2019
Waitata DIY oil painting is absolutely wonderful! The canvas was surprisingly made very well. It is a time consuming but fairly easy craft. I am absolutely in love!!!! I cannot believe how beautiful i... more »


03 Jun, 2019
I can not believe how sexy and comfy this thong is!!!!!  more »

Fun Couples Toy

28 Sep, 2018
I actually received this toy on the same as date night. My boyfriend and I decided it would be a fun opportunity to test it out. It's fairly small so it stays in place well. We get to dinner and h... more »

Crotchless Panties

28 Sep, 2018
This was my first crotchless panty purchase. I was very iffy on the whole idea lol. I thought they would move around, be uncomfortable, and be a waste of money. Boy was I wrong! The lace material is a... more »

Electric Shaver

10 Mar, 2018
This shaver works really well! It's small so easy to use. It cuts well and is easy to store. My only complaint is that it is battery operated. I would love to see a rechargable version next time I... more »

Toliet Light!

06 Mar, 2018
The description pretty much sums it up. It's a rechargable toliet light. There are eight different colors. It's motion activated so the battery lasts for an impressive amount of time. To be ho... more »

Hip and Joint Supplement

06 Mar, 2018
I have a 13 year old male boxer/saint Bernard mix rescue that has three legs and a bad front shoulder. Recently his age has really started to show. After several expensive vet trips and building a ram... more »

10 Piece Nesting Storage Container

01 Mar, 2018
I am very pleased with these containers. They fit inside of each other so they don't take up much space when not being used. They have locking lids and are leak proof! Their also microwave proof.... more »

Game Changer

28 Feb, 2018
I bought this postpartum girdle corset support recovery belly band wrap as a gift for a friend that had just had a baby. It took us about five minutes to figure out how to get it put on properly. At f... more »

Assorted Dinosaur Toys

11 Feb, 2018
These dinosaur toys are adorable! I gave them to my son to help teach him the differences in Dino's. These toys have been very helpful and educational. Their made well and I expect them to hold up... more »

Hard Wax Beans

11 Feb, 2018
I was a little skeptical about these wax beans at first. Waxing is painful. The thought of it being less painful was funny until I actually tried these beans. First of all I forgot to get a wax warmer... more »

Dog Seat Cover

11 Feb, 2018
I have a dog that sheds a new dog about once a week. He loves riding but the clean up is always crazy due to all the fur he leaves behind! I have finally found a simple solution to it! This seat cover... more »

A woman's best friend

11 Feb, 2018
I bought this to kinda spice things up in the bedroom. I must say I am very impressed! It is tilted to guarantee that it hits the spot every time! It is also textured to add even more pleasure. It has... more »

Best Bluetooth Speaker!!!

06 Feb, 2018
I am absolutely impressed by this speaker more »