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Fishing for the little ones

07 Nov, 2018
Brilliant for the kids and easy set up takes 30 seconds or little more my little ones love it hopefully they take after me being a fisherman  more »

Kids toys

07 Nov, 2018
Brilliant for entertainment and educational use for the little ones at a great price  more »

Ultra High Capacity Portable phone Charger

10 May, 2018
Excellent portable phone charger, the inclusion of the display give you an instant display of the remaining charge. its  medium but slightly small, Easy to carry in your pocket. Given the capacit... more »

Beats the socks of all other mouses well recomended :)

26 Apr, 2018
Brilliant and smart for a little gadget I can say its wireless not battery operated I was pleased works in my android tv I was suprised I have had mouses in the past but the gerk on them is terrible t... more »

Very noise cancel out headphones good quality

31 Jan, 2018
These headphones are in my top 3 there really great I have tried many brands and for quality and price I would have to recommend this product only purely down to design :) more »

Great invention well presented

30 Jan, 2018
The focus was spot on and it was well presented in the box all marks off to this ptoduct  I would really recommend this product if your into photo or going away on holiday its  Top mar... more »

Fast action brain booster

29 Jan, 2018
Woow i had one and wow it worked so quick felt like i was on cloud nine just thinking and  Great mental boost it was amazing they even offer money back but it didnt come to that so  I... more »

Very very quite and lovely bit of kit :)

29 Jan, 2018
Its amazingly quite and long lasting battery life alos included a extra battery  Its gold and 4 size of shavers the price is brillaint on a low budget its like  Vip price but for so li... more »

real value for you money great stand ;)

29 Jan, 2018
I use this to stand my phone and tablet on its very handy as the kids have my phone all the time  So i put it were they cant reach and its on the stand were i can find it and very easy when in... more »

Vibrant and a real value for you money ;)

22 Jan, 2018
  The lite in weight with a long handle very handy and also hangable there a vibrant red none stick made curry and spag bol and eggs on toast in the first three days there brill money well s... more »

Speed of light great peace of tech

22 Jan, 2018
These bit of tech are brilliant i ordered another one for up stairs there are fast and very easy to use i would highly recommend for value  more »

brilliant and very profestional

16 Jan, 2018
The price was brillaint the product was great and it shows great value for money that does the same job :) more »

What a piece of kit :)

18 Dec, 2017
Loved these I have used them vertual every day  There better than my named brand of ear phones  Defianly have to get another pair incase anything happens :)  more »