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elizabeth cooney

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awesome powerbank

23 May, 2018
i was looking for a good quality power bank and thought of giving this one a try. im glad i did. it works so well i bought another one. the shipping was perfect protected the bank well comes with easy... more »


22 May, 2018
i ordered this to have a variety of eyeshadows in a compact case. this was a perfect set, i love the fact the colors are colorful and little sparkly. the only thing is it didnt come with a brush, whic... more »

its a cute suit

22 May, 2018
i recieved this bathing suit, just as something i can wear on vacation. the package was simple packaging. i washed this before i tried it on, but it fits nicely. not over the top just a simple black b... more »

these are just ok

22 May, 2018
i got this product to help with a natural way to reduce cellulite. the package was nice and in a small carrying pouch. each item was in smaller plastic bags. the instructions were very simple and easy... more »

nice office chair

22 May, 2018
the chair was fast shipping, was a light box. the instructions were easy to read and follow comes with all tools needed. took less than 15 minutes to assemble. the materials seem to be strong and will... more »

strong smelling awesome toys

22 May, 2018
i ordered these for my cats. i have two large bengals. first off the package was simple a plastic bag around them, the 5 fish toys are large about 3 to 4 inches each. they are so strong my cats s... more »

nice sunglasses

22 May, 2018
i got these sunglasses, they came in a nice hard carrying glasses and wrapped in a sunglasses bag. they arent as stylish as i like just simple and plain. but the fact they reduce glare and make direct... more »

great for on the go

21 May, 2018
i got this as i have been walking and hiking more. for weight loss. the package was clean and simple, instructions easy to read and follow, easy to follow. the resevior is easy to fill and fits nice i... more »

awesome sneaker

13 May, 2018
i was looking for a nioce comfortable sneaker as i work long 16 hour days mostly on my feet. the package was very basic shoebox, shipped fast. many chpoices of sizes and colors to choose from, nice it... more »

nice wine glass

13 May, 2018
this had very fast shipping and was packaged appropiately. nice package and easy to open. the glass itself is a basic glass with beautiful saying. easy to clean. i didnt wash in dishwasher, just hand... more »