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Spoon it sample

27 Aug, 2019
These are perfect for scooping out a sample size of bath beads, lotion , exec. They look great vattached to the jar or container w colored ribbon or rope for added decoration. Great quality and workma... more »

Tooto green

27 Aug, 2019
This is cute as can be. Green with attached stars all over it also has snug elastic band and a bow. My granddaughters love playing dress up w it.  more »

No streak tan marks

27 Apr, 2019
Thesewiopes work great.  1 wipe covered my face, neck, shoulders, chest and my arms. It didn't leave streaks or uneven marks it was very even. It does stain the palms of your hands so I... more »

Striker ain't no joker

27 Apr, 2019
This was a gift for a bachelor party. They open it all the way up and checked it out right there. They were impressed by its case first of all because our was a just a black sleeve and would be easier... more »

Flat feet fantastic

25 Jan, 2019
My husband has flat feet and he wears out a pair of shoes or boots in no time. We've tried a lot of quality brand shoes but he still complains about shoes being uncomfortable. He dislikes the foam... more »