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Joe Lin

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Easy to Use and Reuse

02 Nov, 2018
The reusable sous vibe bags are perfectly sized for various dishes, from salmon to steak to chicken and veggies. I used to use disposable sandwich bags or the gallon bags but these were a great r... more »

Excellent inflatable camping pillow

05 Jan, 2018
The ATEPA inflatable pillow is ultra light and packs down to about the size of your palm. It's inflated via a valve in the back of the pillow and can be done quite effortlessly. Once inflated... more »

Dust-proof Black Respirator Mask

05 Jan, 2018
I am using the respirator mask for some small building and renovation projects around the home. When I'm cutting and sanding wood, there's always a lot of dust around. Wearing the mask helps t... more »

Endless entertainment for our cuddly friends

24 Dec, 2017
This set of cat toys comes with 1 wand that has a soft foam handle with 3 retractable segments. At the end of the wand is a sturdy fishing line with a hook that allows you to swap between the toys. Th... more »

Excellent Sports Activities shirt

09 Dec, 2017
The LJCCQ Men's compression long sleeves shirt is an excellent moisture-wicking "dri-fit" like shirt. it provides a comfortable base lawyer that will soak up the sweat from your body and... more »