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Isaac E. Solomon

About Me

I enjoy gadgets, electronics and sunglasses. Can't live without them.


Excellent socks for those long distant runs!

02 Sep, 2019
If you ever feel tightness around the calves, when running, then these socks are what you'll need. They help prevent tightness and cramps. I highly recommend these.  more »

Excellent for Carpal Tunnel.

02 Sep, 2019
These support bands are excellent for whenever you're feeling the weakness caused by Carpal Tunnel. I highly recommend it.  more »

Excellent 3rd Party Charger for the Switch

29 Jul, 2019
I highly recommend this ac adapter for travel. It does the job and it's the recommended volts, for charging. The charger looks well built and should last you for years to come.  more »

Really Does Work!

01 Jul, 2019
The hair straightener works great on hair, but had trouble making it as effective for the beard. This brush is designed more for long hair. While my beard it long, it doesn't seem to grasp as well... more »

Decent Straightener

16 Jun, 2019
I was looking for a beard straightener, and this one seemed to fit the ideal method I was looking for. I only wish the brush was a bit sturdier than, what it is. I find the brush to be a little too sh... more »

Excellent DVD R/RW Burner!

01 Jun, 2019
The build quality looks great. Nice compact design. Does the trick, and I like the fact that the USB C cord is attached to the unit; you won't lose the cord that way. more »

Excellent DVD R/RW Burner!

26 May, 2019
This DVDR/RW is simply amazing. Completely plug and play and does exactly what you expect it to do. This drive is compatible with both PC and MAC. Excellent piece of hardware. I highly recommend it. more »

Excellent Wireless Charger!

03 May, 2019
The charger is heavy, which is a good thing. Since it's dual coiled, I don't have to struggle putting my phone down on it. I can simply place my phone and it will start charging immediately. I... more »

Excellent AC Power Adapter for the Switch

01 Apr, 2019
This is an excellent extra AC Adapter, which comes in handy on travels. I like to keep the OEM attached to the Switch doc, while I take this one on the go. It looks very similar to the OEM, and functi... more »

Great Gaming Mouse

01 Apr, 2019
Overall  the build of the mouse is solid. I'd say that I prefer some "click", for response on my mouse, however it's silky smooth and responsive. I highly recommend it and would... more »

Excellent Wireless Charger

13 Mar, 2019
This charger is excellent. It holds well on the mount. It's also a strong charge. I highly recommend it! more »

Excellent Keyboard Wrist Pad Mouse Combo!

08 Feb, 2019
Very high quality pads, and it's memory foam, which is a plus for me. I highly recommend it. I've been using another version of these, and this one's by far superior in quality. It also ha... more »

The Greatest Charger for PS4 Controllers!

24 Oct, 2018
I've had other charger t docks in the past and I'll must say that this one is the best of them all. The fact that these don't put stress on the charging ports is a big selling point for me... more »

Excellent Joy-Con handle.

12 Aug, 2018
We like to play Snipperclips, and this certainly helps with the hand cramping that the Joy-Con on it own would do to your hand. I highly recommend this for those that get those hand cramps as well. Gr... more »

Works for the NES Classic (2018) as well!

12 Aug, 2018
This is an essential add-on to your SNES and NES Classic. I specifically got it for my NES Classic. I can for certainy say that it works for the 2018 NES Classic. Considering that the controller's... more »

Amazing Inverted Umbrella

12 Aug, 2018
I've always wanted one of these neat looking inverted umbrellas, ever since my wife got one. This one's built to last. The material looks of great quality. It's definitely a great umbrella... more »

My wife likes it.

30 Jul, 2018
The title explains it all. She likes it, and that's pretty much all that matters. She says it fits and feels comfortable. Be sure however to buy one size larger, as these do run about one size sma... more »

Very Functional Trunk Organizer.

30 Jul, 2018
I used to have another brand Trunk Organizer, and it was quite the disappointing apparatus. This one however is a lot more durable and it will stand on its own. It's great for those that live in s... more »

Great Eyelash Growth Serum

30 Jul, 2018
My wife really likes the application of this product. She's used others that leave an oily residue and her hair ends end up sticking to it at night. This product dries and you can't even... more »

Very nice earbuds

30 Jul, 2018
I'd say that these earbuds are well designed and have good volume. Sometimes you come across some earbuds that have very low volume, no matter how high you increase it on your phone or mp4 player.... more »

Excellent and Very Durable

30 Jul, 2018
I just received these and I'd say that the quality does look great and appears to be a long lasting child car seat shoulder strap. These are all about performance, vs. looks. Be aware of this, and... more »

Excellent Knee Brace and Elbow Brace

25 Jul, 2018
First and foremost, these look a lot like a pair I have that's from Germany. The only difference is the color, however the design is pretty much identical to my other one. I have a bad knee, from... more »

Excellent Headphones

10 Jul, 2018
I found these headphones to be cute, as did my child; she really likes them and wanted them. They're of great quality, and the cord is very long; so you won't have to worry about it getting pu... more »

Great pair of sunglasses

06 Jul, 2018
I just received these yesterday, and have been able to determine that the quality of the sunglasses are great. They have flexible, spring enhanced arms, which are great for fitting right. The sunglass... more »

An Excellent Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

01 Jul, 2018
This is hands down one of the best wireless mice I've ever used. I really like the fact that it's rechargeable; you'll never need AAA batteries like most wireless mice. It also has an on a... more »

Keeps the beard soft and smooth

28 Jun, 2018
Just like hair, beards need conditioner, but not the traditional type that you'd use in your hair. It needs a concentrated version. That's when you get some beard oil. It's completely unce... more »

Wow! Great Mini Charger!

28 Jun, 2018
I'm pleasantly suprised with this adapter. It's so small, and compact, that it definitely deserves the praise. I'm actually using it right now, while I type this review out. While the... more »

Excellent Aviator Anti Glare Sunglasses

26 Jun, 2018
These sunglasses are well designed and have a strong and durable frame, as well as light. The arms adjust to the side of your head; with springs.The pair comes with a hard case. Inside the case, comes... more »

Excellent Workout Shorts.

25 Jun, 2018
I do Crossfit, and always need a good pair of workout shorts. These are extremely well made, and are very comfortable. They're also fast dry shorts. If you happen to like jogging, and don't wa... more »

Very smooth and operational Wireless Rechargeable Mouse.

25 Jun, 2018
If you're looking for a regarchable wirelss mouse, then look no further. This is the one you need. I very much like this Wireless mouse. The response of if it smooth and clicking is satisfying. I... more »

Extremely high quality Polarized Aviator Sunglasses, I just had to get a second pair.

25 Jun, 2018
I enjoyed the quality of thhe IALUKU Aviator Sunglasses so much, that I needed to get a second pair. They come with a dust/finger print cloth, a well constructed carrying case, and a dust/finger print... more »

Extremely high quality Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

25 Jun, 2018
The IALUKU Aviator Sunglasses come with a dust/finger print cloth, a well constructed carrying case, and a dust/finger print cloth carrying case, for when you're on the go. It also comes with a sc... more »

Great Switch Cover Protector

21 Jun, 2018
I'd like to say that this is probably one of the nicest and sleek looking Switch Cover Protectors I've seen; it fits snuggly and it will certainly not fall off from its body. Understand that t... more »

High Quality Eyelash Serum

17 Jun, 2018
My wife's been looking for some Eyelash Serum, and I figured I'd beat her to the punch. I decided to go with this version, since the reviews are great, and it seems to be a great quality produ... more »

Excellent Vintage Jewelry

17 Jun, 2018
My wife has wanted a vintage looking set of jewelry for sometime, and she was happy to have received them. When she saw it, she thought of getting it, but I figured I'd get them for her as a "... more »

An excellent PS4 Controller Charging Station Dock.

17 Jun, 2018
I particularly like this style of charging station docks, as they make grabbing the controller accessible, with its orienting stand and charge pin connector. It fits snug, so you won't h... more »