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Crystal Riddle

About Me

I love trying new products and I am always on Amazon looking for a great deal. I buy a variety of products because you never know what I may be looking for but I do know that I can find the best deals on Amazon. I am a stay-at-home wife with a wonderful husband. We are both into hiking, camping, backpacking, anything that involves the outdoors really.


Just as Described

06 Jul, 2019
This is a very sturdy SD/TF card reader thst has worked perfectly with my decide that only has a USB-C charger port. Its usually harder for me to find devices thst are made to adapt to my type of... more »

Great Mirror

23 Jun, 2019
This mirror is exactly as described and more! I love the fact that it had lights that run so the way down both sides and even has the magnified mirror that comes with it! It's build surely and... more »

Got Lost During Shipping

13 Jun, 2019
I would have loved to have been able to give a review on this product, as I had my heart set on getting it but sadly enough, it got lost during shipping and so the customer service representative said... more »

Exactly What Fiance Wanted

13 Jun, 2019
This belt is exactly what I had been searching everywhere for but could not find. My fiance is very particular about certain things, and his belts are one of those things. He prefers the type that has... more »

Love It!!!

03 Jun, 2019
This phone holder works great for both my husband as well as myself. We have two different sized phones but this phone holder secures both of our phones and we never have to worry about it falling out... more »

Neat Toy for Couples

06 May, 2019
This item was just as described and I received it very soon after purchase. I was impressed with the quality with which it was made. My boyfriend and I have plans of using this more and more often bec... more »

Very Handy

06 May, 2019
This item is just as described. It comes in handy for when my husband is riding his bike, as he is very active and loves to do so but also has to have his phone in view because of work and always bein... more »

Awesome DashCam!!!

04 Apr, 2019
This is an outstanding camera that my husband really loves! What we like the best aside from it being a dual camera is the fact that he never had to take his eyes off the road in order to capture... more »

Works Great

09 Sep, 2018
This product is built with a very sturdy metal that can withstand rough handling that goes along with the carrying of camping gear and is still capable of preforming just as well as it did when it was... more »

Excellent Value & Awesome Quality

04 Sep, 2018
This is an awesome display piece and draws the attention for people as soon as they walk in the door! I love the attention that I get from this particular piece! # RankBooeter #Carejoy more »

Excellent Value & Awesome Quality

21 Aug, 2018
This particular set of scales is very compact and accurate. It came with different tools to help make the measuring and weighing process as easy as possible! This is a must buy for anyone in need of t... more »

Digital Food Scale

21 Jul, 2018
This scale was exactly what I needed to get those recipes that seemed as if I hadn't used enough of this ingredient or too much of another to where they taste absolutely perfect with this scale to... more »