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Melanie Claussen

About Me

Hi there! I'm a working wife, mom & grandma! I work outside the home, but my passion is testing products and spending time outside with my family. We are avid swimmers and we all love to fish. You can normally find us out by the pool, or at the pond.

Sellers - if you need a reliable tester who can share on Blog Booster and on Facebook - just let me know :)


Great value

28 Jan, 2018
My grandson was looking for one of these and BAM - I found it in the Mugig store with no problem!  5 stars! more »

Good deal

28 Jan, 2018
Works Great! more »

Special request

28 Jan, 2018
These were exactly what my grandson was looking for.  They work great ! more »

Heavy Duty

28 Jan, 2018
I hid these so my husband doesn't snag these for the pond - Love these scissors! more »

Easy to use

28 Jan, 2018
This comes with everything you need to get started - and an ebook to show you the right way to use them! more »

Protects and keeps them from getting lost

28 Jan, 2018
This is the perfect way to protect your airpods, and keep them from getting lost in your bag or purse! more »

Works great

28 Jan, 2018
My grandson was estatic with this - he says it works awesomely! more »

Cool strap

28 Jan, 2018
Easy to put on, easy to take off - accessorize your Uke in style! more »

Fits perfect

28 Jan, 2018
My neice got a ukulele for Christmas, so this was an great find to help her deck it out in style. 5 stars! more »

Perfect length

28 Jan, 2018
This was a special order for my son - exactly what he needed in the car.  5 stars! more »

great case

28 Jan, 2018
This is a really well made, reasonably price case.  Great find! more »

Awesome stand

28 Jan, 2018
This stand is much bigger and sturdier than it appears in the listing.  Awesome find. more »

Love this case

27 Dec, 2017
It fits my 7 plus perfectly - lets the color shine through while providing great protection.  AND - it lets you attach the ring holder or pop socket on the back easily!   more »

Perfect angle!

27 Dec, 2017
My grandson loved this - it was exactly what he needed to replace his original one.  It's heavy duty and the 10 foot length is perfect!   more »

The prettiest one I've seen yet

27 Dec, 2017
This has a beautiful pattern that is more vibrant and looks handmade.  A perfect gift! more »


27 Dec, 2017
This makes it look like it is snowing in the dark.  It's so pretty! more »

Great Batteries

04 Nov, 2017
This was a great deal on a set of extra batteries for my hubby's Ryobi power tools. Now he can do twice as many Honey-Do jobs around the house. They fit in his original chargers and power up quick... more »