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Brian Evangelista

About Me

I am an intelligent person who enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and going for walks and picnics with my friends and family. I also enjoy home life which includes using technology such as my laptop, tablet and computer for work and entertainment and playing with my cats and watching TV as well as entertaining my friends and family with parties and cookouts.



19 Jul, 2019
Great comfortable pillow, also have the Gel Foam version and they're both great.  Love the large size. more »

Huge set

13 Jul, 2019
These are great for the workbench I even gave a few packs to my uncles for their own use. Huge amount of zip ties for a good price. more »

Absolutely love it

07 Jul, 2019
My old cigar holder was imitation leather and had no stiffness. This new one not only is real leather but ti's also cedar lined, has a stiff core, and when you open and close it it makes a sucking... more »

Out of tune

07 Jul, 2019
Poorly  made, sounded out of tune, would not recommend. more »

Didn't work

07 Jul, 2019
This product is terrible. It doesn't even touch  your eyes, the nubs don't reach your forehead.  The unit isn't flexible so you can't adust it to your shape. If the glasses w... more »


07 Jul, 2019
I love these and have several of the basic models, but the upgraded version is much better because it holds a stream even when the sun goes away.  I will definitely be upgrading all of mine. more »

Awesome wallet

22 Jun, 2019
I'll never go back to a Trifold or Bifold again. These (Unifold? :p) wallets are great, takes up so little space and FORCES you to get rid of your excess junk which I can easily accumulate. ... more »

Loads of fun

22 Jun, 2019
When I got this I was searching around the house to find things to examine.  Had lots of fun with my cousin.  Could see how it would be useful for doing work that needs close-up view. I'... more »

My New Favorite Pillow

22 Jun, 2019
I think the key to this pillow is the filling is BRAND NEW, not recycled, and not overly processed or oddly shaped, each piece is the same shape, therefor you get a very EVEN feel the full length of t... more »

Easy to use and comfortable on the wrist

22 Jun, 2019
This fitness tracker is easy to use, and I like that it comes with it's own fitness tracking program for my phone. Also the band is very comfortable with a satine feeling silicone strap that doesn... more »

Easy to use

04 Jun, 2019
I like that it has a simple 1 button interface, very user friendly.  The phone app also user friendly with all the info condensed in one area its very easy to manage the info the tracker collects... more »

Great set of lights

04 Jun, 2019
I like that you can leave them all in the "On" position and simply use the remote to turn them on and off.  It's much easier than flicking a switch on all 12 every time.  Very... more »

Easy to use, responsive, comfortable to wear

16 May, 2019
I like that the band has channels to wick away water and allow air to flow around it.  My wrist is large (9") and it fit snigly but not tight. The screen was responsive, the step counter see... more »

great construction

13 May, 2019
I like that everything snaps solidly, it has a nice heft to it, nothing is loose. The color is really cool like a lightning blue and I like that it comes with 5 extra blades and a little case to hold... more »

Great Gift

29 Apr, 2019
I like that the set comes with two remotes so you can divide them into 2 gifts or keep somefor youself and give the others as gifts. I kept some for myself and included the others in a gift basket. more »

Sporty and fashionable

15 Apr, 2019
This shirt rides the line of sporty and fashionable and achieves both. Great look, great color too love the Army green. more »

Love them

15 Apr, 2019
I like that they can be controlled with a remote.  So many colors, two switching modes, 4 dimming modes, they work great as a nightlight or for mood lighting. more »


15 Apr, 2019
not worth $89 or even $10 more »

Dollar Earbugs for $129 ? I don't know what this seller was smokin'.

15 Apr, 2019
Dollar Earbugs for $129 ? I don't know what this seller was smokin'. more »

Awesome Design

01 Apr, 2019
Looks great the flowers are beautiful, my grandmother's going to love it. I like that there's room on both sides to write on. more »

Love it

01 Apr, 2019
Wish I knew these kind of cards were around before, so awesome being Popup and it looks great in person. The material is nice too nice and thick.  more »


01 Apr, 2019
So much faster than my regular USB cable, I love it.  more »

Some of the snaps a bit loose

13 Mar, 2019
Some of the snaps were a bit loose and I contacted the company but all they said was to contact amazon for a refund.  more »

Great to have on hand

13 Mar, 2019
Great to have on hand to charge and protect your devices. I have one in practicly every room and in each of my backpacks. more »

Great Gift

07 Mar, 2019
I already have a few myself, and I bought this one for my little brother.  It's great that it has a area to rest your phone on top. Also there are alot of outlets in this small unit, great fo... more »

Retro 80's Style

07 Mar, 2019
I like the pink and blue and black streaks. Reminds me and an 80's salon. I bought these for my mom and she loves them. more »

Great Educational tool

26 Feb, 2019
I love letting my niece express herself through music I think it's a great learning tool for children. I like that this mat on top of having a keyboard also has a list of animal sounds with animal... more »

elegant, good quality

11 Feb, 2019
I like the clean look, simple and elegant and the bright white is striking. more »

Easy to use, money saver

11 Feb, 2019
This thing is easy to use, much cheaper than the mechanical alternative, and saves us loads of money by being able to buy seeds in bulk and just regular oil and it comes out Movie Popcorn quality. I g... more »

Grandmother loved it

11 Feb, 2019
My grandmother loved this, it really shortened her time being in curlers.  Very easy to use.  Was a great gift.  more »

A meaningful gift

11 Feb, 2019
My grandmother is very spiritual and I thought a really good high quality spiritual gift was appropriate for her birthday and she really loved it.  It came very well packaged which was great beca... more »

Good as a beginner kit

17 Jan, 2019
This kit is great, lots of real instruments for a child, most of them are percussion however and alot of them sound exactly the same. more »

Decent for light work

17 Jan, 2019
It was ok, the drills are pretty dull though and bendy, so I would only suggest them for light duty work. more »


16 Jan, 2019
This is great for camping, built in flashlight, and can charge my phone twice on 1 charge. more »

Good Quality, Well designed

28 Dec, 2018
This wallet has crisp clean lines, it's designed like a sportscar it's really well made and with quality materials. Also for a slim wallet it has a large capacity: 8 cards and a sleeve for ful... more »

Nice and bright

18 Dec, 2018
I like that these take full sized batteries and not the little buttons because they are nice and bright probably due to the strength of the batteries. more »

Good size, nice and light weight

18 Dec, 2018
They're a good size and light weight so my grandmother should have no trouble putting her curtains and such in them. She's going to love these for her Chrismas present. more »

Made a great gift.

12 Dec, 2018
My mom works from her car so she's always using it. I got her this so during the winter her windshield would be easy to clean and in the summer it wouldn't get so hot.  She said she loves... more »

Super Soft and Supportive

11 Dec, 2018
Great materials, super soft, supports the wrist great, keeps it's firmness. The outer material is super soft too, very pleased. Giving to my brother for Xmas I know he will love it. more »

Cool and Silky

01 Dec, 2018
I love these pillows they're cool to the touch and they are silky smooth. Now I just need to buy some matching sheets lol more »

Loud Clear Sound

29 Nov, 2018
Gives off loud, clear sound. The MicroUSB is crucial, I don't want to drain the battery on my phone and I can get up to 128GB of songs which is nice. more »

Better than expected.

26 Nov, 2018
I like that I can theme the background to the movie I'm wtaching. Red for horror or christmas, green for zombie or christmas, blue for Patriots games, with 12 color choices there's lots to cho... more »

Can't wait for Christmas

09 Nov, 2018
Can't wait til my niece opens it up and sees this scooter. It's great, smooth moving wheels, pivoting front wheels and rear wheel break and adjustible hand grip. I can see her using it fo... more »

Great simple fun

09 Nov, 2018
Easy to use, classic toy concept, like the added accessories improves on a fun classic. more »

Cute little set

09 Nov, 2018
Cute little set for a young kid, good influence on their developing minds. more »

Hold's a charge well and makes a great gift

09 Nov, 2018
My mom wanted one of these so I got her one for Christmas. I like that it can be charged in an Emergency situation. more »

Great Gift

09 Nov, 2018
My mom loves this stuff and the 2oz it comes in is a good size. more »

Didn't last long, customer service did not respond

01 Nov, 2018
Didn't last long, customer service did not respond more »

Love this item

26 Oct, 2018
I like that it comes in a nice decorative box. This makes it great for giving as a gift which is why I bought it. The design is very detailed, and the pot and handle as well made. This will be a great... more »

Works great, nice fit

16 Oct, 2018
Works great, fits perfectly, no wiggle.  Also charges as expected, nice and fast and was a good replacement for the old cheap 0.5amp one my grandmother was using. more »

Love these

30 Sep, 2018
I use these everywhere to protect my devices.  more »

Grandmother loves it

22 Sep, 2018
Got one for my grandmother as an early Christmas gift and she loves it. Easy to use, only takes 1x AA battery. more »

Got one for my mom

18 Sep, 2018
Got one for my mom so she can save money on her cable bill.  Works pretty good. more »

Great Gift

18 Sep, 2018
My mom's going to love this. She uses random tools all paint stained and rusted from her former husband. These will be a welcome addition to her  home.  more »


18 Sep, 2018
Super light-wight, lots of grip, easy to use.  I love these, they can see far while still being in good focus. more »

Love these

18 Sep, 2018
These are great, so easy to use, saves so much hassle with tripping over the rugs all the time, especially when the cats get roudy and leave them in a crumpled mess.  So glad I bought these. more »

Easy to use

06 Sep, 2018
So easy to use, simple design and only takes 1 battery and is effective as well. more »

Exactly what Ineeded

06 Sep, 2018
Exactly what I needed, saw the design and had to get them.  They are super ergonomical, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable to wear. more »

Great for garden

06 Sep, 2018
Adds a classy touch to the garden and very relaxing to listen to as well. more »

These are great

06 Sep, 2018
I like these fountains, very classy, got everyone in my family one. more »

Love these things

06 Sep, 2018
For xmas I'm giving one of these types of fountains to all my family members.  Such a cool thing to have in the summer. more »

Great Little Machines

30 Aug, 2018
I love it, comes with a slew of attachments, easy to use, easy to charge (it even comes with the usb cord + power brick) and the packaging makes it great as a gift as well. more »

Energy saving and easy to use.

16 Aug, 2018
I like that it's power saving and only runs on a USB. Very convenient to have indoors. more »

Love these

09 Aug, 2018
I love these things, so easy to install and they actually work. more »

Works great, compact easy to travel with

05 Aug, 2018
I love this unit, its small and compact, easy to keep in the trunk and it has a LED light which not all vacuums have.  more »

Great Product

05 Aug, 2018
I love these solar fountains. I bought one for each aunt and uncle as a Christmas gift this year. more »

Great Gift

05 Aug, 2018
My aunt and uncle love wine so this makes a great gift. I like that it's solidly constructed and a nice design.  more »

Easy to use, awesome product

31 Jul, 2018
I love this, so easy to use, best part is it keeps my Electronics safe. The usb's are super convenient, no need to use Bricks/Wall Plugs just plug the cable in directly. I also love that it's... more »

Good Unit

27 Jul, 2018
Omars does a good solidly constructed Electronic unit and this one was no exception.  I like that it gives access to both my phone and my computer. more »

Great little USB

27 Jul, 2018
Super fast, solidly built, the iPhone access is a bonus.  I love this unit, I tested it out and I almost feel bad I'm giving it to my sister as a birthday present because the speeds were grea... more »

Good little gadget

27 Jul, 2018
I like that this MicroSD card reader give me access to both my iPhone and my Laptop.  It's easy to use and solidly constructed and it actually came in a nice box.  more »

3 Sizes too small.

22 Jul, 2018
I got one of these and it said it was a 3XL but when I tried it on I couldn't even get it over my elbows.  My brother who wears a Large tried it on and it was SNUG on him.  If you're... more »

Great Summer Accessory

21 Jul, 2018
Just like Christmas Lights, these fountains ring in the season except they are a summer item. I look forward to setting these up each year, they look great in the yard and it's very relaxing to wa... more »

Love these, comes with options

20 Jul, 2018
I love these little bird bath fountains. I like that they're self-powered, just leave them in the sun. It's cool trying out the different attachments that it comes with. I already have one and... more »

Large battery, Powerful

20 Jul, 2018
This fan is great, the battery is large and lasts a good while. The power is strong and adjustable. I love that it pivots to you can put it in the perfect position. Also it's easy to recharge usin... more »

Absolutely love them

17 Jul, 2018
These are my new favorite speakers. The voice is clear, the treble is crisp, the bass is good for the size, does not sound flat at all, has a nice timbre to it. Also matches my computer and mouse. more »

Super fast, Super small form factor

17 Jul, 2018
I love the size of this USB, smaller the better, and it's of a good solid metal construction. more »

Worked Perfectly

17 Jul, 2018
Was as easy as unfolding it, then looking up a Virtual Reality video on Youtube and I was watching a high quality Roller Coaster video. It was great, exactly what I wanted. more »

Great for kids

30 Jun, 2018
I bought these with my little 2 year old neice in mind.  They are all natural and safe and easy to wear and should keep the family protected when we're outdoors. more »


30 Jun, 2018
So much better than strands of tape or tinfoil. I got tired of looking at my mom making our couches look WORSE than anything a cat could do.  So I bought these professional pads and such a huge i... more »

Super Soft

30 Jun, 2018
This is super soft. But not too soft. Just the right amount of Resistence and the smaller size is great to use not only in 1 room but take it wherever in the house or traveling.  more »

Easy, light weight

20 Jun, 2018
I love how easy this leafblower is. Also it's pretty quiet. Enough blowing force for what I need it for.  And the charge time isn't bad, only 1 hour. Very pleased with it. more »

Nice 2 pack good for gifts

02 Jun, 2018
This is going to make a great gift for my 10 and 12 year old boy and girl cousins. Blue for the boy obviously and pink for the girl. I like that it has a high powered 2.1 amp connection as well as a 1... more »

Great for Gifts

02 Jun, 2018
I like that these come individually wrapped. I'm going to give each one to my uncles and the heart one to my grandmother. more »

Great Gift

01 Jun, 2018
I rarely buy high end products but this lip balm will make a great gift.  It's chock full of premium ingredients. more »

Great Gift

25 May, 2018
These are great for cat loves. Small and elegant. Most cat earrings come across cheap or cartoony or kiddish but these ones are not any of those.  Also I like that they're made of quality mat... more »

Light Green and Smooth

22 May, 2018
This tea is great, light green and finely ground.   more »

Where has this thing been my whole adult life?

14 May, 2018
This made shaving so much easier. I used to use a newspaper page every time and it would always slide everywhere and didnt' do a good job at catching everything. This solves that problem and is ve... more »

Very Beautiful

14 May, 2018
This necklace has a great shine to it, very feminine, very delicate looking. I gave one of these to my Mother for Mother's Day and she absolutely loved it. more »

Great Mother's Day Gift

14 May, 2018
I bought this for my Mom for Mother's Day and she loved it.  She loves the suede material and color and that it's not overly large, easy to store in her purse.  more »

Great Gift

14 May, 2018
I gave this to my grandmother for Mother's Day and she loves it.  The Change section is very large and opens about 120 degrees wide for easy access.  Also it has slots for plenty of card... more »

Great Gun

14 May, 2018
Works great, covered the whole car in foam.  This will be good for saving money on car washes.  Also it's very easy to use. more »

Awesome Price, Looks Great

14 May, 2018
This necklace looks great, I gave it to my Grandmother for Mother's Day and she loved it.  The Stainless Steel has a glint to it, it's not dull at all.  The crystals shine and glint... more »

Worked absolutely perfectly

08 May, 2018
These were so easy to install and got rid of adjusting my rug everyday from my cats.  I wish I had found this product sooner!  Been a week since installing and no slips whatsoever.  And... more »

Great Gift

08 May, 2018
My brother in law loves DBZ and smoking so this was a no brainer. The contruction is great, I like how the keef catcher is a seperate unscrewable compartment separate from the main grinder compartment... more »

Easy to Assemble, Light weight

04 May, 2018
This shelf is pretty cool, very modern looking, and easy to put together.  The advantage is it's easy to transport from room to room, the entire unit can easily be lifted with 1 finger. more »

Accurate depiction and fun

01 May, 2018
Love this unit, the depiction fo the droid is accurate to the movie and its fun to see it spinning around in your hands, the novely doesn't wear off. more »

Love these little speakers

01 May, 2018
I love these portable speakers.  I gave one to my mom and grandmother as well. The MicroSD slot is awesome, I can put over 500 songs and not have to connect to bluetooth. I do use the bluetooth w... more »

Easy to Setup

24 Apr, 2018
This unit was easy to setup. I live in a Valley so I don't get great reception, but I just wanted this for The News and this works perfect for that. more »

Good Complete Set

24 Apr, 2018
This set is great, it has everything I'll ever need for small and large electronics repair. more »

Great Little Unit

24 Apr, 2018
This unit is a great way to hype up a party for a low cost.  I like the various modes and the remote makes it very easy to control. more »

Only Hose I Use

24 Apr, 2018
I love these heavy duty expandable hoses. I have one in the front yard and one in the back and they're the only kind I use. This set is great, brass fittings and comes with a Sprayer and also a Ha... more »

Love it

24 Apr, 2018
I love this camera, the price is perfect and it comes with tons of extras.  I like that it's compatible with cameras of the same type.  Also 4K resolution is great. I can't wait to t... more »

Good Fun

22 Apr, 2018
These are great fun for everyday use.  It's like a little treat making a drink with these and as long as you have water you have Skull ice cubes on hand.  I also save a lot of money on i... more »

Great for Hiking

21 Apr, 2018
This hydration bladder has alot going for it with it's wide-mouthed opening, quick disconnect tube and capped bitevalve. Also it holds 2 liters which is great and the tube is over 3 feet long perf... more »

Works great

21 Apr, 2018
These get very loud, the base is decent and I like that they're waterproof as well which is great for outdoor stuff like hiking which I plan to do alot of this Summer.  Also it keeps me from... more »

Best Pillow Cases Ever

21 Apr, 2018
After using these my first thought was "Where has  Mulberry Silk been all my life?"  These pillow cases are great and I wouldn't swap them out for any other kind.  Not onl... more »

Great Hiking Accessory

21 Apr, 2018
This waterproof blanket is great because it folds up nicely, is not too bulky and will provide great protection from multiple surfaces.  I can't wait to take it with me hiking this Spring. more »

Great as a Gift or just to have around the house

15 Apr, 2018
These cards are great, they're easy to read, the phrases are relevant and useful and the box is cute the way they integrate the German Flag into the cover artwork.  Very pleased with this pur... more »

Great Gift for your Worldy Family Member

15 Apr, 2018
I got these and the German ones for my Cousin who's going to Europe this summer.  I think she'll really love them.  I can just imagine her flipping through these on those long Train... more »