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Christy Breeden

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Great phone mount!

13 Jun, 2019
I really like this phone holder. It is adjustable to fit practically any cup holder, and locks in so it can't change sizes when bumped. You have to hold the button, and reduce size to remove from... more »

Excellent, excellent!!

01 May, 2019
This kit literally contains everything you need for a beginner carver or whittler. Pieces are sharp, and feel very well made and durable.. I look forward to creating a lot of art pieces with this, inc... more »

Great multipurpose hooks!

18 Apr, 2019
These hooks work perfect for anything I've tried so far. They hold my son's tablet, my purse, our road trip goodie bag, you name it! So handy to have everything in reach where I can find it wi... more »

Slightly too large..

13 Apr, 2019
Though these have decent sound, they are too large for my ears. I wish they came with changeable gel tips, because itsi hard to tell sound quality when you can't get them decently into your ears.... more »

I love this toaster!!

11 Apr, 2019
I love this toaster!! I adore the beautiful retro look, with the chrome against red and crimped seams. It is very light, and easy to pull out for use and put away afterwards, though I hate hiding it i... more »