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5-in-1 USB C Hub

16 Jul, 2018
No one can have enough ports.  It seems like I am always looking for more ports on my laptop.  One of the biggest issues with the newest Macbook Pro’s, Chromebooks, and some Windows PC... more »

128 GB iPhone Flash Drive

13 Jul, 2018
I will be honest, I did not know a product like this even existed.  I have always wished that there was a product like this to expand the memory of the iPhone that is cheaper than upgrading to a... more »

Solar Fountain Water Pump

13 Jul, 2018
My mother-in-law loves to garden.  Her backyard is full of plants, vegetables, birdbaths, and much more.  Other than the extreme heat, she really enjoys being outside in her gardens. It is h... more »

10000mAh USB-C Backup Battery

13 Jul, 2018
I love my Nintendo Switch but sadly the battery doesn’t last all day.  I can get a good couple hours out of it when I am on a road trip, but after that, it will die unless I can find a plac... more »

Omars In-ear Noise Canceling Earphones

11 Jul, 2018
I love listening to music on my phone, but I hate hearing the outside nose while using the headphones that come with the phone. I have looked at noise canceling headphones for a while, but they are ve... more »

Apple Dock Station

06 Jul, 2018
I love electronic devices, but there is a problem when it comes to charging for everything.  One of the biggest issues is all the wires that are thrown about. No matter how hard you try to keep e... more »


05 Jul, 2018
USB C port is a really great invention! The main reason is that this connector can be used for transmitting both data and power.  Having this capability allows for one less connector on your comp... more »

Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves

30 Jun, 2018
How many times have you found yourself working on a project and you needed a little more light to find a screw tighten or something else?  The issue is your wife is gone and you need both hands t... more »

Apple Watch Case

28 Jun, 2018
Apple watches are great! I tried a few smart fitness bands before purchasing my Apple Watch, but they never did enough or were too expensive for the lack of features they had.  It was the correct... more »

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

25 Jun, 2018
Summer is upon us which means everyone will be spending more time outside, playing sports, walking, cooking, camping, and many other activities.  One thing that I personally hate about this time... more »

Dog Rope Chew Toy

18 Jun, 2018
Animals are like children, they need to be entertained.  My dog loves playing with her toys.  She has a pink flamingo with a squeaker that she has had since a puppy, that thing goes everywhe... more »

Fireproof Document Bag

16 Jun, 2018
We all have documents that we need to keep safe.  They range from passports, wedding certificates, social security card, spare cash, wills, and many other items. The problem is ordinary bags are... more »

iPhone X Screen Protector

14 Jun, 2018
I love my iPhone.  I have had one since the original was released back in 2007.  It was a bonus from my boss at the time for a job well done.  Since that time one of my biggest fears is... more »

My new favorite spatulas!!

12 Jun, 2018
I bought these to replace a set of 3 I had originally purchased at Target. I used them so much they are worn out and have to go. What better than a set of 3? A set of 5, of course! I LOVE all the colo... more »

Joy-Con Controller Charger Stand

08 Jun, 2018
I love my Nintendo Switch. It is really a fun system to play on. I have played Zelda: Breath of the Wild for hours upon hours. The biggest issue I have is the only way to charge the controllers is to... more »

Wrist Brace

08 Jun, 2018
As a teenager, we all do stupid things.  My stupid thing was “attempting” to skateboard down a half pipe.  We all did it once, no problem and no injuries.  Since nothing hap... more »

Waterproof LED Lights

08 Jun, 2018
My wife really likes to brighten up the place, open the windows in the house and let light shine in.  I prefer the house to be darker and cooler, especially in the summer.  The compromise we... more »

Apple Watch Band Sports Band

04 Jun, 2018
In this day and age tracking what you do is very important, especially with the ‘dopamine hit’ your brain receives when you get an achievement. Everything you do can get an achievement fro... more »

Mini Smart Plug

01 Jun, 2018
Have you ever heard the phrase Internet of Things?  The long definition is: “the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send an... more »

Foldable Qi Charger Stand

26 May, 2018
My wife saw my Qi Charger and requested one for her work, but she wanted it to have a stand, so she can look at her phone while it is charging.  I have been searching Amazon/BestBuy/eBay and othe... more »

DualShock 4 Duel Charger

26 May, 2018
I love playing video games. It has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was a young child.  One of the biggest issues any gamer has is trying to keep everything neat (and charged) at the same... more »

Qi Wireless Charger

26 May, 2018
I have an iPhone X and an Apple Watch.  I have wanted a Qi Wireless Charger for a while, but I have found them to be very price prohibitive, especially after having one with my iWatch.  Ther... more »

PS4 Dual Controller Charger Station

24 May, 2018
The PlayStation controller is one of my favorite controllers for gaming. I love how it just fits perfectly in your hands. How your hand grabs and contorts to the controller to where it feels like a na... more »

Balinique Lip Balm

22 May, 2018
I am very skeptical when trying any products due to my sensitive skin, this is even truer when I put something on an even more sensitive area like my lips.  I really enjoyed the smooth and silky... more »

Nike Grey/White Apple Watch Band

22 May, 2018
I really enjoy my Apple Watch and am happy that I purchased the Nike version. I love the Nike watch band over the normal ones because it really helps your arm breath when you are working out.  Th... more »

Cell Phone Stand

19 May, 2018
When I saw this cell phone holder I knew I had to get it!  I have the exact same computer stand at work for my MacBook Pro and everyone compliments me on it all the time.  Having a matching... more »

Mason Jar Party Lights

19 May, 2018
These are a party or wedding must! They are such a cute idea and the fact that you can shape each jar’s lights in a special touch. I’ve had other LED lights like this on their own, but the... more »

Pet Grooming Gloves

17 May, 2018
Summer is almost upon us and my two cats (Maine Coon and Siamese) have started shedding and leaving ‘tumbleweed’ tufts of hair everywhere lately.  When I saw the Pet Grooming Glove, I... more »