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Stacy Kaufman

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mini fans!!

29 Jul, 2019
Good heavens I cannot wait to give this to my friend. She has been having hot flashes like crazy and she will enjoy this to it's fullest extent. What a genius idea! #rankboosterreview #sponsore... more »

wireless headphones

29 Jul, 2019
Super looking forward to getting these. I recently started working out at the gym and i think these will be great. Other reviews talk about good sound quality so I am stoked to start using them #ra... more »

Pocket knife

19 Jul, 2019
I am super stoked to give this to my friend. I know he will enjoy it and it looks really cool too. I love all the features it has   #RankBoosterReview #sponsored more »

Grill Mate

18 Jul, 2019
Oh MY gosh! I am so excited to use this. I was at a friends house for the fourth and out burgers got fire!!! I am doubtful this will happen with the grill mats!! Can't wait to use them! #spo... more »

Great deal!

04 Jun, 2019
I love insense and burn it all the time. This is a great deal for the money and I can't wait to smell the genuine smells through out my home! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored more »

Simple but Sweet

16 May, 2019
What a great suit. Simple black and white with a little wrap belt. I can't wait to sport it this summer.  #RankBoosterReview #sponsored more »

Love the Yellow!

16 May, 2019
I am thrilled to get this! It is great for summer and will match all my colorful leggings.    #RankBoosterReview #sponsored more »

Wind Chimes

13 May, 2019
I am so excited to get these chimes in the mail. I went to my moms house yesterday and she had them hanging. They make the most beautiful melody.  #RankBoosterReview #sponsored more »


16 Apr, 2019
I am so excited to recieve these. I love tattoos and I love temporary ones even more. Excited to use these when I go out dancing and share with my gals! What a great price for so many of them!! Lov... more »

Camping lantern

07 Apr, 2019
I have been looking for one of these handy dandy battery operated lanterns for camping FOREVER! I am so excited to bring it camping- i have a pre teen boy who yes, is still scared of the dark. This is... more »

Amazing salt lamp

07 Apr, 2019
I am so excited to receive this lamp! I will pretty soon have one in each room. They are so calming and beautiful! Super price for a 10" lamp and dimmer switch included.   #Rankbusterr... more »

Yea for music!

19 Feb, 2019
I am so excited to get this speaker and share it with my son! Can’t beat a portable speaker that lights up! Sweet deal too! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored more »

Yea for butterflies!

14 Feb, 2019
I am so extactic to get these beauties. I have wanted them for so long!! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored   more »

Descaling solution

05 Feb, 2019
Can't wait to try this for my keurig! Such a great price! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored  more »

I did not even know these existed!

22 Jan, 2019
I am so excited to get these. I had no idea there was a three peice set for best friends. My gals and I are going to New Orleans this April and I just cannot wait to give this to them!! #RankBooste... more »

Xbox controller batteries

18 Jan, 2019
I am so excited about this! No more Coscto packs of AA batteries!!  #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X Controller Charger, Xbox One Twin Charging Docking Station... more »

Ohh la la

04 Jan, 2019
I simply cannot wait to try this baby out. I have others that are similar but this bad boy looks fantastic!!   #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Realistic Dildo Feelingirl 8.27inch Lifelike... more »

Amazing lights

30 Dec, 2018
This puppy is amazing... Has a light for every occasion!   #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Christmas Led Projector Lights Outdoor with 12 Patterns, Led Nigh... more »


30 Dec, 2018
Can i just say this little friend is amazing #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #G Spot Vibrator with Clitoris Stimulator Paar-Vibrator 2.0 Upgrad... more »

Tight fit!!

26 Dec, 2018
I got these a gift for my brother. He said he couldn't really get them on and was not worth the struggle. I got him a large.  #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Plantar Fasciitis Compressio... more »

Laser lights

21 Dec, 2018
These lights are amazing and light up the entire side of my house!  #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #ranipobo Christmas LED Light Waterproof Moving Red Green Romantic Lase... more »

Amazing lights

21 Dec, 2018
These lights are amazing! Great Seahawks colors to boot! My son loved them! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #EL Wire Kit Neon Lights Battery Pack Christmas Tree,Halloween,Eas... more »

Bath Bombs

29 Nov, 2018
Great packaging. Got them for a gift for my niece. Can't wait to give them to her! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Bath Bombs Gift Set - Organic and Natural Handmade Bath Bomb with more »

IPhone adapter

16 Nov, 2018
Works great! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored # Lighting Jack Adapter,Lighting Adapter for iP X 10 iP 8/8Plus iP... more »


31 Oct, 2018
I think these are actually pretty worthless. They say they are noiseless but that is not the case. Each one makes a noise on and off. On one of the frequencies i cam actually hear the high pitch sound... more »


14 Oct, 2018
I should of read the bottle carefully. The recommended dose for probiotics to be helpful is 40billion. So i need to take four of these in one day and it's not enough for a month.  #RankBoo... more »

Cat brush

11 Oct, 2018
This brush works fantastic!! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #AMEITECH Ultra-Soft Silicone Pet Comb Small Dog Brush Cat Bath Br... more »

Car Charger, 30W Dual USB 3.0 Quick Charge Adapter Compatible iPh...

06 Oct, 2018
This works great! Charges fast #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Car Charger, 30W Dual USB 3.0 Quick Charge Adapter Compatible iPh... more »

Gspot vibrator

26 Sep, 2018
Amazing little thing. Smaller than i thought but packs a punch! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Wearable Wireless Remote Control G Spot Vibrator,Rechargeable Waterproof Clitoris Stimulator/Adult... more »


26 Sep, 2018
These are amazing and they come in a cute carring case. Very sharp and they work! #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Wishesport Tweezers Set, Precision 3 Pcs Slant Flat Pointed Professional Stainles... more »

Sticky notes and markers

06 Sep, 2018
I absolutely love this! The markers are amazing and the paper is cool too! It only came with one highlighter tho. #sponsored #RankBoosterReview #CreativeDesignStickyNotesplusMarkers https://www.... more »


06 Sep, 2018
I feel like i was mislead. It indicates it is a "kit" which to me implies everything is included to wax your legs or whatever. When recieved there is only the wax beeds and strips. No wax wa... more »


23 Aug, 2018
Oh my god...let me just leave it at that....   #sponsored #RankBoosterReview #WaterProofRechargableG-spot   https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Rechargeable-g-spot-Vibrator-Women/d... more »

Gel pens 60 count plus refills

23 Aug, 2018
I absolutely love these!! They are long lasting and SO many colors.  #sponsored #RankBoosterReview #gelpens   https://www.amazon.com/Gel-Pens-pens-plus-refills/dp/B01M58ESLP &nbs... more »

GALYGG LED Copper Wire String Lights, 33ft

21 Aug, 2018
I cannot wait to hang these beauty's up! They are bright and beautiful. I have enough to go all around my four poster bed.  #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #GALYGGLedCopperWireStringLights... more »

OTTBOX 400ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

21 Aug, 2018
I am in love with this diffuser. Not only is it bigger than I expected but the light on it is very cool! It works great and I use it daily.  #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #OTTBOX400mlAromather... more »

Mini Basketball Hoop Set With 16 x 12 Inch Shatter Resistant Backboard

21 Aug, 2018
My son absolutley loves this! When he feels stressed out he goes in his room and plays. Best purchase ever! #sponsored #rankboosterReview #MiniBasketballHoop https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0... more »

Noise cancelling headphones

17 Aug, 2018
These are great! My son loves them! #sponsored #rankboosterReview #activenoisecancellingheadphones   https://www.amazon.com/Cancelling-Headphones-Microphone-Monodeal-Lightweight/dp/B07FF... more »


15 Aug, 2018
#UHIBROS 20" Sterling silver box chain It is stunning!  #rankboosterreview #sponsored https://www.amazon.com/UHIBROS-Sterling-Silver-Nickel-Necklace/dp/B01KV77JI2 more »

Hand Held Vacuum EVERTOP

23 Jul, 2018
This car vacuum works great for little small light things but it does not have the best suction in the world. Great thing that it is USB charged also.  #rankboosterreview #sponsored https:/... more »

2-slice toaster TOBOX

23 Jul, 2018
The toaster so far works great however it has slight smell to it when i have used it a few times already. I am thinking it is because it is new and it will fade. Other than that, it works perfectly.&n... more »

Scissor set

23 Jul, 2018
These scissors are amazing. They are sharp and the perfect sizes for all kinds of arts and crafts projects. I just love them! #rankboosterreview #sponsored https://www.amazon.com/Scissors-CUSIBO... more »

Strapless Bra

23 Jul, 2018
I have yet to use this yet because i am saving it for a wedding in September. It appears like it is going to work great. The whole cup is filled with sticky which i assume will work fabulous. I then w... more »

Dog Rope Chew Toys

16 Jul, 2018
My dog loves these! They are perfect for her. She went after them right away. #rankbusterreview #sponsored https://www.amazon.com/Cotton-Healthy-Durable-Colorful-Medium/dp/B01N12IB3N more »

Screen Repair Tape

16 Jul, 2018
This tape worked like a charm! My cat ripped a hole in my screen and i ordered this tape to fix it  Whala! It is fixed! #rankbusterreview #sponsored https://www.amazon.com/Self-Adhesive-Fib... more »

TiMi Tree Fidget Spinner (blue)

14 Jul, 2018
What a fantastic spinner this is! I originally bought it for my son, however i tried it out first when it arrived today and i loved it! It just glides when you spin it and makes the most amazing patte... more »

Wireless Keyboard remote

13 Jul, 2018
I am using this Android remote for my Kodi box and I absolutely love it! It is extremely user friendly. You just plug in usb into the Kodi box and whamo! What a dream! #rankbusterreview #sponsored... more »

Amurgo night light

11 Jul, 2018
Well, i was super excited to get this. Unfortunately i was disappointed when it arrived after opening it and discovering not only is it the size of a tennis ball but when putting the stand together th... more »