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Sherri Jackson

About Me


Tohsssik Lint/Pet Hair Remover

13 Mar, 2019
Lint, lint, lint, it's everywhere. Dogs shedding, lint from the dryer, picking up stuff by static cling, sometimes it seems like I'm fighting a losing battle. I forever have lint and/or pet ha... more »

Autidefy Magnetic Hooks

04 Feb, 2019
I bought these hooks for the express purpose of helping me declutter my home and life. I needed to find a way to get things off the floor and make them more accessible. These caught my eye b... more »

Houmagic Garment Bag Set

26 Jan, 2019
I was excited to get these because I've long needed a good way to transport and protect my clothes from the elements and from getting wrinkled and/or dirty when I travel. I make several short-term... more »

WISHPOOL Laundry Bag

26 Jan, 2019
I have moved to an environment where I have little space for my belongings, therefore every inch of space is a premium. I needed an organized and space-saving way to keep my laundry together and out o... more »

ProPlum Dog Raincoat

23 Jan, 2019
I ordered this product for my Boston Terrier because she hates to go outside in the rain. She hates the water hitting her in the face so when I saw this product I wanted to try it. I had to do somethi... more »

E-Ting Doll Shoe Rack

23 Jan, 2019
This certainly brought back memories of my sisters and I playing dolls way back when. I thought the granddaughters in the family could have fun with this. I did. The shoe rack comes unassembled, so... more »

ZEPST XPLUS Aromatherapy Diffuser

23 Jan, 2019
I love aromatherapy so it's no surprise that I also like the essential oil diffusers. They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. I liked this one particularly well. These little machines ar... more »

Morstone Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

23 Jan, 2019
I don't know about anyone else but my black pants just suck up every piece of lint within 20 miles of me. It's a problem that drives me crazy. What I needed was a good lint remover but everyth... more »

Bluetooth EarMuff Headphones

15 Jan, 2019
This product marries earmuffs with wireless headphones to create a Bluetooth device that both plays your music and keeps your ears warm at the same time. Great for the outdoorsman, runner, etc. Wu-... more »

Zinnor Foot Pedicure File

15 Jan, 2019
Foot care is something that you just have to stay on top of. I get my feet in "sandal ready" shape, and it's not long before they look bad again. Having a pedicure foot file at home help... more »