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brill usb mini fan for the heatwave

09 Aug, 2019
 My daughter is afraid of heat (keep saying she was melted last year every day) so I got her this fan, she loves the cat so much. This is a high-quality item. She loves it so much, not only be... more »

super memory foam pillow

09 Aug, 2019
My contour pillow was getting rather old and not as good as it used to be. With the market with so many choices and variety, pillow shopping is never an easy task anymore. It is also a risk buying pil... more »

super usb sensor light

25 Jul, 2019
I use this as a hallway safety light. As soon as the front door is opened, the sensor detects the door movement and the light comes on. It is easily bright enough (even in powersave mode) that I don&#... more »

good kite

17 Jul, 2019
I got it as a gift to my friends kids. The first thing that the 7 years boy said when he got the kite is: “Wow I dreamed about kite!” I was so happy. They played with that so much fun a... more »


11 Jul, 2019
I've used this charger for a few days now and it's been great. It's been able to charge my iPhone numerous times and hasn't run out of charge yet. The charger has a solid feel to it u... more »


11 Jul, 2019
This is a simple elegant, stylish lightweight thin wireless charger, at a reasonable price. The USB cable of the charger is long as it is really good cause the cables are tend to be shorter. This is r... more »

very handy lamp

02 Jul, 2019
very handy and cool item. just plug the usb gooseneck into power bank to light it up, can adjust the brightness by dimm button, I can get warm light or cold light, dimmable. the sound is super, easy c... more »

super solar powered fountain

25 Jun, 2019
This is an excellent garden water fountain. Works fine, but must be in full sun to get the maximum effect from this solar fountain,as in most solar items. Then it works brilliantly. A very good solar... more »

great power bank with wireless

20 Jun, 2019
The sad truth is phones and tablets are getting more and more hungry from a power point of view, and their capacity seems to get less, alarmingly quickly. My month old iPhone tells me its battery now... more »

good stand

10 Jun, 2019
I did not find this useful at all. It now lies unused. It helps in positioning your laptop at multiple angles, which is good. However, it makes typing on it difficult because now the whole posit... more »

good all round battery re charger

03 Jun, 2019
The EBL 808 battery charger is one of those gadgets every modern household should have. A smartly packaged “intelligent” piece of kit it does exactly what it says on the tin. Charges up to... more »

nice battery bank

03 Jun, 2019
Got this battery bank as a second back up to my normal one. It's sleek light and packs a lot of juice into a small body. Bank charges via micro USB has 2 USB outputs one at 2.1a and another at... more »

ok speaker

17 May, 2019
I've had this speaker for a couple of days now and so far it's been brilliant. For its size and price the sound quality isn't bad. I've been using it just indoors in small rooms and it... more »

good small pump

17 May, 2019
I think perhaps people have been very generous with their reviews. The pump is the smallest I have ever come across. It has no crap collecting sponge so is likely to block quickly. But in bright (dire... more »

brill speaker

25 Apr, 2019
 I was looking for a speaker that is compact and powerful and is also bluetooth which can be carried easily anywhere but should be good enough to play in a house party but did not want to spend t... more »

ok in ear headphone

02 Apr, 2019
basic in-ear headphone. Bass is lacking and sound a bit tinny. Ok for podcast more »

great compact power bank

26 Mar, 2019
Great compact power bank unit. Very easy to use, charged my Samsung S7 edge twice using this unit at different instances before I needed to recharge the power bank. I also have used it for my other de... more »

great hub

19 Mar, 2019
I've been using this with a couple of laptops that don't have Ethernet ports (Huawei Matebook X and Asus Spin 5) and it works perfectly. The quality is excellent - it's a metallic (alumini... more »

good hub

19 Mar, 2019
I've been using this with a couple of laptops that don't have Ethernet ports (Huawei Matebook X and Asus Spin 5) and it works perfectly. The quality is excellent - it's a metallic (alumini... more »


19 Feb, 2019
 Great value for money. Presentable packing, with 2 brush heads in total. I have been using for more than 2 weeks so far, and the battery is still fully charged. Different brushing options availa... more »


10 Dec, 2018

nice walkies

10 Dec, 2018
We brought these for our 5yr old. He has been given so many pairs of gimmicky walkie talkies with Spider-Man on etc, that just don't work. This last time he was so upset that I did my research and... more »

great sports cam

10 Dec, 2018
Wowzers! I couldn't believe how many straps and brackets were included with this item! I was planning on just using it for underwater shots of my kids but I think it's going to get used for a... more »

good set of buds

23 Nov, 2018
This is a very professional product and just felt it was worth way more. The product came in outstanding packaging and it looked very presentable to a customer. It immediately highlights its content... more »

good sponge

19 Nov, 2018
The sponges arrived in a press seal bag, which is great for storage and keeping them clean. The sponges are quite firm so they feel like they’ll last quite well. They feel a little rubbery thoug... more »

ok heater

19 Nov, 2018
This is a very good ceramic fan heater, its made well solid plastic casing with carry handle so its easily portble. Good simple controls fan has two speeds and the 600w output is good enough to keep... more »

great socks

12 Nov, 2018
These socks are great. They are thicker (not winter thick but high quality) than other patterned socks I have bought. Sometimes patterned socks are tight on my feet (I wear a size 11.5 men's) but... more »

useful set of replacement buds

05 Nov, 2018
Full marks for this set. I have lost so many of these buds over the years and now that I want to pass some earphones onto friends, I need to make sure that the earpieces are refreshed. This is a gre... more »

good machine

05 Nov, 2018
Excellent machine, easy to use,kept my food nice and fresh, and safe a lot of space my freezer.love it , highly recommended more »

good tester

05 Nov, 2018
Good, seems to do what is says. I got conned at Thomson,s Garden center when they sold me a kit containing of two plastic test tubes and one smaller one with some powder in it to mix with the soil for... more »

nice socks

05 Nov, 2018
good socket they come with 6 pairs of nice colours and great feeling. The only downside would be the quality. I do not think they will last very long after a few washes, as already they seem to be fra... more »

good screen protection

05 Nov, 2018
Fabulous kit, came with all the necessary cleaners and tabs to place my screen. The alignment frame is excellent and positions the screen flawlessly. The screens seem to be high quality, and the ph... more »

the best game mouse

25 Oct, 2018
this is one of the coolest looking mouse's ive ever had and i go through a lot of them being an avid gamer, they do get a bit of abuse under my hand.. that being said its not like a smash up or no... more »

good bluetooth headset

22 Oct, 2018
The parcel came with a nice box. I was very excited to see this new Bluetooth Headset. This Bluetooth headset is really stylish, comfortable and fits perfectly. It can connect to any cell phone in one... more »

good QI wireless charger

02 Oct, 2018
bought a couple of these and wish I'd bought a whole bunch more. They're ideal for your desk, side of the bed or just dotted around your house. Sit down plonk it on the pad, stand up grab your... more »

great clock

01 Oct, 2018
I’ve been waiting for this clock as the last one i bought broke down. This one is really nice as it has a temperature indicator. You won’t need to check your phone for the temp outside. Th... more »

good stand

21 Sep, 2018
Doesn't take up too much room and has a minimalistic look. As the laptop rests just on the two arms, air is able to fully circulate around the entire laptop so even with heavy, all-day use, my Mac... more »

good brew

11 Sep, 2018
Beautifully strange coffee maker ;) Actually, I am not a coffee lover, but sometimes I have that feeling for a coffee needs and maybe because of that and of my friend recommendations, I choose that w... more »

great shades

11 Sep, 2018
Sunglasses never last me all that long. It's my own fault as a never keep them in their protective cases, and they end up scratched. So buying big brand names at ridiculous prices is out of the qu... more »

good box

04 Sep, 2018
I bought this folder for organising worksheets in my classroom. The folder is of reasonable quality material and will do the job I bought it for. The ends of the folder are made from flexible plastic... more »


04 Sep, 2018
The shower head is fantastic, just what I was looking for a nice big head with different setting. Easy to change the settings while in the shower lathered up as there is a decent sized notch to move a... more »

good face hair removal

04 Sep, 2018
This is a pretty amazing little device. It was really easy to setup. It was kind of sticky towards the end putting the wax on and off, I think I need more practice and another stick perhaps. It's... more »

ok pest control

04 Sep, 2018
Completely sound free and annoyance free (for humans!), and not seen a whisker since. These are very easy to use and the indicator lights are handy. Worked well. more »


13 Aug, 2018
Totally worth it! I thought that my husband skin tags were going to plague him forever, but not with this. It does cause a little pain while applying but after a few days the skin tag is gone. more »

good socks

13 Aug, 2018
Love toe socks but for some reason these ones are ridiculously tight around the ankle. If you are looking comfort these are not the socks for you. more »

good entry level projector

13 Aug, 2018
This is a nice little projector have all the functions family needs, and it is highly recommended. The projector was delivered the next day. It was nicely packaged in a little white box. Very easy to... more »

good all round power bank that looks nice

08 Aug, 2018
I have a 20000mAh power bank in my home, but I think it is too heavy and quite big for me when I use small bag during the summer. Thus I bought this one, this power bank is much lighter than my 20000m... more »

good set of cans

08 Aug, 2018
 remember when I first spotted these Omars headphones a year or so ago and thought 'wow'. At £49.99 they went into my 'save for later' draw and I waited to see if the price... more »

I am delighted with the laundry basket.

08 Aug, 2018
I have bought many plastic bins to try to fit the allotted space in my fitted bedroom but none would fit. This basket is perfect. It has a smaller footprint but is tall and flexible with huge capacity... more »

solid solar charger

02 Aug, 2018
Perfect product and convenient with its solar panel. Great for hiking and even just sitting outside and relaxing.Looks really nice, doesn't feel cheap at all. more »

super good shaver for the ladies

02 Aug, 2018
This is a pretty amazing little device. It was really easy to set up. It was kind of sticky towards the end of putting the wax on and off, I think I need more practice and another stick perhaps. It... more »

work well

02 Aug, 2018
It's a really great fitness tracker . There are plenty of apps that you can get on it and I am happy that I made this purchase since day one. Every notification goes to my watch that comes up on... more »

gopd tracker

02 Aug, 2018
Been using this for a couple of days. I like the looks and it is comfortable wearing the tracker. With a twist of the wrist you can turn on the display to the time screen. One the bottom of the displa... more »

nice toaster

02 Aug, 2018
This is quite a nice toaster, and I like its red, silver and blackcolorss, which coincidentally match some of the other appliances I have in my kitchen. The toaster was ready for use straight out of t... more »

very handy mobile stand for hands free watching

30 Jul, 2018
Sometimes you just wanna stay in bed or hold your phone without your hands. Well now you can. My life has completely changed. I feel like I have a third arm. I can lay in bed and have the phone in fro... more »

good scissors

30 Jul, 2018
Decent scissors. They come apart which is great for cleaning them and the magnetic fridge holder is a nice addition. For cutting chicken and other meat they are decent, but I might splash out on a goo... more »

NOVOO USB C Hub 5 in 1

23 Jul, 2018
I used this product to live stream the World Cup Final for a big community event. Now, when plugged into the left hand side it did interfere with WiFi but it’s an APPLE PROBLEM not this device.... more »

replacement battery

11 Jul, 2018
Great value. Two batteries and a charger - with level of charge indicator - for £16 !!! Received the product within 24 hours of order with no delivery charge. Excellently packaged which included... more »

cheap cam for car driving

27 Jun, 2018
Main positives for me: Easy to use, easy to navigate through screens, and easy to set-up. Really clear 720p screen when playing back on the laptop, monitor, tablet etc. gives me the confidence of ca... more »

great tv led

27 Jun, 2018
 The USB powered LED kit is an ideal kit to provide some ambient lighting around your various devices and screens such as TV, monitors or even desks. I do have a lighting kit around my desk alrea... more »

great gaming mouse

20 Jun, 2018
Absolute bargain. This mouse is awesome. It looks great, its the most comfortable mouse I've ever used, i prefer to rest most of my hand on the mouse to try and prevent fatigue, which this mouse i... more »

nice gloves

18 Jun, 2018
These gloves gave two silver tipped fingers, thumb and index finger to use with the phone with ease. Also, each glove has a rubber-like texture to them giving you extra grip while holding your phone.... more »

great go-pro style camera

12 Jun, 2018
This is absolutely amazing value for money. The camera is small, lightweight, with a good sized lens and a clear viewing window to review your pictures or videos. The watertight casing is extremely s... more »

great 4k wifi sports cam

31 May, 2018
Many people have reviewed this camera showing all the equipment you get and some imagery. I'd like to review this compared the GoPro Hero 4, as it's something I was trying to match when buying... more »

AKASO EK7000 4K Sport Action Cam 12MP with built-in Wi-Fi - includes a waterproof case and various connectors (no memory card)

31 May, 2018
I've been wanting an action camera for ages but wasn't willing to pay the prices required for the top end ones. I also wasn't willing to sacrifice video quality either, so I just ended up... more »


14 May, 2018
was in need of some extra memory for the huge amount of pictures and videos I've created so I decided to get this 32 GB Memory USB 2.0 Flash Drive. It came in a sturdy box so nothing will happen t... more »

nice looking car usb stick

14 May, 2018
This is a review of the Sunworld 16GB USB 2.0 F1 Memory Stick which is a good value USB stick and an ideal gift for an F1 fan or any petrol head. It is supplied in a gift box and is made of chrome-pla... more »

ok but slow otg stick

14 May, 2018
Nice little memory stick with a micro USB connector for use in my phone was usb On The Go. I can back up photos any time I want to without having to connect my phone to a computer first. Plus it ena... more »

good solid dust pan and brush

14 May, 2018
This is a sturdy dustpan and brush set. Ideal for sweeping up heavier bits and pieces because the brush is a long and wiry wide fan shape (ie probably too much for just crumbs on the kitchen floor whi... more »

wonderful serum

10 May, 2018
This is a high-quality vitamin c serum it is perfect for allowing you to take good care of your skin, it has powerful ingredients that will help you reduce the visibility of skin blemishes like wrinkl... more »

great serum

08 May, 2018
This is a high-quality vitamin c serum it is perfect for allowing you to take good care of your skin, it has powerful ingredients that will help you reduce the visibility of skin blemishes like wrinkl... more »

power bank

02 May, 2018
he SUPER-BAB 5200mAh portable phone charger may have a strange brand name, but that doesn't take away the fact its one very useful device to have when out and about, particularly in days like thes... more »

good mobile phone metal stand

23 Mar, 2018
Very nice product! it is much better than what I expected. It got a light metal body, very smart design! and also it gives my phone a perfect position when I doing Skype with friends, and not block... more »

MY drying agent TO go.

23 Feb, 2018
Seems really good. Like the indicator on the front why tells you when it needs to be dried out. more »

brilliant bag

13 Feb, 2018
Great anti-theft and charging design. Highly recommended. !Lightweight, So great for travel.It was able to put everything I needed into it...every item has its place. I packed my laptop, Kindle, charg... more »


29 Jan, 2018
The case looks not cheap at all. I like the mini dots pattern inside which is not allowing to get air bubbles. Is nice on touch and comes in a nice package. Fits the phone perfectly. more »

good phone holder

15 Jan, 2018
 I have a particularly large  5.5" phone which is tricky  to hold type or do anything else with just using one hand. Problem solved, this isn't a negative more a trade-off, the... more »


24 Dec, 2017
verygod more »

good but not for electric

18 Dec, 2017
first off it looks very nice and is very sturdy,k but doesn't fit an electric toothbrush unless you put it in the toothpaste section. I think it would be fine if you don`t  have separate t... more »

the best screen protector

18 Dec, 2017
I have been buying screen protectors for iPhones for many years now since iphone 4  and this is the first time I am really fully satisfied. It fits perfectly my iPhone 7 Plus especially with... more »

good velco

05 Dec, 2017
Yes- as advertised definitely better than the rest I have tried - would buy again more »

his karaoke microphone is absolutely amazing.

27 Nov, 2017
 It can be connected to my pc and mobile phone or tablet through Bluetooth. it is very easy to operate, simple y to connect . Besides, it has very god and amble built-in speaker can fill a s... more »

very good lids

22 Nov, 2017
These are quite good , they come in different sizes so usually you can find at least one that fits the size you need and 6 in total. They do a good job of covering bowl etc, and haven't noticed an... more »