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Crystal Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

16 Jul, 2018
Dainty yet beautiful that is the compliment I get wearing this bracelet.  The box it arrived in is very nice, it was packaged very well.  The bracelet securely attached in soft interior.&nbs... more »

Garden Hose Sprayer

16 Jul, 2018
First very nice handle, love the grip on this, non slip with a small reach for the sprayer.  The bonus is the two washers, which there are times that they are needed depending on the faucet in us... more »

Easy to Use Diagnostic Tool

16 Jul, 2018
I plugged this into the truck to read and actually hoped it would say no issues as the truck had recently been serviced.  It does read exactly that.  I am very pleased, it is big enough to r... more »

Pet Water Bottle

16 Jul, 2018
A small water pet bottle that can attach to the stand or to a cage for a rabbit, guinea-pig or other small animal.  It is plastic and not as durable as I would like, but it is light weight and ea... more »

Easy Entertaining

16 Jul, 2018
Open this set up in front of three children and watch the imagination unfold.  This is a great set and for the price, truly worth it.  The stencils are so much bigger than they are used to a... more »

Travel Clothesline

01 Jul, 2018
This Portable Travel Clothesline came in handy this past week with camping.  It rained a great deal so if it was not towels hung to dry it was clothing.  What is great about it is that it ha... more »

Dog Toys and Travel Water Bowl

12 Jun, 2018
Tell my two dogs that they have new toys and the tug of war game is on.  Love the ropes, I like that they are sturdy enough to last for a very long time with two little dogs who are constantly pl... more »

Wrist Brace Support

12 Jun, 2018
I am constantly looking for a brace that is comfortable to wear and provides great support.  This one is soft, does fit well, and it is comfortable to wear.  You can adjust it to fit your ha... more »

Light up the Night

31 May, 2018
I wanted these for camping.  They are not too big nor bulky, they are easy to peel and attach to the tent so that the kids can find their way around after the sun goes down.  What I like is... more »

Food Container

28 May, 2018
I have a very small chihuahua that has her food eaten by my bigger dog so putting her in the kennel with this dish saves us both from her not getting enough to eat and me not having to worry about it.... more »

Magnetic Locks

09 May, 2018
These are probably the best I have seen thus far for baby locks.  I love that the baby cannot press the piece and learn quickly how to open the cabinet doors because you need to have the magnetic... more »

Beatles Humidifier

16 Apr, 2018
This is very cute with it's suction cup base that holds the little beatle upright.  It also works well as an air purifier for small areas.  For me it is in my truck that this little guy... more »

One Stop Makeup Station

05 Apr, 2018
I have bags and bags of makeup.  This holds it all.  Deep drawers, the top clear box is big enough to hold full size containers of lotion, perfumes, deodorants and more.  There are six... more »

Perfect beginners canvas

29 Mar, 2018
This really is the ultimate painting set with 24 oil paints, the canvas, paint brushes and pallette.  A gift here, it started as a thought, jumped to inspiration and off to the imagination for wh... more »

Soft Snuggly Robe Blanket

29 Mar, 2018
I have two lap dogs and with them both on top of this blanket there is still plenty of room for me to remain covered, to have hands free access through the sleeves of this they both get attention and... more »

Great Water Pressure

29 Mar, 2018
This was the easiest to install what is even better is the longer hose that came with it.  I am 5'4 and with the shower being at six foot high those short hoses just doesn't reach far eno... more »

Mini Counter Top Trash Can

12 Mar, 2018
This swing top matte stainless steel can is beyond adorable.  A mulitude of uses such as a desk top trash can, cabinet utility can, a table top recycling can, and for here it is a coin drop. ... more »

Allescool Gaming Mouse Pad

12 Mar, 2018
I tutor kids on my computer, this is a great idea so that I do not always have to come around to the computer to get to the mouse pad and show them what I am talking about.  I like to play games... more »

Beautiful Music

28 Feb, 2018
I love the sound of the flute, it is smooth and soothing.  This flute arrived so very well packaged with the case inside a plastic sleeve and that inside of box packed up very well inside another... more »

Soft Cotton Robe

24 Feb, 2018
This is a lightweight cotton bathrobe with 3/4 length sleeves and a colorful tie.  First I loved the color of this robe, second with it being 3/4 sleeves it is a great find to not being very hot... more »

Universal Tactical Holster Pouch

24 Feb, 2018
A truck driver is in and out of his truck a lot during the day, that climb can be harsh on phone dropping out of pockets, even with a protector.  This tactical bags holds his phone, his charger,... more »

Refill Tens Electrode Pads

18 Feb, 2018
I needed new pads.  I ordered these and they fit as they should for replacements and do a very nice job of staying put on my skin.  You simply snap them on to your tens unit and then place t... more »

Snow Glare

09 Feb, 2018
I actually bought these to keep in my vehicle so that I always have a pair of glasses to keep off the snow glare when it is sunny out.  I was impressed that they came with a mini screwdriver, a c... more »

A real grip

05 Feb, 2018
I purchased this actually not as a stress reliever, but to toughen up finger tips for guitar playing.  A great idea it is as well.  The weekend spent holding, gripping, pressing finger tips... more »

In the Pink and Dry

31 Jan, 2018
In the Spring when it rains here, it pours here.  There is little to no warning at times.  This is now in my truck for such emergencies.  It fits, snaps, long enough to cover my dresses... more »

Air Purifier Himalayan Pink Natural Salt Lamp

22 Jan, 2018
USB plug in makes this nice, it does have the adaptor to it, however, I wanted something that could be usb used.  I have a small bathroom and the room gets the hottest in the house with the heat.... more »

Lighted Magnifier

13 Jan, 2018
20X Magnifer Lighted and acrylic lens.  The acrylic lens is what impresses me with this magnifier as it is clear as glass.  Lightweight, durable handle, scratch resistent lens.  This is... more »

Aluminum Alloy Angleizer

13 Jan, 2018
This template is perfect for DIY projects.  Dual calibrated in inches and centimeters, this is a very useful, sturdy template.  I like the ease of use with this one as it is aluminum and the... more »

First Aid Kit

13 Jan, 2018
This was purchased for camping.  It attached with a velcro strap to my bug out bag and it is filled with band aids, first aid necessities and light weight.  A durable mini pack that will las... more »

Quick Easy Clean Cut

12 Jan, 2018
These trimmers are ergonomically correct, they have a nice grip to them, non-slide which is nice when you are holding a pet.  For my dog, he seen them coming and after many trips to the vet to ha... more »

18X Macro Lens

12 Jan, 2018
My budding scientist states that this is the bomb.  It comes with the clip, so easy to attach it to the clip then clip your cell phone with it.  There is a cleaning cloth included, it has a... more »

New laws require new accessories

07 Jan, 2018
A trucker needs a tablet required by law now with the E-Logs.  This is for that purpose.  To hold up in the truck on the dash without sliding around.  It actually holds up pretty well.... more »

Reading the Fine Print Easier

07 Jan, 2018
This handy glass lighted magnifying glass is a keeper for me.  I can put it in my bag to go out shopping, I can read the smaller print labels of ingredients now.  I used this to help put a n... more »

Stainless Steel Fun

07 Jan, 2018
I make decorations out of candy, so it needs to be a sturdy cutter, and one that can cut through the candy that I am using.  These cutters are perfect for cutting through up to one inch that I ha... more »

USB Power Strip

09 Dec, 2017
First let me address the packaging on this surge protector, it was perfect.  Wrapped in plastic, there were two cardboard inserts protecting it with bubble wrap and then into a shipping envelope.... more »

Organize in style

18 Nov, 2017
This 24 cell storage box works well with socks, underwear or anything that you can fit in a drawer to find with easy reach.  I purchased it to keep the girls tights and socks organized in the dra... more »

Awesome Color

18 Nov, 2017
I ordered this actually because I am a lady who loves this green. Traveling around now will be a breeze for her.  Store all your shower and personal needs in one place.  Roomy and acces... more »

High Vibes

18 Nov, 2017
This vibrator has 10 speed variables and it arrived fully charged and ready to use. Wash it clean with soap and water, do not get the charger end wet and off to pleasures.  It is easy to use and... more »

Perfect Tunic Length

18 Nov, 2017
This tunic is long, which is what I really wanted in one.  I like to wear with shorts, leggings or jeans, and to have it long enough that it can actually cover shorts.  This is warm, soft, s... more »

Wood Carvers

12 Nov, 2017
I carved wood as a kid, made some really neat projects out of wood.  Finding this set has been fun.  Seeking out wood to use and finding ideas to carve. This is a beginners set, which after... more »


12 Nov, 2017
I do kryogenics and before I go in now I use these cups.  They bring your cellulite to the surface and by doing so you lose weight faster, or I do.  I feel like they are working better for m... more »

Comfortable Stretch

06 Nov, 2017
I like to be able to move freely and needed the support to do so while stretching.  The Racerback Sports Bra works very well I can stretchout and have no worries of chafing or scratchy or even co... more »

Warning Light Surveillance Camera

07 Oct, 2017
This is a dome security surveillance camera with flashing red light.  It does not record, however, it will make other's believe that it does by blinking on and off.  The mounting screws... more »

Elegant Zipper Pull

05 Oct, 2017
This is classy.  I love that so much care was taken with the packaging on this Easy Zip Aid Puller.  It as well comes a soft pouch to keep it nice and available.  I wear dresses and jum... more »

A Must of Simple Tools to have on hand

03 Oct, 2017
Shower drain cleaners, these are durable and have enough grabbers on the sides to do the job of cleaning the drain out. The grabber comes in handy for picking up small pieces in the drain track, but a... more »

Rotary Tool

21 Sep, 2017
This is a multi-purpose rotary tool.  The case is durable and the rotary tool is stable which is a good thing when working with designs in the wood.  The six speeds make it great to work wit... more »

Read the Fine Print

14 Sep, 2017
Everyday it seems that the text on packages, contracts and other items gets smaller and smaller.  How do you know what you are agreeing to?  This pocket magnifier will take out some of that... more »

Lovely Thank You Notes

13 Sep, 2017
Thank You Cards Assortment Pack - Set of 36 blank cards inside - 6 beautiful designs thank you notes - with white envelopes by MishMish The lost art of real mail, actual Thank You notes. There are... more »

Fall Colors Geometric Print Dress

12 Sep, 2017
I purchased this to wear with an old fashioned sweater clasp attaching the back together.  A dress with a lot of color, add boots, and any fall hat and ready for a night on the town.  It is... more »

Be Prepared

06 Sep, 2017
The grand children at the beach with three friends all wanting to learn to dive or swim under the water and now I can assist them even more with these awesome easy to use ear plugs, nose clips (highly... more »

Soft Silicone Vibrating Massage

06 Sep, 2017
This is a good g-spot vibrator. I like that it covers the area very well. Soft silicone and a great number of frequencies for vibrations. more »

Larger Waterproof Variable Speed Egg

24 Jul, 2017
A much larger love egg vibrator than I have previously seen. It seals up tight no worry of water getting inside. The remote works easy enough to turn on/off, change speed from low/high, even pulsates.... more »

Body Support and Weight loss help

16 Jul, 2017
I purchased the beige color Waist Cincher Set as I wanted to have the actual back support without wires or anything that would bind up my skin. I like that does come with the Magic Paste and that the... more »

Beautiful Pink Butterflies

16 Jul, 2017
I am a huge fan of butterflies and pink is my favorite color. I bought these to fan the wall with butterflies and they are magnetic, so I put some on my refrigerator, and used the stick pads to put th... more »

Resistance Bands for Fitness

16 Jul, 2017
These are pretty nice. I took them to my Dr's appointment and asked my Dr about them. He gave me some ideas on stretching and using them to benefit me further in feeling better. I would have given... more »

Very Pretty Ouxi Silver Heart Band Ring

16 Jul, 2017
One day of wearing this and the compliments came rolling in on such a dainty, but very pretty ring. The ring fits to size, I do like that it arrived boxed and they added their own little bag with the... more »

Quiet Stimulating Jelly Vibator

16 Jul, 2017
This works, but it is not very big in size. It does vibrate and the two pieces can be separated. For me, something smoother, something with a higher vibrator speed would be nice. more »

Scratch Off World Map

16 Jul, 2017
I purchased this for a home summer tutoring project with my grandson. I fully intend to have this child a leap ahead when he starts school in mid August. I love this!! He is excited because with every... more »

Musical Mobile Box

16 Jul, 2017
This plays and plays, which is nice, but I would like to have heard more nursery songs and not the wedding march or the Christmas songs. I am sure that the baby will not be able to figure them out for... more »

Costume Faux Nose Rings

16 Jul, 2017
These are fun costume wear and while I think they are a little big, my daughter enjoys them and we had fun taking pics and playing around them. I can see gypsy costumes come halloween time. more »

Fun Fidget Cube

16 Jul, 2017
This is as functional as it is cute. Hot Novations did a great job adding the silicone frame to it. All the movements work, it was sent in an adorable little box and it is as pictured. One very nice f... more »

A Fun Clock Light UP

16 Jul, 2017
I purchased this for the clock and the light. I wanted one to light up in the dark so I can see the time. I like that the color can be adjusted as well as the light from low to high. I am not crazy ab... more »

Pro Sling Shot

16 Jul, 2017
This is the Bomb! It has the tools needed, it has the bearings, one box, very nice set. The grip fits in my hand like a glove, it is aligned perfectly and makes a great addition to a tactical bag, spo... more »