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Carmela Valvo

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Love a great deal for exchange of a great word. 100% worth it.


very easy to use

07 Jan, 2019
great little gadget.  comes with all the bells and whistles more »

makes a difference in taste

21 Dec, 2018
Who would have ever thought that by doing this there would be adifference in the taste of my coffee.  I wish I usd this earlier. more »

beautiful colour

20 Dec, 2018
Work very well and beautiful colour more »

does the job

17 Dec, 2018
does the job, not too easy to install more »

easy to install

17 Dec, 2018
Easy to install and user friendly more »

what a difference

17 Dec, 2018
Never knew how much screen time affected my eyes.  When I ut these on it made a difference instantly.  Always wear them at work now. more »


17 Dec, 2018
Very handy and better for our environment!  more »

Sleek but loud

12 Dec, 2018
Great speaker it hides the echo, but its loud ....Very good speaker! more »

saves me space

28 Nov, 2018
ITs a great little gadget that works well with Google home.  more »

smooth feet

22 Jun, 2018
Great little tool.  I can use it on my wet or dry feet.  Works well.  Saving money on pedicures now!  more »

so convienent

10 May, 2018
This charger is quick to charge our phones at home.  We have one on every floor.  ITs even stylish and goes great with our decor.  I have one at work and people are always stopping by m... more »

So convienent

08 May, 2018
I habe a few of these so there is always a charger available.  I have them all over. They charge quick and look nice.  I will never charge the old way again.   more »

sturdy and strong magnetic

30 Apr, 2018
hold my cell phone perfectly, have had no issues with it falling off......the magnet is very strong more »

cute squishy

30 Apr, 2018
Great little toy, big enough to let stress out but more of a collectable.  My neice loves them and wants more.  have not broken or ppeled and its always in her hands more »

Have HD Channels

18 Apr, 2018
I nought 2 of these, one for the cottage, have not tried it there yet.  The one for the city works well, many more channels I can get with basic cable.  Shown in HD also.  A bit hard to... more »

Works with all my gagdets

05 Apr, 2018
This great little plug, helps with our family so much.  We have many more electronics that need to be charged then plugs in our home.  This little gagdet helps that problem for sure. more »

Sturdy Umbrella

05 Apr, 2018
Great sturdy easy to hold Umbrella.  Very Sturdy.  more »

Little Bright Light

20 Mar, 2018
great light, very bright, helps when running at night.  more »

Play a little number - ukulele Kit

23 Feb, 2018
Great quality, lots of extras.  Perfect size. more »

Hopezone Universal Screwdriver 6 in 1 - Great little kit

09 Feb, 2018
Great little kit, easy to open and use.  Good to have different screw sizes in one place.  Will definately coome in handy #blogbooster more »

Lingerie Rest Sleepwear

23 Jan, 2018
quick shipping, thank you # blogbooster more »

Guitar Pedal

16 Jan, 2018
Fast, easy transaction. Looking forward to dealing with this seller again more »