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Karen Ross

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Good Product

13 Aug, 2019
Overall this was a good product. Unfortunately, mine had a defect and had to be returned. The seller had AMAZING customer service and handled it really well. more »

Ideal for Our Household

05 Aug, 2019
With a busy household of 7 people, we make a TON of garbage, so having the convenience of these Doctor Shield 13 gallon trashbags is ideal! They have a pleasant, fresh smell that is not overpowering a... more »


29 Jul, 2019
I love how portable, durable and quick this little ball pump is! It inflates many different types of balls and makes it easy for the kids to help out as well! Great purchase if you have kids and plent... more »

The Best!

22 Jul, 2019
I am thrilled with these pumps that allowed me to convert my mason jars into excellent soap pumps for our kitchen and mud room sinks! They were so easy to put on and they pump perfectly just the right... more »


18 Jul, 2019
This pretty blue pocket blanket is so compact and comes in handy when you need a clean place to sit or a cover. It is small, best for one person or a couple of kids. It's almost like a tarp. It... more »

Reviews Were Right!

13 Jul, 2019
What a great little mirror this is. It's actually not that little, but it's also not too big. It's lightweight and easy to store. I am looking forward to using it for travel because who li... more »

I LOVE these

13 Jul, 2019
I love these acne pimple patches. They are small and gentle and discreet and get the job done. Super convenient and so many come in the package! So happy for this invention! more »

So Useful

13 Jul, 2019
It's a great little gadget. It's compact and super compatible. Great to have for so many applications. Love the options. Happy to have! more »

Great Product!

07 Jul, 2019
I LOVE that these come as a 6 pack and that you can use them for wine AND beer! That is great. It fit well over the bottle I opened the other day. I can see us using these for entertaining. I wish the... more »

Cute and Functional!

29 Jun, 2019
I have never had an apron like this before. It has these super soft towels sewn on the sides which comes in handy when I constantly wash my hands while cooking! The apron is wipeable and a perfect siz... more »

High Quality

26 Jun, 2019
We were so impressed with these pillows that I have now purchased 4 of them!  I never removed any stuffing from my because it was great the way it was. I love knowing that I could adjust the pill... more »


31 May, 2019
This facial brush exceeded my expectations of power. It really cleans nicely. I like color, the feel, the size and the stand it's on as well. It's a great value. My only drawback would... more »

Fits Perfectly

24 May, 2019
My fiance needed a case for his laptop and this one fits perfectly! He loves the compartments and handle. It's a simple and functional design. Great value.  more »

Loveeeee It

19 May, 2019
This bracelet can be found here: MVCOLEDY Jewelry 18 K Gold Bangle Bracelet CZ Stone Hinged Stainless Steel with Crystal Bangle for Women Small Size 6.7" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075GS8CT9... more »


17 May, 2019
This is a cute set, its not exactly as described in Amazon listing: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B076J88NGT?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title#aw-udpv3-customer-reviews_feature_div It's n... more »

So Happy!

14 May, 2019
I just mounted this on my stepson's bike. He was so excited to use it! It's very easy and simple to mount and the screen can rotate if neccessary. It will not be ideal in the rain or if the bi... more »

What I Was Looking For

08 May, 2019
I'm really excited to have this set for entertaining. We always need these for tabletop decor and these are perfect. The remote is SO useful because, let's be honest, it's a pain turning t... more »

Excellent Value!

04 May, 2019
This is a great standard set of packing cubes that will make things sooo much easier when traveling and unpacking. I cant travel without them! more »

Best Ones Yet

04 May, 2019
I have purchased a variety of these headbands and this set is by far the most comfortable and least itchy. I love all the colors except red, but it's still an excellent value for a set more »


04 May, 2019
Such a fun and sweet little old school toy for babies and toddlers! Cant wait to give it as a gift! more »


04 May, 2019
This is a lovely cake topper that can be used in numerous applications. It has 2 sticks to put it in a cake, but you could be creative and put in your decor or a potted plant! more »

Cooling and Cool!

23 Apr, 2019
These under eye pads are like nothing I have ever tried before~and I have tried a lot of stuff! They are a funky shade of green and they cover the entire under area of your eye. They are very, thin, s... more »

A Lot of Candles!

05 Apr, 2019
This set is great! You get 9 candles and 2 remotes! They are a little skinnier than I thought but look great on our mantle! Love the 2 remotes and various settings. Looks very realistic when it flicke... more »

Nice neutrals

30 Mar, 2019
I like this set but I gave one less star because there is a little too much sparkle for me. I think the packaging is gorgeous and I love the size of this kit. It also should include two brushes instea... more »

Still Getting Familiar

21 Mar, 2019
I think this solar charger is super cool! I am still getting familiar with the features and how it works. So far I was able to charge my phone really quickly! It seems like it would come in handy a lo... more »

I ADORE them!

21 Mar, 2019
I loved these earrings the second I put them on! They are so unique, cool and refined. I receive compliments all the time on them. They are so comfortable and light and stay on very nicely. I lov... more »

Best Gift!

14 Mar, 2019
Gave this Ice Ball Maker as a gift after someone admired the one we already had. They really elevate your drink and prevent the ice from not melting too quickly. Besides that, they look so chic in a d... more »

Super Popular!

14 Mar, 2019
All 5 kids (ages 10-16) are OBSESSED with these and now all of their friends want one! I must admit, as an adult, they are SUPER satisfying to play with! So soft and squishy. Will def have to buy more... more »

So Pretty AND Useful!

06 Mar, 2019
These would make a great gift buuuuut I must keep them to myself because they are so pretty in their design and the quality is excellent. They are a cool shape and highly absorbent as they are diatomi... more »

We LOVE these!

06 Mar, 2019
So happy I made this purchase! These measuring spoons are wayyy better than the ones I had been using previously. I love that they are double sided and the shapes vary so that you can fit the spoon in... more »

Best Gift Ever!

29 Jan, 2019
Was looking for a perfect gift for a friend who is cool and edgy. She absolutely loved this mug. It's so cool and chic that you not only want to use it often, but you want to leave it out to be di... more »

Great Set

29 Jan, 2019
I needed these brayers for a gelli plate art project and they did not disappoint. They are a good weight and solid construction. I love that there are 2 sizes in the pack because you don't al... more »


23 Jan, 2019
This is a quality waterproof bike cover that we are using in our garage for 2 of our "fancier" bikes. It's very spacious and keeps the bikes free from dirt, dust and scratches. I am glad... more »

For Spy Gear Lovers!

14 Jan, 2019
My son loves all forms of spy gear and this was the perfect gift for him! These seem more grown up than the ones he has tried in the past. I was impressed with the packaging and performance of this pa... more »


09 Jan, 2019
This is exactly what all the other reviewers said it would be! It's a solid, well-made and sharp cutting tool! I use it for potatoes and cutting carrots. So easy to use! I really love it! I gave t... more »

Love This Brush!

09 Jan, 2019
I have been using this brush for a week now and I really love it! It's sooo soft yet stable and doesn't get mushed down when you press it to your face. It has a good weight to it and real... more »

Good For Sports

09 Jan, 2019
Got these for my son when he plays sports. He likes them because they are thin and dont stand out to much. They are lightweight and dont get in the way. It's nice that there are two pieces in the... more »


09 Jan, 2019
While this bag did not fit my laptop as expected, it comes in handy for my documents and paperwork. It has so many useful compartments. My son borrows it for his iPad too.  more »

Perfect Size

22 Dec, 2018
I gave this item to a friend who needed it for her purse. She loves the size and says it works great for her facial peach fuzz. I have one too and I knew she would like it. It is battery operated and... more »

Love Organic

22 Dec, 2018
Love that these pads are organic cotton because you never really know what kind of chemicals you are smearing all over your face or nails. I go through so many of these because I use them to remove ma... more »

Super Cute

12 Dec, 2018
I bought this suit because I fell in love with the top. I am a 34D and I purchased the medium. It was a good call. Because you can self tie the neck and the back, it definitely allows you to "har... more »

Really Good

12 Dec, 2018
This shirt was initially purchased for my partner. I sized up as the reviews suggested. While the size was good, the length was still too short for his taste so I gave it to the teenager who loved it.... more »

Exactly As Pictured

01 Dec, 2018
This is one of the prettiest ways to deter fruit flies! I never knew something like this existed and now I am so glad I have one. I am proud to display it instead of the gross ugly containers I used i... more »

Very Soft

01 Dec, 2018
This blanket is very soft and feels like quality. I like the textured pattern in it. It is very classic yet fits in any decor. I washed it upon receiving it because it had a smell to it, but it's... more »

Great Set

01 Dec, 2018
I love this eye mask set because it gives you hot or cold options. They are quality masks, in soft materials, durable and well made. I sometimes want a warm mask when my sinuses bother me and other ti... more »


01 Dec, 2018
These ended up being better quality than I thought they would be but there is no way that one size fits all. I'm a slender person and they juuuuust fit me. Thicker women may not be as comfortable... more »

A Winner

27 Nov, 2018
What a super cute, super fun modern version of the classic 8 ball magic predictor! I remember using the old school one back in the day and it was so hard to read, but with these, it talks to you so th... more »

They did it again!

27 Nov, 2018
The kids LOVE the socks from BstAmzStore on Amazon! They can't get enough of these funky styles to wear with basketball shorts! I am really happy with the quality and fit and this is the 3rd set I... more »

Great Gift for The Boys

27 Nov, 2018
These are the same pairs I already bought but in different colors! Great value! Really excited to give these as gifts to our boys. They love to wear these stylish socks with long short. It's a wei... more »

Excellent Gifts

27 Nov, 2018
Really excited to give these as gifts to our boys. They love to wear these stylish socks with long short. It's a weird look but it's their thing! These are good quality and great colors with a... more »

Better Than Expected!

27 Nov, 2018
When you buy eyeshadows without trying them, you never really know what the intensity of the pigment will be or it will be too sparkly or whatnot. This pallette was a wonderful surprise because the qu... more »

Perfect lunch bag

17 Nov, 2018
I bought this as a gift and I know she will really appreciate it! It's a great size, not too small and not too big. It's very stylish and can appeal from anyone from preppy to a hipster. The m... more »

Gorgeous Knife!

09 Nov, 2018
Wow! This is such a beautiful and impressive piece of cutlery! I plan to give it as a gift so I haven't used it, but I would consider getting myself one! It's such a great value for something... more »

Nice Product!

09 Nov, 2018
I am new to using Vitamin C Serum on my face. This is a very lightweight and non-greasy product that has not irritated my skin at all. I do like how fresh my face looks when I wake up the next morning... more »

So Useful

09 Nov, 2018
This is a great compact, lightweight waterproof portable mat. I really like the blue and gray color scheme. It is made well and I like the light stakes that come with it. I actually plan to use this a... more »


06 Nov, 2018
This hamper was an ideal replacement for our too large hamper in the laundry room. It's narrow and a smaller scale, but definitely holds plenty! It has an internal black mesh bag as well. It was e... more »

Learning Curve

06 Nov, 2018
There is definitely a learning curve to using this. It has great suction and at 3 levels. You have to figure out how not to keep it in one place for too long or it can cause a "hickey" effec... more »

Environmentally Responsible

28 Oct, 2018
I bought these straws to be more environmentally responsible as we go through many straws in our large household. I will say there is some getting used to a hard, metal straw but I think it's just... more »

Really Helpful

28 Oct, 2018
I was so excited when I saw this product. It's basically a heating pad for the eyes. I bought it for when I get sinus pressure issues and need some relief. It heats up really nicely. My one issue... more »

High Quality

28 Oct, 2018
This is a very high quality, non-see-through legging. I love when they have the interior pocket! This is definitely comparable to some of the super expensive leggings out there. They are really comfy... more »

Best For Camp!

28 Oct, 2018
These bags are great for our kids to go to sleep away camp! They are so cute and so large! They really enjoyed using them and they held up so great, I bought more for our younger ones that will go to... more »

Seem Great But I Purchased Incorrectly

28 Oct, 2018
These are really nice screen savers, but unfortunately, I purchased the wrong model so I never got to use them. I was impressed with the packaging and quality though. Wish they would have worked ou... more »

Waiting for Results

23 Oct, 2018
I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I don't know if it's long enough to review it but I will say the following: It's a very lightweight, more watery product. It doesn... more »

Really Nice Gift

23 Oct, 2018
I'm giving this as a gift to someone who really needs it. It's very well made and a nice size. I think this will put their mind at ease. I am impressed with the quality and would consider gett... more »


15 Oct, 2018
I haven't been using this stuff for too long, so my review is based on how "agreeable" it is with my eyes. It's more on the watery as opposed to thick side. It's easy to apply an... more »


15 Oct, 2018
This scarf is much larger and more substantial that I thought it would be! It's light yet somewhat thick. It will definitely function as a shawl or around the neck and keep you warm! It's a ni... more »

Variety of Uses

27 Sep, 2018
This lounger has a lot of uses for our family! Besides being great in the yard, the porch and in the basement, it's great to take with us to events and parks! I love that it's in a bag and can... more »

Better Than Other Ones

27 Sep, 2018
This is the second hook I have tried and I like it way better than the 1st one I bought. This one is so simple and clean in appearance. It blends in well with my black interior. I love that I now when... more »

Lots of Supplies!

20 Sep, 2018
This is a fantastic set with tons and tons of colors to choose from! If you want larger quanities of one color, this set doesn't supply that, but it's great for smaller and more detailed proje... more »

Just Like the Fancy Ones!

20 Sep, 2018
These brush heads are exactly like the "other" guys' brand! They are great quality and get the job done for a much lesser price. I love that there is 4 in a pack so I can give one to my... more »

Nice Socks

20 Sep, 2018
I bought these compression socks for my son. He really likes using these for sports. The design is really cool and the compression seems to be just right. The material is soft and I know he will... more »


16 Sep, 2018
I am an artist and am often annoyed with using brushes that she and are imprecise in their strokes. These brushes were of excellent quality and allowed me to pain with the precision I wanted. There we... more »


13 Sep, 2018
I bought this tripod after looking at many styles. This one had great reviews and it did not disappoint. I needed something to put in my art studio to capture my art and techniques and this has the fl... more »

Super Cute!

13 Sep, 2018
I knew just what I wanted to use these for when I ordered them. Everytime we entertain and put out a buffet, people never know what the foods are. These will be great for putting them in front of each... more »

What I Have Been Looking For!

12 Sep, 2018
I found some amazing craft ideas on Pinterest that required this exact kind of cord. I was so happy when I found this item and was impressed when it arrived. It is super sturdy and high quality! There... more »

This Is Super Useful

12 Sep, 2018
I bought these to keep my produce fresher for longer and I believe that these liners do accomplish that. They are really soft and easy to cut and put in the drawers. If I could change anything about t... more »

Exactly What He Needed for Booze!

04 Sep, 2018
My fiance loves using these mega sized cubes for his drinks because they take longer to melt and don't dilute his beloved Scotch. Once he started using these he started giving them to guests as we... more »

Vintage Style

04 Sep, 2018
LOVE this vintage retro camera style. Quality cover. Gave it as a gifted and then wanted one for myself! It's just so cute! Excellent price for a unique touch to your decor! more »

Really Great And Takes Up Little Space

04 Sep, 2018
I really enjoy using this car phone mount. It's so easy to place it anywhere at a moment's notice. It takes up little room in my car. I do have to remember to turn the vent off when i use it s... more »

Just Like Picture!

14 Aug, 2018
This workout belt looks exactly like the picture and did not disappont! I love how it lays flat and hold my phone snugly. It has a place for your headphones as well. There are other cool features I ha... more »

So Far So Good

14 Aug, 2018
I installed this unit in my kitchen to keep all the flies and bugs at bay from our food! It has only been there for several days, but so far I have not seen any flies or bugs messing with our fruit. I... more »

Instant Relief

01 Aug, 2018
My son sat outside on the hammock and was bitten like crazy. He came inside and showed me huge mosquito bites. I immediately gave him the Bite Helper and he said "This works!" He used it on... more »

Super Useful

27 Jul, 2018
Besides being really cute in shape, this is a highly useful accessory to have, especially when sharing with friends and family.  We have a lot of people in our family that share music and movies... more »

Perfect for Gamers!

18 Jul, 2018
My sons were fighting over this headset! Looks like I will have to buy another! They are incredibly comfortable and soft in the right places. My older son wants to use this with his phone so he will n... more »


18 Jul, 2018
These frames are just as impressive as all the other reviews described them. First of all, they are packaged SO well, with protective plastic corners inside the box. They come with a handy cleani... more »


16 Jul, 2018
My boys were THRILLED with these lanterns! I bought them for sleep away camp but they want to use them year round because they are so cool! I didn't realize how many cool features they had until I... more »

Exceeded My Expectations!

16 Jul, 2018
I normally wouldn't by leggings online because I have to try everything on. I just couldn't help myself with these though because the price was right and I LOVED the pattern! I usually wear an... more »

Perfect and Elegant Container!

16 Jul, 2018
This container was exactly as the reviewers described it! It is a quality product at a good price and it holds a lot while looking great! I bought it for the guest bathroom. In it I put cotton pads, q... more »

The Kids' Favorite Mask, Too!

15 Jul, 2018
My sons love these masks so much! I needed an extra because one of the boys lost his. These masks are super soft and comfortable and adjustable. It's great when someone you share the room with has... more »

Exactly What He Needed!

15 Jul, 2018
I bought this for my son's Echo Dot because it was always laying on the floor and looking all sloppy in his room. This did the job and made everything look nice and neat. It seems more accessible... more »

Great Set of Necklace Cords for a Great Price!

13 Jul, 2018
Really excited that I could get both black and brown waxed cords in one package! The waxed cords are so nice they definitely give off a leather look. I also love that the clasp offers you different ho... more »