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Becky Grove

About Me

i love getting good deals and making sure people are able to get good deals like me


Soo pretty

09 Aug, 2019
When i opened  these I was amazed at how black but pretty they was I cant wait to use them when I move out  more »

Love these

09 Aug, 2019
I love these rock salts they look soo good in my room cant believe how heavy they are though but they do look so pretty my boyfriend  had to lick them and he said they tasted good more »

Is good camera

08 Aug, 2019
I got this the other day for my little boy as it was his birthday but when  I got the camera I didnt expect  it to be as small as it was but it works great and the photos are great when taki... more »

Not sure

15 Jul, 2019
I got this though the post looked good but one I opened  it the smell wasn't a very nice smell I've not tried it yet as I dont want my face to smell like that more »


11 Jul, 2019
This product  really works it's gotten alot of my black head and you can see them coming out of your skin it's amazing  I would highly  recommend  this to anyone  more »

It's okay

19 Jun, 2019
I've not really notice  much difference  if I'm honest might need to try it abit longer to get anywhere with this  more »

Great kit

15 Jun, 2019
My little boy will love this hes always outside and always trying to look at bugs so this will be perfect  for him cant wait to get using it amazing   more »


15 Jun, 2019
I wanted to use my phone on my tv and this helped me do that so now I can use my phone on my tv its amazing would highly  recommend  this 100% more »

Great straws

14 Jun, 2019
These straws  are so good for when you going out and you dont want to use paper ones that shope are giving out  easy to clean a d very easy to put back in the box would highly  recommen... more »

I love this speaker

24 May, 2019
This is the best speaker I've ever used the sound is amazing and how loud it goes is so great I love using  this every day and using it for party's  more »

Very helpful

24 May, 2019
This is great for me cause I always lose my keys somewhere and it's good to know where they are and not have to worrie about it  more »

Looks pretty

20 May, 2019
I got this phone case cause it looks so pretty and looked like it would protect my phone if I dropped it so when I got it I must admit that I thought it be a bit more darker then it is but when I put... more »

Nice bag

17 May, 2019
this is great for my make up I have a lot of make up so this really is great everything fits in the bag and doesn’t take up too much room in my draw like other make up bags and the print is love... more »

Best chargers I’ve had

09 May, 2019
these are amazing like my phone hasn’t charged  as fast as it has with any charger but these make my phone charge so fast it’s better then the iPhone charger it self well worth t... more »

Not that great

30 Apr, 2019
so i got this to try in my dog cause he always wining and barking howling  and my dog doesn’t even take any notice of it he still does all these things even with it ok to the max he still g... more »

Very useful

27 Apr, 2019
this product is great for people that have I phone 7 and onwards because when you want to listen to music you can’t charge your phone at the same time but with this device you can do both a... more »

Great brush

21 Apr, 2019
This brush is great as I’ve got a husky so this really helps with his fur and he’s got a undercoat as well so this is great for getting to that  more »

Love this soo much

10 Apr, 2019
Soo this come in a really nice packing it’s padded where it’s needed so it keeps everything safe I love that and I didn’t expect the size of the speaker to be that big but it’s... more »

Good stuff

28 Mar, 2019
i was in need of this as I’ve got sunshades that go over my windows but I needed Velcro so that I could make them stay on my door Of my car and I can say that the glue on the back... more »