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Crystal Sharp

About Me

I’m a mom of 3. I have 4 animals and own my home. I love testing products and trying new things! My friends are always asking me where I get all my new cool items and I tell them when I find something I like I’m not afraid to buy multiple!!! I love spoiling my friends and family and I feel that trying things out not only opens my eyes to things I may never have tried but it gets the word out to my friends and family of items that may be great for them!!!


Very cute

26 Feb, 2018
Very cute clothing!!! But doesn’t always fit barbie!!!  My daughter didn’t really mind  she just kept playing.  Overall satisfied with my purchase :)  more »

Seem pretty strong

09 Feb, 2018
These seem pretty strong. I haven’t gotten a chance to use them tho. I’m nervous as they do not come with anything on how to remove them once attached to the wall :(  more »

Little tricky at first

09 Feb, 2018
little tricky at first but after reading the book work some great!! The trick is to find a pot or pan that is magnetized!!  more »

Pretty awesome!!

09 Feb, 2018
THESE are pretty awesome!!! Nice and sturdy.. locks good. And no worry about lids not fitting right.  more »

Nice quality

09 Feb, 2018
very nice quality!!! Not sure why we have a knife but the fork and spoon are fantastic!!! Only wish there was a larger set!!  more »


09 Feb, 2018
Pretty cool!!! I think these are pretty cool the only think I’m not to fond of is that they don’t come with a way to plug them in. They come with a usb cord but you have to supply your own... more »

Great quality but....

07 Feb, 2018
great quality but... it’s too narrow to fit any of our back seats. With our German shepherd and leather it’s a must to have a seat protector this would be great if it was about 8 -10 inche... more »

Great toys!!

05 Nov, 2017
these are awesome!!! My children loooove them! Greatly made! My kids looove blocks and totally enjoy these!! Also comes with a sitter for shapes!  more »

Love these!!!

05 Nov, 2017
These are sooo soft!! I absolutely love them! I haven’t gotten to wash them but so far I am very impressed!  more »

Great item!

31 Oct, 2017
We tested this out with our mini van today! Gave off an accurate reading! Was easy enough to figure out. Only downside is you have to pay for one of the features!! I do love the lifetime updates tho!!... more »