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Lori Oates

About Me


Finally Got Relief from Aching Knee

21 Mar, 2019
  Standing on my feet all day and the amount of walking I do on my job has really affected my knees over the years. This knee support brace has been a great relief for my knees. I was pretty s... more »

Soothing, relaxing sounds

09 Mar, 2019
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the relaxing sound of the rain, a campfire and the ocean are some of my favorite sounds to listen too. This sound machine gives me those sounds and many more at the touch of a button.... more »

My Feet Thank Me

27 Jan, 2019
             When you have a job where you are on your feet all day like I do, you need a little extra help for those feet. These insoles by Dr. Foot have been... more »

My New Best Friend!

27 Jan, 2019
  #HOBFU     more »

My Son Got Teary Eyed

13 Jan, 2019
I love the words on this necklace.  It expresses just what I wanted to say to my son. The chain on this is approximately 9 inches long with a small length of an extender and the pendant its... more »

Great Purse for Everyday Use.

27 Dec, 2018
As women, we can never have enough purses.  I love my new purse from Suikur. I can not carry a small purse as a everyday purse and this one is just the right size and has just the right amount... more »

My Daughter was Thrilled! Love the Colors

24 Dec, 2018
My daughter loved this scarf when I gave it to her. She uses scarves as a headwrap and the colors in this scarf looked beautiful on her. I am super pleased with this scarf by Vinmax and I plan on purc... more »

No More Slipping For Me

20 Dec, 2018
My "porch" at my camper consist of two large pallets put together. This fall I discovered that when the pine trees drip thier sap, my "porch" becomes very slippery. I knew I had to... more »

So many Uses for this Vest

16 Dec, 2018
There are so many uses for this Tactical Game Chest vest by vAv Yakeda, my son is going to absolutely love this when he gets this. This vest is great not only for hunting,is great for paintball games... more »

My Grandson Is Going to Love this slingshot!

10 Dec, 2018
I am super excited about giving this slingshot by R*Lucky to my teenage grandson for Christmas. The slingshot itself appears to be made of sturdy, high quality material and easy to put together. There... more »

Great for Horses!

08 Dec, 2018
When my aunts horses are out in the pasture all of the time, they get pretty dirty and bushy, especially in the winter time. These pet hair remover gloves by Bikien are the perfect solution to getting... more »