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Ramona Neuhaus

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Great for snorkeling

06 Jul, 2019
This mask is great for snorkeling! I used it twice and I'm happy!  more »

Good value for your money

28 Jun, 2019
Its s great product  more »

Great product

28 Jun, 2019
I love this essential oil it smells amazing and holds long  more »

Perfect for hiking

17 Jun, 2019
Its perfect for hiking and running! I used it a few time . My phone fits perfectly in it ! Love it  more »

Love the bluetooth on it

08 Jun, 2019
It was for my niece and she is in love with it ! I ordered 2 one for my daughter too! Very impressed! more »

Great product

08 Jun, 2019
I got it for my daughter and she is vhf in love with it ! I like the fact it somes with bluetooth connection for ur phone ! more »