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Sherie Washington

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Mens aviator sunglasses

29 Jun, 2018
They really protect my eyes..#rankbooster They really protect my eyes..#rankbooster #mensaviatorsunglasses #amazon#mensaviatorsunglasses #amazon  more »

Corkscrew and accessories

06 Apr, 2018
It works greatly #rankbooster #vinawinegiftopener #amazon more »

Ecandy Bluetooth headphones

14 Jan, 2018
They work great, I've always had a good experience with Ecandy products..... great Bluetooth headphones..#rankboosters #Ecandy..@ecandyblutoothheadphones more »

Looking test Bluetooth speakers

14 Jan, 2018
I can't complain they sound great, I keep one in my hand bag and one on my night stand..love them..#rankboosters #lobkin #lobkin Tws Bluetooth speakers.. more »

Blood pressure monitor

30 Nov, 2017
The blood pressure monitor cuff works great and it accurate ,one of the best purchases I've ever made..#rankboostersreview #sponsers #bloodpressurecuff more »

Portable Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker

26 Nov, 2017
This wireless waterproof speaker is great I love music and I have a few but this one I can talk on when my phone rings and it sounds great, great buy.. #rankbooster #greatbuy #mbluetoothspeaker more »

Silicone skull ice cube molds

27 Oct, 2017
#rankbooster,  great buy cute little skulls of ice bobbing in your drinks,these silicone skull ice cube molds,are great, #sponsored  #siliconeskullicecubemolds more »


14 Oct, 2017
I received my ELASTIC TIELESS STRETCHY SHOE LACES and there amazing, i never liked the way ordinary shoelaces looked,i used to stuff them in my shoes, but now i don't have to do that, the shoes ar... more »

Safe cut can opener

09 Oct, 2017
The greatest can opener EVER, the safe cut can opener is so easy to use,I know everyone has cut there finger on the original Manual can opener, but this one is a no brainer and it work flawlessly, if... more »

Ecandy remote control ocean wave projector

30 Sep, 2017
I've received my upgraded Ecandy remote control ocean wave and it works beautifully, I read recent reviews saying that the light is blurry, I assure u it's not,it's bright,and my little ne... more »

Vegetable &fruit grater &julienne slicer

30 Sep, 2017
I've used my vegetable &fruit grater &julienne slicer last night, I had to make fruit and salads last night for girls night,and I was done in no time,it was so easy and I had two of the gi... more »

Lobkin outdoor speaker

29 Sep, 2017
Well, what can I say about this small speaker,,..this lobkin outdoor speaker will surprise you,,the sound that comes from this speaker will really surprise...the sound is clear,crisp,no statuc,,and if... more »

Zoweetek portable Bluetooth speaker

28 Sep, 2017
I just received my zoweetek portable Bluetooth speaker today,,and at first glance I'm thinking, it's cute,but I hope it's not like the others, but honey when it finished charging, I realiz... more »