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25 Jul, 2018
Compatible and once you have charged it works for couple of weeks even months. more »

Love to use it

25 Jul, 2018
Makes my work more flexible without any bending position to type on the keyboard. can sit back and type with this Bluetooth keyboard. more »

My webcam is covered

25 Jul, 2018
Fits cool for MacBook and protects your privacy from hackers more »

Mini Stick with Trigger button

25 Jul, 2018
Strong, Stylish, with Bluetooth trigger button. fits phone perfectly more »

Best Car Mount I have ever bought

25 Jul, 2018
I tried different types but i love this very much, which makes my phone very handy while driving and using for directions, can rotate any angle. more »

Fits cool and Tinted

25 Jul, 2018
Nice to wear it while swimming with adjustable band and can easily wear by pressing single button in the back. more »

Portable, Handy, Works perfect

25 Jul, 2018
With many glue sticks including glitter also seems absolutely perfect product with everything included and less priced compared to walmart and other retail store. more »

Worth Buying

25 Jul, 2018
Like this cable, it works perfect and portable to carry for both my phones, while charging at same time. more »

Good and low price

11 Feb, 2018
I have been buying this since long time and the quality is very good compared to other and clean. more »

Stylish and Protective

06 Jul, 2017
cool case and provides stylish look and also protects my phone very well :) :) :) more »