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Mariah Ann Liggon

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Fidget fun

26 Oct, 2017
Really nice fidget spinner,  super heavy any sturdy.  It spins very smoothly  more »

Waist happiness

26 Oct, 2017
Im loving this waist trainer! I have lost some weight and my waist line is going in at least a couple inches more so far  more »

Works great

26 Sep, 2017
Ive been using this for hair and skin.  My skin is super soft and my hair seems a lot healthier now too more »

Pest be gone!

07 Jul, 2017
We have had a problem with mice for months now! They are pretty daring little buggers and even come out when im cooking eeeeekkkkkk! Bit ive noticed since plugging this in they dont come out , and not... more »

Water proof wonder

07 Jul, 2017
I was absolutely skeptical at first about trying this waterproof bag , no lie i was scared my phone would be water logged LOL BUT I tried it out when we went to the lake and OMG its amazing. Everythin... more »