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I am a work from home independent insurance agent. I also run a small trucking company with my husband. Lover of animals, people with disabilities, old people and our youth, as they need our love, guidance and protection from this crazy world we live in. Fishing, kayaking, and beach are my favorite outside activities. Crafting is my favorite "me" downtime. I do love spending time with my family when they are not plucking my nerves. I am an Amazonian at heart and have been for over 15 years. I wish everyone a blessed day everyday!



24 Nov, 2018
I really wanted this camera to be better but it just didn't do what I wanted. #Katze-Tatze moniter/camera was not as easy to setup. It took some time to find the app and even more time to get it t... more »

Great gift for a beginner!

12 Nov, 2018
#vgoodall has created a nice set for all your pom pom needs. The colors of the yarn are plenty and pretty. I do feel as though the makers themselves are a little on the cheaper made side. Don't ge... more »

Perfect gift!

12 Nov, 2018
Everyone has lost a pet or knows someone that has. #creativedesign has the perfect rememberance gift. Paw Prints Pet Remembrance Wind Chimes is elegant, and sweet. The paw is approximately 5... more »

Soft and comfy

11 Oct, 2018
#toplor offers a stylish way to keep your ears warm. I chose the gray trimmed in black so it pretty much goes with anything you wear. It's super soft and comfortable. #rankBoosterReview #sponsored more »

Perfect for Easter treats!

11 Oct, 2018
#EasterBunnyBag is perfect for Easter treats! The size is 12x12x4. The bags are line with white material. The ears come in blue and white. I can see these bags being perfect to personalize with H... more »

Great starter to experiment with color

14 Sep, 2018
#jeteven is really soft. Each color comes in a individual ziplock. I weighed several of the little baggies and each one was .2oz. The colors are vibrant and many. This pack is great for fillers, cover... more »

Stays in place!

07 Sep, 2018
#inkerscoop Rug Gripper is great. I have a desk mat on a hardwood floor. My floor was still getting scratches so I bought a rug for extra protection. Well, every time I would scoot my chair, my desk m... more »

They work with Alexa

30 Aug, 2018
#skyroku has a pretty easy setup once you down load the app. It may take a couple times to get it connected and running but it's nnot the first time I have had this happen with other electronic de... more »


19 Aug, 2018
Very sharp! These can do a lot of different cuts. I am going to have to watch videos to figure out how to use these to the fullest. #K&JCHIPMUNK #MagicTrioPeelerSet #RankBoosterReview more »

Life Saver

13 Aug, 2018
I purchased #CozyCabin life vest for my Moose. I bought the small. He probably could have fit with the extra small, but this still fits because of the abiltiy to make adjustments. The belly porti... more »

Doggone cute!

10 Aug, 2018
#Illumifun dog leash is absolutely the cutest. It is 70 inches long, which gives my furbaby enough leash to be comfortable. The leash is nice on human hands also! They do offer matching collars,... more »

Dash Cam

03 Aug, 2018
This #skyroku Dash Cam is small so it is easy to place so your view is not obstructed. The camera itself is positionable so you can set it to the angle you want. Once I have had the opportunity to use... more »

Nice way to carry my Dot

03 Aug, 2018
I like to carry my Dot with me. This #711tek case it sturdy, protective and light weight. It works perfect to carry my Dot safely wherever I go. I purchased the blue, which is very nice. #rankboosterr... more »

Convenience with a conscience

31 Jul, 2018
Everything you need for drinks, hot or cold! I am one that always forgets coffee or drink cups in the vehicle. I am also the one that will have 10 coffee cups that need to be washed (I hate doing dish... more »

Really nice.....

31 Jul, 2018
#canopystreet has the best note cards. I just purchased the Season of Life. The cards are thick and feel really nice. The heart tree is done in 4 different seasonal designs that pop with color. Very n... more »

Its new but the same

27 Jul, 2018
I had an older model Keurig. It lasted for quite awhile.The seal had started to fail so it was time for a new one. I decided to purchase the K Elite. This machine is push button, which I think I... more »

Perfect fit

23 Jul, 2018
I love the feel and the colors of this #dopup Kindle case. It fits perfectly. The front cover works flawlessly turning my paperwhite on and off. #RankBoosterReview #sponsored  more »

Didn't work for me.....

22 Jul, 2018
I live in a rural area within a 50 mile radius of several broadcasting services. This #novopal antenna did nothing for me. I couldn't get it to find 1 channel. I had it inside, by a window. I... more »

Super cute PJs

21 Jul, 2018
Super cute PJs! #enjoynight offers several patterns to choose from. They are comfortable to wear. I ordered a medium but received a large. However; I am actually glad this happened because after... more »

Nice kitchen tool....

19 Jul, 2018
Very sturdy. Cuts veggies, chicken etc with no hesitation. A nice addition to any kitchen. #nice2mitu #RankBoosterReview #sponsored  more »

Power in your hand.....

18 Jul, 2018
I am forever being caught with little to no battery left on my phone. #Omars Power bank is a great solution to the problem. Quick charge makes it worth every penny! It's great that I can share a c... more »

Easy fix for iPhone storage issues and more.............

18 Jul, 2018
This is a fantastic tool to have for your Apple device or any device really. If you have an iPhone with storage issues. #Omars iPhone flash drive is the easy fix. Compact, easy to use and convenient.... more »

Works for 1 dog not for a pack......

15 Jul, 2018
I purchased this to stop my daughter’s beagles from barking all night. At first, when just 1 barked it worked. However; when you get 7 barking at one time you just as well forget it. I had... more »

Small but mighty!

15 Jul, 2018
This fan is small and light weight. It's fits perfectly in the beach bag or purse. This is fantastic to use while fishing, sunbathing, while working and so much more. I persoanlly like using it in... more »

Does What it's supposed to.....

15 Jul, 2018
I would give this camera 5 stars if panned with a touch of a button without stopping. I use this with an Iphone. To get the camera to pan I have to swipe my screen over and over. I use this to watch o... more »

Fits a 2000 GMC Topkick

15 Jul, 2018
Having a trucking company, it’s aggravating when you can’t get a part. Thanks to Amazon some of that stress is alleviated. We purchased this for a 2000 GMC Topkick dump truck. Worked like... more »

Dazl is great......

14 Jul, 2018
I love this Dazl! It’s compact, easy to use and comfortable. It’s also small enough to fit my grandsons ear. This is a plus when he wants to play on his Kindle. The only down side, it is e... more »

A needed accessory for Instant Pot

14 Jul, 2018
After using my Instant Pot to cook seasoned chicken I noticed the rubber ring still had very slight spice smell. I decided to buy the replacement rings that gave me multiple colors. I use a colored ri... more »

Necessity for Monster Jam

14 Jul, 2018
I needed ear protection for my grandson’s day at Monster Jam. These worked like a charm. They were adjustable and seem to fit him comfortably. They would slide if he looked down but with all the... more »

Mini figures you assemble!

14 Jul, 2018
I purchased this for my grandson, who's only 3. I did assist him when assembling. The appropriate age is stated in the listing, which is 5 and up. I guess I am a rule breaker! All figures com... more »

Instant pot must have accessory!

12 Jul, 2018
I really wanted to try “boiled” eggs in my Instant Pot but was little hesitant. I didn’t want to have the disasters that I have seen others have. That’s until I purchased the S... more »