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Cole Manibo

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Works just fine.

31 Jul, 2018
Got the silver pieces. Love the curved with pointed tip tweezer. 3 of  are the same with diff size of the tip. Comes with a black leather case.  Overall Works just fine.  more »

Love the wood piece

31 Jul, 2018
came in with a nice wooden like box. With extra ear buds pieces. Sound was good. Well worth the money. Best to give for gifts. more »

Witstick cant connect to the memory stick sometimes.

28 Jul, 2018
When i tried it for the first time it works. Witstick can read read. I was able to take a picture too and save it to the memory stick. Since my iphone was full. But when i tried to use it the second t... more »

Good for exercise

23 Jul, 2018
Helped me a lot in my workout at home.  more »