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Great fit

25 Feb, 2019
This sweater is actually the size it should be.  It comes in several colors and sizes more »

Works well

25 Feb, 2019
This calicum descaler works great and is low priced more »


25 Feb, 2019
This multi tool is cute and has 19 different uses more »


25 Feb, 2019
Cute silicone sponges more »

A Must have

18 Jul, 2018
This solar powered fountain is just what I needed for the calming soothing relation I need.  No need for plugs #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #cosvii more »


18 Jul, 2018
It comes on in the morning and by Dirk has shut itself off.  I love it   #Rankboosterreview #Sponsored #cosscci https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10211188941392607&id=... more »


15 Jul, 2018
They are bright and you can plug other sets into them.  My room is AWESOME now.  The sticky tape is great but I just wrapped them around the curtain hanger more »


14 Jul, 2018
Cute  more »

Wood grain look

11 Jul, 2018
I just love the look and little carting bag and the price being under 30 dollars was a clear selling point.  Get some NOW more »

Bud n cute

11 Jul, 2018
If your looking to soften as well as brighten up a room here's the product for you and  It's a moon light.   more »

Light wieght and durable

07 Jul, 2018
The description says most of it but it's just awesome.  I already charged it and went around tightening screws up.  I can't wait for my next project.  The magnetic wrist band is... more »


07 Jul, 2018
I love this magnetic light.  I can mount it to under my cabnet. It can also be hung. Its light weight .durable and cost effectent more »

Nice compact fountain

07 Jul, 2018
This compact little fountain has 4 settings and goes almost 2.5 ft high.  I couldn't get a decent picture because of the full sun.  The only down fall is no battery back up #Rankboost... more »

Easy to use

07 Jul, 2018
its as easy as on tv. i played with them a bit.  the little omelettes were tastey and simple compared to pan cooking.  i tried boiling them and landed up microwaving them for the best taste.... more »

Foldable bluetooth headphones ..verry nice.

27 Jun, 2018
#Rankboosterreview #Sponsored I like the Bluetooth headphones there foldable & hold a charge for quite some time verry nice product. #Ifecco   more »

Nice compact lunch bag

21 Jun, 2018
Nice compact lunch bag  Keeps your items separated & out of water. #Amurgo #sponsored #Rankboosterreview  more »