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Tracy Darnell

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Love These

14 Jun, 2019
I love these Tea Lights. They create the perfect amount of light with a soft flicker that doesnt bother your eyes and last for a very long time. I would certainly recommend these and plan on buying mo... more »

Loved it

03 Jun, 2019
Loved this brush. It didnt tangle my hair up and was perfect for that natural blow dried straighten hair look. more »

Doesnt work long

03 Jun, 2019
I was really excited to get this QI Certified Wireless Charger in the mail. The first one worked all of 15 minutes before it no longer would charge my phone.  Returned it with no hassle and... more »


02 Jun, 2019
I love how this bikini fits. Its high waist covers any stretch marks and the push up makes my upper body look fabulous.  The material is very soft and the outfit comfortable to wear  more »

Very soft

02 Jun, 2019
I love the vibrant colors, they stand out beautifully and sparkle. I love how u can actually lay on these because the sequence is soft and not rough  . more »

Didn't work

02 Jun, 2019
The first one i received wouldn't hold a charge.  I returned it and the new one works great. Its louder than expected,  but gets the job done.  more »

Didn't work

27 Apr, 2019
Never got to try it out, received dead upon arrival. Wouldn't charge. more »


23 Oct, 2017
The outdoor waterproof spotlights are pretty decent, especially in their price range. The construction of the spotlight is simple and elegant and very thin. It's not made with the strongest m... more »


23 Sep, 2017
I liked the colors the most, the colors kept my attention more than the button pushing,  the switch clicker, the roller. It's a great idea but there was just too much going on at once to enjo... more »

Easy to use

23 Sep, 2017
This smart card reader was way simpler than I had thought it would be. It worked great, set up was easy &haven't experienced any technology difficulties yet. more »

Very durable

31 Aug, 2017
I love how thick the cable was because it showed it wouldn't be easily destroyed. You can tell its made from high quality materials and it worked perfect and connections were the perfect fit from... more »

Love the fabric

29 Aug, 2017
I love the designs of these pillows but the fabric is the reason I'll continue to buy these pillows. The fabric is versatile for indoor and outdoor use and is so easy to wipe down to clean, and it... more »