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Kelly B

About Me

I am a mother and grandmother with five grown children and nine grandchildren ranging from newborn through early teens. I have raised a variety of animals as well including rescue dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, reptiles, fish, and a worm farm to help me with my gardening. I also used to help my grandparents on the farm with their livestock. Additionally, I have cared for disabled adults and children, as well as spending 14 years volunteering my services in hospice as well as the education and childcare fields. My family & I have a wide range of interests & experiences, making it easy for us to evaluate many types of products.

I have been providing honest product reviews for more than 2 decades. Some of this was done on websites such as Epinions where I was considered an expert, an advisor, and a top reviewer in several categories such as pets, children and families, home and garden, music, musical instruments, and online stores and services. I also enjoy sharing my opinions on social media and spend a lot of time interacting with my followers.

I have a new granddaughter who is just a few weeks old so evaluations of mommy & baby items are a good match for our family. My other grandchildren range from toddlers to teens, making these age groups also a good match for us as well. My children, my grandchildren & I have a wide range of interests including music, dance, yoga, health, aromatherapy, exercise & fitness, automotive, computers, electronics, sports and outdoors, hunting, fishing, boating, camping, sewing, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, food and food storage, pets, gardening, hydroponics / aquaponics / vermiculture, home improvement, home decorating, photography, writing, entertainment, DJ / karaoke / stage lighting, education & more.

My family comes in all shapes & sizes including men, women, boys & girls of all ages. We love to try new styles in clothing, shoes & jewelry. We love playing with toys & games of all types. We all love music and enjoy singing as well as playing a variety of musical instruments. We are always happy to experiment with new ideas. We have worked in a variety of occupations including automotive, healthcare, retail, communications, manufacturing, electrical, banking, building, food service, and more. We have held positions ranging from general laborer to managerial positions and home businesses. We also have a variety of hobbies and interests, providing us with a wide range of experiences which can help us give a good evaluation of many different types of products.

I am not only posting on the RankBooster Blog
in addition to my own Blog at Haulbooty.com,
but also post often on sites like:
I have a couple of Facebook pages devoted to product reviews, and also manage a few pages which are devoted to specific themes. If a product fits well into one of these themes, I will often share my review on one of these pages as well for even more exposure. See links below.

There are very few types of products we would not be able to properly evaluate, so feel free to make offers even if a specific interest isn't listed here. I love to try new and different things, and hope to work with you soon. If you have any questions or any items you want me to review feel free to send me a coupon or msg me on Facebook.

When sending coupons, please try to make sure they are usable. I have had to return over a dozen coupons over the past week which either could not be used on Amazon (invalid codes mostly) or were for the wrong amount. I expect to pay only the agreed amount, and only accept codes which are as agreed. Thank you for checking out my profile, and I look forward to working with you.


My son was happy with it

19 Jul, 2019
I bought this for my son. He used it and was very happy with it. I thought it made a nice gift for him. I like that it is unscented, and that it is made in the USA. He liked the way it felt and the wa... more »

Good mouse trap. It is easy to set and has caught several mice.

19 Jul, 2019
We have used them with a variety of different baits and caught several mice now with them. Most of the time the mice are caught with this trap, although we did have a couple who managed to steal the b... more »

No more smelly sponges by my sink

10 Jul, 2019
I got these Silicone Sponges to replace the smelly sponges by my sink. I find that these work just as well on my dishes, and when they get dirty I just toss them into the washer, or run them through t... more »

My granddaughter loves them

25 May, 2019
These are a very nice set of headphones for kids. My granddaughter loves the unicorn style headband that holds them in place. The sound is not extremely loud, and the volume seems limited. I assume th... more »

My granddaughter loves them, but the quality of the stitching could be better

25 May, 2019
My granddaughter was truly excited when she got these slaixiu Girls Footless Leggings Stretchy Kids Pants(Purple&Pink_120) for her birthday. She loves both the pink and the purple colors and... more »

Tea arrived damaged, I was refunded but never got a chance to try the tea.

21 Apr, 2019
I ordered this Yan Hou Tang jasmine tea and was really looking forward to trying it. I like the idea that it is sugar free and advertises that it helps promote weight loss, relaxation and stress reduc... more »

My Granddaughter Loves this Musical Snowman Speaker!

10 Apr, 2019
Creative Baby Toy, KZY Mini Bluetooth Speaker The Creative Baby Toy, KZY Mini Bluetooth Speaker is an adorable snowman who keeps my granddaughter company while she dances and sings along with t... more »

Ten Brightly Colored Chapstick Holders Keep My Lip Balm Handy Wherever I Go

04 Mar, 2019
Ten Brightly Colored Lip Balm Holder Key Chains I always seem to have a problem with my lips getting dry and chapped, so I carry lip balm with me most of the time. The problem is that I am cons... more »

Very handy and convenient back scratchers that you can take anywhere

05 Jul, 2018
I love these little Senhomtog Back Scratchers with the telescopic handles. This is a set of 5 extendable back scratchers with a bear claw scratcher on them and bright colorful handles. They shrin... more »

eSamcore Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

01 Jun, 2018
The eSamcore Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight is one of many flashlights I have bought and so far my favorite. The light is bright and zoomable so you can zoom in on something or have a wider rang... more »

Provides good support without restricting movement

01 Jun, 2018
I often need to wear a wrist brace at night and sometimes during the day for my carpal tunnel, but I was always having to take it off because it was too restrictive to perform everyday tasks. I ordere... more »

Birthday Cake Large Lush Bath Bomb Fizzy for a Relaxing Treat Anytime

16 May, 2018
I ordered this Birthday Cake Large Lush Bath Bomb Fizzy to give as a gift, but changed my mind and gave myself a gift for mother's day instead. I love how beautifully packaged it was when it... more »

My granddaughter loves her yoga capri pants

23 Mar, 2018
I bought these yoga capri pants for my granddaughter and she loves them. She says they are very comfortable to wear. They have lots of stretch so they don't hinder her movement while performi... more »

These are a good bargain and a handy set to take along anywhere.

13 Feb, 2018
When we go out shooting, it is important that everyone has hearing protection available. We have several pairs of noise cancelling ear muffs on hand, but needed more hearing protection since there are... more »

I really wanted to like this but it will not work on my phone or tablet

11 Feb, 2018
I had high hopes for this wireless outlet wifi plug, and hoped to be able to use it in my home to simplify my life. I don't know if it is specific to my phone and tablet, but I just cannot get thi... more »

Inexpensive optical mouse that works well and is wireless and easily portable

11 Feb, 2018
My son needed a new mouse, so I ordered this one for him. This is a nice little optical mouse that is easily portable so he can take it wherever he goes. It comes with a USB receiver and is powered by... more »

A great gift for your own little ones, or as a shower or Christmas gifts for others.

11 Feb, 2018
These Christmas socks for babies are made of a soft cotton blend so they are comfortable for your baby to wear. These socks come with 6 pairs of socks in a package, and are nicely boxed for gift givin... more »

I will be taking them with me to the music festival this summer.

10 Feb, 2018
I needed to get some new drum sticks, and chose these Mugig drum sticks. I love how inexpensive they are. You get 3 pairs of sticks for about the same as I would pay locally for a single pair. Th... more »

This magnetic wristband has strong magnets which will securely hold your tools, screws, nails, scissors, or other metalic objects within easy reach

10 Feb, 2018
Whether you are a handyman or a crafter, it is important to keep your tools within easy reach when you are working on a project.This magnetic wristband has strong magnets which will securely hold your... more »

We have several guitar players in the family, so this was a must have for us

06 Feb, 2018
My family all enjoy music and almost everyone in my family plays at least one instrument. We have several guitar players in the family, so buying this leather pick holder case full of guitar picks was... more »

Save money with this larger packages of batteries

06 Feb, 2018
It seems that we got dozens of gifts under the Christmas tree this year that needed batteries. Combine that with a couple of remote controls with worn out batteries, and I needed to buy a lot more bat... more »

I bought this capo and tried it out on several of our guitars.

04 Feb, 2018
Most of my family plays one instrument or another, with several guitar players among us. I bought this capo and tried it out on several of our guitars. It worked perfectly on most of them, although th... more »

I bought this USB Wall Outlet as a way to add functionality to my standard wall outlet.

04 Feb, 2018
I bought this USB Wall Outlet as a way to add functionality to my standard wall outlet. I just plug it in, and it I can use my outlets and still charge my devices without adding a charging block. I wa... more »

This isn't your typical peg game

02 Feb, 2018
I got this stacker toy as a gift for one of my granddaughters because I like to get them toys that are both fun and educational. Even though she is a bit younger than the recommended age, she is learn... more »

Anyone who enjoys music knows how important it is to have proper tuning.

30 Jan, 2018
Anyone who enjoys music knows how important it is to have proper tuning. If you play a stringed instument such as a guitar, ukulele, bass, violin, or banjo, this Mugig Clip-on Tuner is something that... more »

They look great on her and she also tells me that they are very comfortable

25 Jan, 2018
I bought these Picotee yoga pants for one of my granddaughters. They look great on her and she also tells me that they are very comfortable. They are made from 88%Polyester and 12%Lycra so t... more »

I found this to be a very good cable, and at a great price

25 Jan, 2018
My friends and I enjoy karaoke and often have karaoke themed get togethers in one of our homes or other locations.I have used a variety of microphone cables in varying lengths for my karaoke equipment... more »

These kitchen shears have 5 sharp blades that quickly and easily snip through your herbs

24 Jan, 2018
I enjoy growing a variety of fresh herbs in my garden and in my kitchen windowsill garden. When it's time to add the fresh herbs to my cooking, there is no quicker and easier way to cut them than... more »

Nice Quality Kitchen Tool I Love Having In My Kitchen

23 Jan, 2018
I enjoy using silicone utensils in my kitchen whenever possible for several reasons, and recently ordered this set of 5 random colored TYHY heat resistant non-stick silicone spatulas. I love that I ca... more »

You can never have too many surge protectors, power strips, or cellphone chargers

22 Jan, 2018
You can never have too many surge protectors, power strips, or cellphone chargers, so this Poweradd Power Strip Surge Protector is the perfect combination. It combines 3 surge protected outlets,... more »

These big 12 inch balloons can be filled with air or helium

20 Jan, 2018
If you need to decorate for a party of banquet, this package of balloons is a great start for your decoration needs. The listing says you will get a 100 pack of 12 inch latex balloons. I didn't ac... more »

They work great as gift bags, but would also work well for many other purposes.

19 Jan, 2018
I love these fabric tote bags, and used them as gift bags at Christmas. The party favor bag 14 pack are colorful enough to be used instead of wrapping paper, and actually cost less than some of the pa... more »

This is a nice gift that will keep her snug year around.

14 Jan, 2018
I bought this mermaid blanket as a Christmas gift. It is the perfect size for one of my older granddaughters. It is soft and comfortable, and nicely crocheted. The blue looks great and this mermaid ta... more »

I needed a power supply and this looked like just the thing

09 Jan, 2018
I needed a power supply and this looked like just the thing. It feels solid, and works really well. I needed to buy a separate XLR to 3.5mm cable so the output could be plugged directly to t... more »

She loves her new yoga pants

09 Jan, 2018
I had gottten my granddaughter a pair of yoga pants from this company for Christmas, and she loved them so much I had to get her another pair. They look great on her and she also finds that they are e... more »

Thanks a Million for this great little OBD sensor

29 Dec, 2017
I can't tell you how many times I have had to deal with minor car issues that would have been an easy fix if I could only figure out exactly what was wrong. When I first bought my 2001 Pontiac Gra... more »

I love looking at all the Christmas decorations, and especially the Christmas lights

18 Dec, 2017
I love looking at all the Christmas decorations, and especially the Christmas lights, so this year I bought several of them to decorate my home and yard. These Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Ligh... more »

I know this is going to be a big hit on Christmas morning

18 Dec, 2017
I bought the YKS Invincible Tornado Twister RC Stunt Car for my 6 year old granddaughter for Christmas, so she hasn't had a chance to try it out yet. While she was gone, the adults in the hou... more »

These work really well in vases, decorative bowls, or centerpieces like I did.

18 Dec, 2017
I ordered these Awkli 5000pcs Crystal Water Gel Beads beads to add to a centerpiece I was making. I was really surprised at how well they expanded. I admit, I wasn't impressed with the packag... more »

This would make an excellent gift for most any music lover

12 Dec, 2017
Most of my family enjoy playing some sort of musical instrument. One of my uncles is really fantastic on the harmonica, and I have wanted to learn to play one for a while now. I ordered the Mugig... more »

Nice Gaming Mouse for a Great Price

03 Dec, 2017
If you are looking for a new gaming mouse for a low price, this is an excellent option. This Ombar Gaming Mouse is a wired optical gaming mouse with 4 DPI levels ( 1000DPI/ 1500DPI/ 200... more »

This is a quality instrument which has a great sound

02 Dec, 2017
I've been trying to get my Christmas shopping done, and there are so many family members who who really love music that I picked up several musical instruments, not really knowing who was going to... more »

Extend your Audio Enjoyment With this Six Foot Cable

28 Nov, 2017
It seems like every time I turn around I'm needing an audio auxilliary cable for something. Whether for an mp3 player, cd player, laptop, tablet, or what have you, this is something that I has doz... more »

Must have kitchen scale for cooking, baking and dieting

25 Nov, 2017
Whether dieting, or measuring ingredients for your favorite recipe, a quality kitchen scale such as the TOBOX Multifunction Stainless Steel Food Scales  is a much needed tool. This digital k... more »

Safe and easy to use can opener

23 Nov, 2017
It seems like I'm always looking for a can opener that works, and usually they just don't last. I just bought this Safe Cut Can Opener  Manual Side Cut Can Opener and have been using... more »

Ideal Flashlight for Camping, or Other Outdoor Activities

21 Nov, 2017
The TruPath Brightest High Power LED Flashlight is the perfect flashlight for camping or any other outdoor activities. I love that it is waterproof, so I don't have to worry about using... more »

A tripod is a must-have for taking great pictures with your cellphone or Gopro

16 Nov, 2017
A tripod is a must-have for taking great pictures with your cellphone or Gopro, and this Tairoad Flexible Mini Tripod is perfect for the job. It has three flexible legs which can be bent to any angle... more »

Very nice shower curtain. Waterproof, mildew resistant, hardware included

16 Nov, 2017
This CRW Shower Curtain is a high quality curtain which can be used either as a liner or alone. It is white, and made from waterproof polyester to help keep the water in the tub where it belongs. It m... more »

Nice Dispensers for my Castile Soaps

16 Nov, 2017
I like using the Bronners's Castile Soap, and these CRW Foaming Soap Dispenser Pump- Bottles are the best way I have found for dispensing it. This is  a set of two foaming soap dispenser... more »

Nice Charger for Road Trips, Includes Front and Rear Seat Charging Ports

14 Nov, 2017
These days, nearly everyone has some sort of smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device, and it seems that every time we get in the car, someone is in need of a charger. I bought the ELECCTV... more »

We All Had a Blast With This Mugig Wireless Karaoke Microphone

13 Nov, 2017
We are all having a ball with this Mugig Wireless Karaoke Microphone. I will admit that when I ordered it, I was thinking more for the kids than the adults, but the adults are enjoying this even... more »

Great portability and easily adjustable to fit a variety of instruments.

13 Nov, 2017
Most of my family plays a musical instrument of one type or another, mostly guitars. I have picked up a couple of other guitar stands in the past, but so far I prefer this stand to any of the others I... more »

This cervical collar has three inflatable sections that can be pumped up to provide just the right amount of pressure

04 Nov, 2017
If you have neck pain like me, you might really benefit from a device such as the Ohuhu Neck Cervical Traction Collar Device For Head &Neck Pain Neck Spine Alignment Pillow. This cervical col... more »

He enjoyed the brushing he got, and was much happier with this form of knot removal than with other methods

04 Nov, 2017
The [Dematting Rake]CELEMOON Pet Dematting Rake Comb Dual Sided 6 + 11 Teeth, Professional Undercoat Fur Grooming Rake Knot Cutter for Cats & Dogs, Blue works great for removing snarls f... more »

DrowseBuster Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner Toy Is a Great Distraction

03 Nov, 2017
This DrowseBuster Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner Toy is great for both Children and adults. My daughter in law is trying to quit smoking, but needed something to keep her hands busy, and this is the perf... more »