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Love this pillow!

31 May, 2019
I really lile this pillow. It is hard to explain but it it is so soft yet firm. Like I lay down and have support but not like laying on a brick. More like the perfect amount of resistance yet squishy,... more »

Very good quality!

07 May, 2019
I am extremely satisfied with these masks. I definitely notice a difference as fae as not wearing one and I was having trouble breathing after work. My nose would be very stuffy/clogged and I constant... more »

I love this battery tester! must buy!

01 May, 2019
Ok, I am guilty of taking all batteries and throwing them.into a drawer. I don't know if they are old, used, full or half full so I hate tossing them in the garbage because they are so expensive.... more »

Great quality! Built strong.

01 May, 2019
I was very surprised at the feel and durabilty of this! It is far better than others I have purchased for more money. It has solid construction and features all the selections you need for any job. It... more »

Cant rate never received

23 Apr, 2019
My order was canceled after I was told it was not in stock. Then I saw it in stock and ordered again and was told again even though it was listed in stock that they did not have it.  more »

Good light to have

19 Apr, 2019
These lights are fairly bright. I think it also depends on the quality battery you use. I had used some cheaper batteries in one and better batteries in the other and definitely noticed a differe... more »

Perfect for keeping track of things

12 Apr, 2019
I like this because I normally use a regular calendar but as things change and I need to add stuff or cross it out I usually run out of room.. Leaving me wrinting onto the wrong days. This is so much... more »

So much fun!

30 Mar, 2019
My 12 year old put this together with out adult help (so it is pretty easy.  He picked a tree and up it went. All the devices and video games do not compare to the fun the kids.had on this swing.... more »

Love the cordless! Great clippers

28 Mar, 2019
So I had a set of clippers BUT they were corded and my husband complained they would (evey hair cut) burn him. I hated the cord because even with an extension it would get tangled and made it suc... more »

Very bright!

28 Mar, 2019
These are much, much brighter than the original lights in the RV. The LEDs give off a nice bright light. The way I can describe the light is very bright not in an unnatural way that makes yo... more »

Works perfectly! So much better than removable batteries.

28 Mar, 2019
Having used disposable and rechargable batteries I can definitely say this is by far the beat option. After playing you simply set the remote into the cradle. No wires to plug in, to batteries to take... more »

Very pretty and solid package

27 Mar, 2019
I loved trying these new colors and the caae is very sturdy. The make up going on nicely and can used daily or for special occasion.  more »

Perfect for every day or fancy holiday meals

27 Mar, 2019
These are a nice weight and a great size for serving at dinner. They clean easily and look great.  more »

Thick canvas! Cute print! Nice snap closure

27 Mar, 2019
I love that these bags have a little pocket inside! It lso has a snap closure that is magnetic as well! Attention to little details like that is what lets you know this os a quality bag. I used it for... more »

Great quality!

27 Mar, 2019
I really like this backpack. The material is thick and feels very durable. The wires from the headphone and charger jack a well put and are a good thickness. I like the pack opening all the way in hal... more »