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Tom Richards

About Me

Hi i am a 27 year old male, have 3 children that mean the world to me, we live together with my partner. I am into anything "geeky" from pcs to android boxes to gadgets etc.


Perfect So Far

11 Oct, 2017
This was bought as a replacement for a cable I have being using for about 4 months before it stopped "fast charging". To be honest I have tried several cables but after a few months they all... more »

Works but needs extras

27 Sep, 2017
This works great but unfortuantely it is not as simple as open the parcel and use it.  you have to have or purchase an adaptor for the smartphone and then that gets used with this.  &n... more »

Absolutely love this hub

22 Sep, 2017
I have being using this daily for the past few weeks and am very happy with it.  I love that it has its own power cable allowing that bit more length when charging. There are 2 fast charging p... more »