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mary ann harloff

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love the design!

19 May, 2019
i wore this swimsuit during our quick get away its so nice. true to size. i ordered small and its fits great! i like how the design not so revealing but its gives a little sexiness. i love the flower... more »

nice design

23 Apr, 2019
i love the design because its floral and the colors are nice and cloth has good quality. for the price i would highly recomment this! more »


11 Apr, 2019
i like the build quality and the fact that it will protect my console, i like the color too fits well goodthing i purchase this! so far so good ! more »

cant hear sounds

07 Apr, 2019
i can hear sounds its like almost no sounds at all..not good quality iam not happy actually. i cant believe how expensive this earphones are.. more »

sound is low

07 Apr, 2019
i dont know if a get a defective ones but the sound is hardly heared when i tried it on our pc and samething on tablet. i cant barely hear the sounds. more »

nice colorful leggings

07 Apr, 2019
my daughter likes it she like the nice colors and cute design fits a little bigger for her since shes a little smaller fpr her age. more »

great product

02 Apr, 2019
i like the product looks sturdy but i ordered the wrong one for my electric toothbrush but goodthing it fits my brothers toothbrush so i just gave it to him! so far so good more »

fits good

02 Apr, 2019
fits good quailty is nice and its true to size. i get compliments from it .i like the color that i picked great for summer beach outings and gertaways. this brand is highly recommend for its price! th... more »

cute case

02 Apr, 2019
i bought this for my sister she said she likes it its so cute and fits her coz she a teenager. would order more soon.. more »

very useful

22 Mar, 2019
my daugther has he whiteboard and this is perfect for her coz it has nagnet she can easily stick it and wont have to worry looking for it coz it will just stick right through the board. more »

good product

16 Mar, 2019
this pads is a big help with my bunion problem, i dont have hard time wearing heels and other shoes with this! i like it and im glad i ordered this. more »

nice quality

13 Mar, 2019
fits me well and i like the design and quality of this swimsuit. worth buying!! more »

cute case

07 Mar, 2019
i love this its so cute, it fits perfectly on my phone and i like the design and quality! good deal for me! more »

love it!

04 Mar, 2019
i was looking for a wand massager and came across this,iam happy with this 1 the quality for the price is such a good deal aside from the fact that its very sturdy and well built. good product! i love... more »

beautiful instrument

04 Mar, 2019
i love this kalimba piano! its has good quality and its seems well made. it comes with the stickers to label the keys. iam still learning how to used it, and the music is so soothing to hear to hear.... more »