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Heather Jones

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My son loves his new toy!

21 Oct, 2017
I gave this fidget cube to my son for his birthday and he loves it. He has ADHD and this fidget cube has helped him so much. He's able to sit still for long periods of time now. Everything on the... more »

These flashlights work great

12 Sep, 2017
These flashlight keychains work great and come in handy for a lot of differant things. It's very conveinient having them on your keychain and they are really bright. I couldn't beleive how bri... more »

These pajama's are so cute!

12 Sep, 2017
I love these pajama's they are so cute! They fit my son just right and are made really well. They are just right for summer time. They're not to thick like a lot of summer pajama's. H... more »

My Dogs Love This Toy!

20 Jul, 2017
When I gave my dogs these rope bone toys they started playing with them right and have not stopped playing with them since. They throw them around, chew on it and love when you play tug of war with th... more »