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Attorney and entrepreneur living in Upstate NY


Bright light -- simple to use app, solid purchase

09 Nov, 2018
I've been looking for a decent wireless smart light bulb for my bedroom for a while. I did not want to use a bulb that required a hub or any extra accessories, this smart light bulb paired simply... more »

Excellent construction. Solid value. Mild aroma.

26 Sep, 2018
These candles are beautifully assembled and have nice glass patterns that cast a pleasant light when lit. The fragrance, however, is rather mild and hard to differentiate between variants.  more »

Excellent construction. Solid value

23 Sep, 2018
Solid construction. I was a little annoyed when the belt came and it was marked size 46. I thought it was going to be useless. However, as the listing says -- it is really easy to resize the belt by l... more »

Compact, convenient, fast-reading

09 Sep, 2018
The build quality of this thermometer seems solid. The device folds for easy storage. The reading on the screen is easy to see. I have used it while cooking a variety of roasts and I find that the... more »

Good value -- alright headphones

09 Sep, 2018
The build quality of these headphones is not quite what I have come to expect with wireless headphones, the plastic housing of the ear-pieces, specifically where the cord meets the ear-phone, seems li... more »

Nice variety -- decent shrink

09 Sep, 2018
I am a hobbyist with electronics and do not often use heat-shrink -- however, I am very pleased with the result of this product. This item comes with a nice box that holds the shrink wrap securely ins... more »

Excellent cutting boards -- nice for color coding

07 Sep, 2018
I am concerned with cross-contamination of raw meats with other foods. Having a set of color-coded cutting boards makes it really easy to coordinate surfaces to minimize the risk of conta... more »

Fun toy -- unbalanced weight

05 Sep, 2018
I have tried a variety of products with similar purposes as this device, and the motor on this is quite powerful -- however, the design of the ring is quite unbalanced. The rabbit design shifts much o... more »