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Laurie Hsu

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as pictured

23 Jul, 2019
The item is as pictured and the fabric is very comfortable and soft more »


09 Jul, 2019
Cute graphics, comfortable fabric but really bigger than expected (at least 2 size up) more »

As pictured but run small

09 Jul, 2019
The fabric is comfortable but it is a little bit smaller than expected. more »

Easy to install

29 Jun, 2019
easy to install and navigate through. Image quality is good. more »

Cute and large

29 Jun, 2019
This laundry basket can hold more than 3 large loads of laundry. Both my boys love to feed their dirty laundry to the shark!  more »

Fit as expected

29 Jun, 2019
Fits well. Well made and leak proof. more »

Cute but large

29 Jun, 2019
Comfortable and cute but on the large side. It’s more a blouse than a dress but love the fabric and color. more »

taste great

05 Jun, 2019
easy to prepare some macha tea with it but also can be use in recipes and baking. it's very flavorful. more »

wrking better than excepted

05 Jun, 2019
I bought this as a first drone for my husband and kids to play together. It's tricky to fly at first but once you got the hang of it its a a lot of fun more »

cute for kids

05 Jun, 2019
my kids love to play with this telescope, it's easy to use for kids from 5 to 8. a good way to introduce your kids to astronomie  more »

cute and flatering

28 May, 2019
perfect outfit for summer. it oks weel put together and dont have to worry about your movement , looks like a cute skirt with the comfort of a short more »

super cute and flatering

21 May, 2019
this top looks even better in person. the fabric is breathable , so perfect for summer day, i got a lot of compliment on this top more »


02 May, 2019
super large beach tent, can easly fit more than 3 people sitting in there and 3 people sleeping in it! easy to set up only take 5min and done. more »

cute and well made

22 Apr, 2019
true to size, great quality fabric. really well made. highly recommend more »

never received

22 Apr, 2019
i never receives my package and the seller was hard to deal with to get a refund or a replacement. I had to file an amazon A to Z claim more »


22 Apr, 2019
perfect pj set for spring and summer. they are super comfortable and made of good quality fabric. the paterns are really cute. love wearing them around the house more »

super cute

17 Apr, 2019
this outfit its super cute. it size a little bit larger than exepted but its a good thing at least my boys has some room to grow in it this summer more »


11 Apr, 2019
fits true to size, well made and cute more »


11 Apr, 2019
lightweight, easy to use and long lasting battery more »

works great

11 Apr, 2019
powerful light, easy to use. more »

good quality

11 Apr, 2019
great quality sooks with cute design more »

look nice

02 Apr, 2019
great quality, hold well to diswasher and are heavier than i thought. love this set! more »

great quality

02 Apr, 2019
very easy to use and clean. press the garlic without any effort! i love it more »

Great for DIY

28 Mar, 2019
This set is perfect for a beginner. It’s great quality and easy to use more »


28 Mar, 2019
y husband finds these underwear really comfortable and warm. more »

Great for the price

28 Mar, 2019
I am very pleased with this MP3 player. For the price I wasn’t expecting that much. I gave it as a gift to a teenager and he is thrilled with it. more »

nice fabric

20 Mar, 2019
great breathable fabric, good quality and well made. just go one size up more »


18 Mar, 2019
this sunglasses looks way more expensive that what i paid for. they are super fashionable and well made more »

18 Mar, 2019
super comfortable, light and aiery fabric perfect for summer. look exactly like pictures more »

Awesome for the price

16 Mar, 2019
i m so happy for the quality of these glasses and the price I paid. They came in a fancy box plus soft pouch  more »

Beautiful colors

16 Mar, 2019
this swimsuit / trunk has really nice colors but the size too big so I would suggest to go a size down more »


10 Mar, 2019
This swimsuit is super cute. It has a fun design and. Great quality. more »

ok quality

06 Mar, 2019
these shorts actually fits longer than on pictures (wich i prefere) the quality is a little bit on the thin side. not what i execpeted for the price more »

Looks and feels nice!

06 Jan, 2019
I am really pleased with this handbag quality and look. It’s really lightweight and easy to carry. more »

Love it

25 Dec, 2018
inlove this sweater dress. It fits perfectly true to size. The fabric is soft comfortable and warm. It’s stretchable and could fit most body shapes. more »

Soft and warm

16 Dec, 2018
This sweater is perfect for winter. It fits true to size, super soft and warm. It has become my favorite sweater!! more »

soft and well made

10 Dec, 2018
my husband wanted a fashionable scarf not to thick. this one is perfect for his needs. its super soft classy but fashionnable and keeps him warm! i highly recommend it more »


26 Nov, 2018
Perfect puzzle for kids +4 of kids is advanced. (Box says +6)  its really sturdy and durable. As vibrant color. Perfect for a kid who loves puzzle but challenging  more »

Good size

26 Nov, 2018
It’s a really big size screen. It’s perfect for a big room with nothing on a wall.  more »

Super cute and well made

26 Nov, 2018
Super cute and well made pillow cover.  more »

Good quality true to size

26 Nov, 2018
This sweater is well made. It’s really warm and fit true to size. more »

Exactly what I was looking for

25 Nov, 2018
Easy to clean and move the bowls from the mat. Now my cat can’t mix his food and water anymore. more »

Weird cut!

24 Nov, 2018
Those pants are way too big but a good quality fabric  more »

Great little play set

24 Nov, 2018
My little boy love to pretend to be a doctor and I found this dentist perfect for him! more »

Ok quality for the price

20 Nov, 2018
I am happy with the product overall.  more »

Works well

17 Nov, 2018
i wanted something light and easy to take on the go for my husband and this thing is perfect for his needs more »

True size

17 Nov, 2018
I was really pleased with the quality for this price. Stay well through the day.  more »

good size

12 Nov, 2018
i bought it as a gift for a bachelorette party and the person was happy with the gift. more »

good lenght

12 Nov, 2018
i love this fairy light. it super cute and can be use anywhere in the house more »

good quality

12 Nov, 2018
This towel is really large and soft. i love the quality more »

good size

26 Oct, 2018
love this fairy light i would not recommend outdoor use i don't think the battery box is really waterproof. its working great and love the ambiance of it more »

great quality

26 Oct, 2018
i needed high socks for a costume and they works perfectly. they are really good quality and feels warm more »

great quality.

22 Oct, 2018
Love the pants quality and cut. I would recommend to buy a size up. they are now my husband favorite pants. more »

looks durable

22 Oct, 2018
i don't know about you but can opener don't seem to last in my household. i tried the one from target walmart dollar tree and gave up... this one looks more durable. i am happy so far more »

cats love it

22 Oct, 2018
my cat hates brushes but she really enjoy this gloves brush. its easy to use and do not scare the cat away. It is gentle on the cat skin. love it more »

cute earings drop

22 Oct, 2018
i recently ordered this earings to match with an outfit and i m really happy with them. they do not change color or give me any kind of reaction. super happy with my purchase  more »

great value

22 Oct, 2018
i recently ordered this earings set as a gifts for my sister birthday and she is really happy with the quality and to be able to chose the size of her earings everyday! more »

super cute sweater

19 Oct, 2018
this little sweater is really well made and cute. perfect for mi season.  more »

cute sweater

16 Oct, 2018
this sweater is great for mi season. it is more on the thin size. so my kids don't sweat at the playground but don't get cold. it has a really cute design. love it a lot more »

comfy pajamas

16 Oct, 2018
My 4 years old is so into dinosaurs and loves this pajamas set so much. he is asking to put it on every day! good quality size true  more »

Beautiful quality

16 Oct, 2018
This sweater is super warm it has fleece inside. My son love the design on it.  more »

Love it!

08 Oct, 2018
love this new one piece “bikini”. It looks like bikini with the comfort of a one piece. I went to the pool with my toddlers and play with them without being afraid of something “esca... more »

Cute little transformers

08 Oct, 2018
My boys love to play with their new “rewards” toys. Every week at the end of the week if they were good they can pick a price in a little box. I added 10 of this little transformers in the... more »

super easy to install

06 Oct, 2018
This was really easy to install and is working great! happy with my purshase  more »