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Annalicia Alexander

About Me

Love, living life to the fullest. I don't work, so that frees up lots of time to spend with family and friends.



22 Jul, 2019
My carrier came in defected. After several days of emailing I finally got them to refund my money. The carrier seems like a good idea. I will continue to look for a similar one made by a different com... more »


13 Jul, 2019
This is a cute-piece swimsuit with a high sex appeal look to it. If you are like me & have "chunk" rolls, this is not the suit  for you. The small black lines get rolled up in my fa... more »


11 Jul, 2019
Super light weight. Very stylish for me. This pair has a different feel that took me a minute to get use to at the nose area. I call them my sexy specs lol. These are not 100% wood, which is a slight... more »

Sleeveless Shirt

16 Jun, 2019
Super thin. This is perfect for sumer. Very soft & stylish for today's society.these colors & material allow this top to be worn with just about anything & everything. more »

Pet Basket

08 Jun, 2019
Not a bad concept. The walls need a way of staying in place. Thank goodness for the leash lock inside or this wouldn't work for small dogs.it has 2 side pockets, they don't stretch out at all.... more »


06 Jun, 2019
Absolutely love this vibrant onese! Super soft like silk material is so comfortable. The ribbed top half helps hide my fat rolls lol. The length is perfect for flip flops. It's a great outfit for... more »

Long sleeve shirt

24 May, 2019
A Very thin, perfect for Florida winter weather. Mine has a little stitching issues at the sleeves. I'm not a fan of turtlenecks, but it fits like it's been already stretched out for me.... more »


01 May, 2019
Doesn't like exactly like the picture. The net is see through not black. The padding is not removable, that may be a fluke on the one I got. The material is nice. I wear a size 12/14 in US sizing,... more »

Makeup remover

01 May, 2019
Super thin, doesn't soap up well. I have to use more than 1 to remove makeup from just one eye. Tears way to easy. Not a product I would purchase again more »

2 piece jumpsuit

01 May, 2019
I wear a normal 12/14 outfit in US sizing. As you can see this is a little tight. I love the feel of the material. I even really like the way it fits. Just need to loose a little weight & tone up... more »


01 May, 2019
It's to big for my door. It must go on a window. I like the style of it compared to others I have. Super easy to clean.  more »


01 May, 2019
Runs on a different frequency then my tv. Super easy to install, use, & read the manual. more »

Sports Bra

25 Apr, 2019
Feels like any other sports bra. I have a motorola cellphone. It doesn't fit into the pocket. It's super stretchy which I don't care much for at all. The padding is not removable. The hole... more »

Bluetooth Headband

16 Apr, 2019
This is amazing. Super light weight. Fits most normal size heads. Easy to use & easy to charge. It's foldable to make it seem smaller & it help for my head better. I like the fact that the... more »

Cat toy

16 Apr, 2019
My monkey loves this cat toys so much. My daughter's cats ran from it. So worth every penny I spent in it. The only down fall is that the balls don't light up like they're supposed to. It... more »


29 Mar, 2019
This leash must be used with an already trained animal. Not very good if you're in a hurry. the leash is super long & made of 2 different materumat. These came in a nice hard case. more »

Nipple covers with lift

28 Mar, 2019
These are worth the money I spent. Other than being a little rough to take off, they held up great with no issues for the 14 hrs I wore them. I do have 1 problem, I have what is known as side boob. Wh... more »


01 Mar, 2019
Very thick & heavy/solid comb. It goes through my curly hair with ease. I don't believe/feel it helps with my frizz/static. Which is what it claims to do.  more »


01 Mar, 2019
This hammock held 2lbs with no problem. Really soft & very durable. Easy to clean. Just a little pricey for my taste.  Would post more pics of it but the restrictions aren't allowing me t... more »

Weight loss patch

29 Dec, 2018
So glad this has pictures. The front has some English on it. The rest does NOT. Therefore for me there are no directions. No warning labels. Also no instructions on the inside either. So following the... more »


28 Dec, 2018
This is a nice size calander for desk or wall. The floral  boarder is just enough to give it an elegant touch. It does  have a small note pad writing area in the bottom right corner. However... more »

Lighting Strip

22 Dec, 2018
Other than not having directions, this was super simple & easy to figure out. It looks great & entertaining. It even makes watching TV a whole new experience, not to mention helps with your ey... more »

Bra strap clips

18 Dec, 2018
Easy to use. Like that there are three colors & two of each of the colors. They are thin & don't scratch me when I wear them.  more »


14 Dec, 2018
These don't exactly match my skin color lol. They're a decent size & cover all of my area. I don't see them lasting more than 2 or 3 uses each. The sticky adhesive comes off very easy.... more »


07 Nov, 2018
Nice rich dark black color. Super light weight material. Can't read the language which is a huge down fall for me. Fits as expected more »


26 Oct, 2018
Great feel of the t-shirt. It's kinda upscale & very simple. Only major down fall for me is I don't speak Chinese. Which is what the tag is written in. So I had to guess on how to care for... more »

Reusable ice cubes

17 Sep, 2018
These are ok to use a couple of times. Mine haven't lasted very long. They've either gotten a pin like whole or the plastic carries a funny taste. I do personally prefer these to real cubes ca... more »

Pet window hammock

17 Sep, 2018
I have this in my house right now. I put it in my car for when we travel. The monkeys love it!!! My daughter's fat cat fits in it just fine. It's very stiff, really sturdy. I need to purchase... more »

Rimless sunglasses

04 Jul, 2018
These glasses are heavier than I expected them to be. They do leave an indentation on my nose. I love that my hair won't get caught in the sold nose piece. TheyrTh completely different, so they st... more »

Muscle Toner

25 Jun, 2018
Very poorly written directions. The sticker quality is poor as well. I had a difficult time getting it to stick to my skin. Ones I was able to do so, I felt like I could get more use out of a tense un... more »

Bottle opener

09 May, 2018
Very nice to have for a family in the military! Fits into the palm of your hand. Not heavy, but enough weight behind it that you won't have to worry about it breaking while you open a bottle. It&#... more »

Survival watch

28 Apr, 2018
This watch has a lot of little cool features that will come in handy when camping or hiking. It's very thick/bulky. The whistle is very loud. The compass on ours seemed to be a little off. It was... more »

Spanish Cards

21 Apr, 2018
Really cool & fun way to learn how to speak Spanish. Really great conversation starter. Easy for the whole fanfam to use more »

Waterproof pouch

16 Apr, 2018
So happy when I got these. They worked great while I was camping. They didn't leak at all. They actually for a lot of items into the pouch. Made hiking a breeze. There's an expandable belt, th... more »

Water resistant fanny pack

16 Apr, 2018
Look forward to using these when I go tubing down the river! It worked great fully submerged under water. I could fit quite a bit of items into them. The belt expands to fit even my hefty size (which... more »

Crab/ shrimp trap

08 Apr, 2018
This net is very flimsy. It didn't sink below the water surface. The small handle like string broke right away. It does fold easy, but there's nothing to keep it closed when done. This is noy... more »

Hair Chalk

22 Mar, 2018
Not a fan of this product. It does dry quickly. The chalk fell out of the comb into little pieces making a mess. It makes the heart stiff. The colors don't show up well at all. My daughter has lig... more »

Mani pedi set

07 Mar, 2018
Super easy to travel with. It has everything I need. Good sturdy protective case. This is a great matching set. Very happy with it more »

Flameless lightbulb

07 Mar, 2018
Gives off plenty of light, without the heat. Really cool bulb, fun for the whole family more »

Bluetooth watch

25 Feb, 2018
This watch must have a chip to fully functional! You can Bluetooth it to almost any phone, but only certain things will work on it. The watch is nice looking, it's comfortable on my wrist. The cam... more »


21 Feb, 2018
If you are a flamingo lover, this is the hat for you! It has a decent size sewn on flamingo. The simple biege color of the hat helps it stand out more. This hat is very soft, & fits comfortably on... more »


16 Feb, 2018
These glasses are light weight. Easy to handle & fit well. I really like that the company added a pic so that we can see the difference right away. The glasses came with a carrying case (hard &... more »


16 Feb, 2018
These everyday shoes have very durable soles. They seem to be made with breathable materials. I'm not a fan of the flames, but I do love the story behind them. They came with an extra set of shoes... more »

Portable Shower

15 Feb, 2018
Quaint & easy to carry. Personal shower. Great for camping, hiking, & just to have around the house or at the beach. This bag comes in many colors. It's simple to read. more »

Grill kit

07 Feb, 2018
This 18 piece stainless steel grill kit with an aluminum carrying case, is a nice addition to any grilling household. All items have long/extended handles. This is aa ver professional looking set more »

Car seat cover for pets

07 Feb, 2018
This is an amazing 2-1 dog seat cover for anyone's car. It's waterproof, has adjustable straps, & seat anchors. It even has a cute little pocket to store items. It came with a carrying cas... more »


29 Jan, 2018
Although these are a little pricey for my taste, they seem to work well. They are soft and easy to handle/use. The clearness makes them practically undetectable. more »