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Debra Flanders

About Me

I am a 58 year old gramma (and mother of 6) with 22 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I have 2 furbabies at home and 2 on the rainbow bridge. I love photography and picture editing. I am an artsy person with many talents.


A marvelous Head set!

14 Mar, 2019
This LED rechargeable headlamp is one of the brightest ones I have owned yet! I love that it has 5 lights in the front. There are different modes for it and you can use it as a pinpoint spotlight! It... more »

A wonderful MP3/MP4 Player!!

08 Mar, 2019
This 8GB portable MP3/MP4 player is fantastic for many reasons! It is portable for one, it is extremely sturdy for 2, it can shuffle and play your music, it can play video and pictures, and it can pla... more »

Very Handy to have!

06 Mar, 2019
This Car phone holder makes it very easy to put your phone into it and drive hands free. This works great for me when I want to use it for a GPS or if someone calls me . There are two different ways t... more »

this is a fun and functional speaker!

03 Mar, 2019
I am extremely happy with this speark. Not only is it a bluetooth, it lights up and becomes a great night light. This way me or the grandkids can listen to music and have a light to sleep by. This is... more »

Perfect set

02 Feb, 2019
This Nail clipper and file set in a metal tin is the perfect set for traveling ro putting in my purse! They are durable and strong, and the fact that they come in a nice tin to carry them in is an add... more »

Great for cleaning!

21 Jan, 2019
This advertises as glass cleaner, however, this effervescent spray cleaner does more than that! I used it on my scummy glass stove and it was super bright clean! I haven't been able to get that re... more »

So much fun!

12 Jan, 2019
This giant bubble wand withthe telescopic design is so much fun! It can get small enough to carry with you, and even comes with a nice velvet carry bag. The kids and I will have a blast this summer wh... more »

Amazing set!

12 Jan, 2019
This tool kit precision screwdriver set with 33 pieces is absolutly amazing! Not only does it come with an extension and a bendab le extension, it comes with every tip I could ever need for my small f... more »

Remember when?

12 Jan, 2019
Does anyone remember when you could get spy gear in the mail, or a cereal box? When agent 99 was the coolest? Well I do and i am hoping my grandson will get the fever. These Spy glasses with night vis... more »

Cool toppers!

11 Jan, 2019
These wooden pencils with soft fuzzy toppers are fun and unique. The kids love them, however, I love them even more. I can keep track of them easier, and the kids love to use them so they don't ar... more »

works perfect with my vest!

11 Jan, 2019
The Tactical Molle Single Pistol Mag Pouch works perfect with my vest. It is the perfect addition. Was so happy that I could just put it on the vest and go. I use this for both my extra mags if I am o... more »

Amazong sound!

02 Jan, 2019
These headphones with built in microphone for answering calls, have amazing sound quality. These are wired so they are great when I wear my phone holder on my arm and walk with the dog. In fact they a... more »

Very portable

01 Jan, 2019
This little kit has got everything tha tI would ever need when I am traveling, and I do that a lot! I love that it is so well organized and also in a very nice sturdy zip case. The colors of the threa... more »

Very nice MP3 player!

25 Dec, 2018
This 8GB bluetooth HI-FI MP3 player is really nice! It comes in a gift ready box, has a headset and is expandable to 128GB. The SD card is not included, but they are not super expensive so I bought on... more »

The perfect set!

12 Dec, 2018
These 160 set of wood colored oil based pencils are perfect for anyone who loves to draw or color. I am one of those! There isn't a color that I haven't found yet! I love this set for drawing... more »

This is awesome!

09 Dec, 2018
This Tactical vest is so nice! It has a whole lot of pockets and some are moveable. The part I love the best is it is adjustable. Right now my husband is a little larger but has been losing weight and... more »

Colorful and fun!

06 Dec, 2018
This Button Art Toy is cool for either girls or boys.. I got it for my autistic son that is 6.. He is non verbal but very bright and loves hands on. He loves this. It was easy for him to use and he ev... more »

This is a great collar

03 Dec, 2018
I don't like the idea of shocking my animals with a shock collar. It made me sad to even start looking for one. However, I have never had a dog that was so stubborn and hardheaded as this one. She... more »

nice headphones!

02 Dec, 2018
This 2 pack of 3.5mm Earphones with microphone built in, and noise cancelling capabilites is a great idea for having extras around. My teenagers are always borrowing mine and forever breaking them or... more »

Enough fun for hours of play!

02 Dec, 2018
This 307 piece Military Base set with Army men in two different colors has all the accesories my little guy can want! He set up the whole base and had jeeps flying into trees because they were shot by... more »

These are great!

02 Dec, 2018
These Dinosaur Magic Egg Toys are so cool! The kids love them as special treats when they are good. I gave them to my kids and they loved the opening and surprise of what was inside, as well as the ma... more »

great instructions

02 Dec, 2018
Great instructions for this 10A Solar charger controller, look on the Amazon item page for some awesome descriptions and instructions too. This is NOT a solar charger it is only for controlling the in... more »

Great fun!

02 Dec, 2018
These 3D wooden puzzles are really fun to put together and such a joy to see after! My Boys loved them! Now the puzzles are in their rooms as show pieces. They were easy enough to figure out how to pu... more »

Very bright

01 Dec, 2018
This 64 LED light panel is fantastic for my portrait photography. The hot foot slips in easily.  This packs away in my camera bag. This is very durable and lightweight.  #RankBooster... more »

Great for my landscaping & Gardening

21 Nov, 2018
These Gardening Hand Pruner Shears are perfect for the small bushes I have around my house! They also work great in the garden for cutting back the plants or harvesting what I have sown. They fit... more »

Perfect set!

21 Nov, 2018
I love this new bathroom set I got! The exfoliating brush for razor bumps and ingrown hair treatment is easy to hold and easy to clean in the bath or shower. It works great! I use it after I shave now... more »


16 Nov, 2018
I love these S9 Screen protectors! These 3D curved 9H hardness screen protectors are fantastic.! They are very touch sensitive and easy to install.. That was the nicest part! Since I have had one one... more »


12 Nov, 2018
These samasung Galaxy S9Plus screen protectors are amazing! They come in a fantastic box that would be perfect for gift giving if you're looking for that hard to find a present for person.. It als... more »

Love the design!

12 Nov, 2018
This marine cottage design napkin holder is beautiful! I love the design and the fact that it is not only wide enough to hold lots of napkins, but I can put it to use for so many other things! At the... more »

Functional and gorgeous!

12 Nov, 2018
These 3d unisex crew socks are absolutely stunning! They are exactly what I was looking for! The wolf picture on them is magnificent and stands out right away. The socks are durable and stretchy as we... more »

This is a very sturdy holster!

12 Nov, 2018
This tactical gear holster for my belt is awesome! It is on the smaller side, so it won't fit my larger pistols, but does fit the smaller ones quite nicely! It is sturdy and will protect my pistol... more »

Very bright LEDs

12 Nov, 2018
This LED dog collar is magnificent! It is super bright when turned on, has two different modes, single light or flashing, and is really super sturdy. I love that I can recharge the internal batter wit... more »

great sturdy decoration!

03 Nov, 2018
This web mantle scarf is perfect! I don't have a mantle but I have a table and that is what I used it on. It was great as a decoration and really sturdy. I will be using this again next year! I al... more »

soft and beautiful!

03 Nov, 2018
This is a very soft and gorgeous scarf! I love the way it feels around my neck, no itchy or scratchy feeling. It is also great with most of my outfits and will make a wonderful addititon to my winter... more »

The magnets won't stay in

03 Nov, 2018
The magnets were out and loose in the package when i recieved this. I tried putting them back in and wearing them, but then most of the rest of the magnets popped out! The pads are very hard and were... more »

Perfect for my office!

21 Oct, 2018
I do a lot of scrapbooking and photo cropping to put into frames. This is perfect for that. No more scissors that make uneven lines! LOVE it! So easy and I love that it is portable. Now I can take my... more »


18 Oct, 2018
These ear buds are perfect combination for the MP4 player I just bought. So now I have high quality earbuds to listen to the music I love. They are really strong and don't break when I accidently... more »

Three beautiful braclets!

16 Oct, 2018
These three bracelets are gorgeous. They are three different colors so you can wear them with a myriad of outfits, or you could just sepearate them and give out three gifts. They are sturdy and easily... more »

These are great earbuds

12 Oct, 2018
These lightning headphones with microphone are really nice! I have a small case to put them in and take with me. Now when I want to listen to my music on a long commute I just pop these into the phone... more »

Great for my landscaping

30 Sep, 2018
This 1.5w dollar powered water fountain pump for bird baths is awesome.  It's small and easy to assemble.  It runs on its own power and it works great.  My landscaping is complete.&... more »

Functional and gorgeous!

22 Sep, 2018
This is a beautiful and functional magnifier! If world make a fantastic gift or keep it for yourself. It is word look handsome with brass accents and the magnifier is powerful.  I use this f... more »


22 Sep, 2018
This dual USB car charger is great. it fits in the lighter socket. it has 2 USB ports and it is a lightning-quick charger. If you want a car charger to put a phone to charge on and something else like... more »

Easy to swallow

19 Sep, 2018
That is the least I can say about this probiaotic! It also has great weightloss benefits that will help me get my diabetes under control, prebiotics and match green tea. This MatchBiotics Pro-15 Organ... more »

Sturdy, strong and easy to carry along

19 Sep, 2018
This 16ft Retractable dog walking leash is perfect for my 5 month old  puppy. She will be fairly large and I need something that will grow with her. This is durable and the lead is very stro... more »

Nice wallet for my phone.

19 Sep, 2018
There is plenty of space in this Samsumg Galaxy S9 Wallet case for all my cards and the ID and cash I need to carry! It is sturdy and made of a leather look material. It has a magnetic closure to keep... more »

Durable and handy

14 Sep, 2018
These stainless steel measuring spoons are so handy! Not only can i use them for all of my baking and cooking needs, they clean up super easy and they are compact and stay together! No more looking fo... more »

Now I can steam and be healthy!

14 Sep, 2018
We just found out that the hubby has diabetes. So now I get to cook him a lot of fresh vegetables. Steaming is the healthiest way and he will actually eat them. Also this little basket is so durable,... more »

handy for traveling

06 Sep, 2018
This small and lightweight hair trimmer for nose and ear hair, or grooming a mustache and beard, is going right into my travel kit. It runs on a single AAA battery, so it is vry easy to just pick up a... more »

These are awesome sunglasses!

06 Sep, 2018
These Raysun Polarized sunglasses are so sweet! They make everything I am seeing look brighter and clearer. I love the way they look and the way they fit! These are great quality. They come with a sof... more »

Great set for school projects!

01 Sep, 2018
This 48 pack of color pencils comes in a round plastic holder. This is perfect for school projects that the kids need to have. It is durable and they are easy to use right out of the box. They come al... more »

nice that it is solar and can use plug in also

28 Aug, 2018
this is a big battery bank for your phone charging and also anything else you  might want to charge. of course it will only charge so much on the bigger items, but the phone it will charge mine f... more »

great item

28 Aug, 2018
if you need some attachments for your air compressor this is a great set. Just be sure they are the right sizes for your hose. If not you might just need to get a fit attachment so they work. They are... more »

These are great!

28 Aug, 2018
These shorts are super comfortable and easy to work out in. I also just use them for wearing around outside my  house when it is super hot! They look great and fit comfortably! Size was pretty mu... more »

Perfect for my eyebrows

25 Aug, 2018
These are a very high quality tweezer, with a great slanted tip for pulling and shaping my eyebrows. They work for so much more though! I can get splinters out of the kids hands and feet, I can pull s... more »

A fun thing to do

25 Aug, 2018
This is something that the kids have found very fun to do. They have competitions with each other to see who can do the most tricks. It is a great item for my autistic child who finds this intriguing... more »

perfect for our large BBQ

25 Aug, 2018
This is a very large BBQ cover, and is super good quality. The material will hold up outside in the winds and weather a lot better than that last one I had. It has fit adjustments on the ends, which m... more »

Perfect for my fidgiter!

25 Aug, 2018
I actually got this because I have an autistic child that can't sit still, or kep their attention on anything for long. I needed something that wouldn't freak them out and yet would help them... more »

Flashy and useful

25 Aug, 2018
This holographic fanny pack is not only pretty, it is very useful! I love the way it looks, not your ordinary fanny pack! It  has enough pockets to keep everything in it that I need while I am ou... more »

Perfect for my music

23 Aug, 2018
Wonderful and compact, this is perfect for my music when I am just listening to it, or working out. Sometimes I like to just throw it in an arm pouch and listen while I work around the house! This com... more »

This is wonderful!

14 Aug, 2018
This is a very sturdy cool mist humidifier! It is not too big, but the design makes it stand well and not tip over! I prefer this shape and design to the tall standing ones. It works great and is very... more »

Elegant and really nice to listen with!

23 Jul, 2018
These are great headphones. Yes, I know they are a plugin, but I actually prefer them that way since I can just put them around my neck and go when I am not using them. They are wood grain look and ve... more »

It's nice to be able to make a salad all in one

14 Jun, 2018
This isn't as cool as I thought it would be, but it works. I feel like the plastic bowl and the base are rickety, but they didn't fall apart when I was using them to make the salad. I put the... more »

Great for travleing

14 Jun, 2018
I love this makeup brush set! it is great for traveling or putting in your purse. The roll up case makes it fantastic to keep the brushes clean and net, and all in one place. These are very sturdy mad... more »

Excellent knife!

14 Jun, 2018
This is by far the best kitchen knife I have ever owned. The knife is super sharp and has a great edge that is easy to keep sharp. It cleans up great, there is no way for food to get into the handle b... more »

it's nice to be clean

05 Jun, 2018
When we go camping this is a great addition to our gear. It is also a great addition to my bug out bag, even if you are bugging out, you will want to be clean and this solar shower works great for tha... more »

my dog floats!

05 Jun, 2018
So, I know dogs can swim. However, my river has huge currents and strong ones, these make me very nervous. I almost lost my dog in there because she got tired swimming against the current. She finally... more »

Gorgeous gift bags

05 Jun, 2018
These are fantastic as gift bags, for putting jewelry or small items in.. They are very durable and beautiful! The embroidery on these is fantastic and very classy.. If you wanted these would also mak... more »

Super bright

29 May, 2018
These LED fog lights are easy to install and super bright! I decided to put them in the grill of my 1969 Shorty van that I am fixing up. Now when I turn them on I can see for a very long distance in f... more »

Great for the tactical vest and accessories

29 May, 2018
These durable D-ring clips are perfect for the tactical vest that I have. They lock into place and hold great! They are super durable and easy to use. It is easy to put the extra ones into a side pock... more »

perfect with my tactical vest

29 May, 2018
These are perfect for my tactical vest and the Molle accessories that I have to go with it. They are durable and easy to use, and super easy to tuck into the pockets fo the vest for use on the run. Th... more »

Handy to have for replacement

26 May, 2018
We have several water bladders for hiking and such. The one thing on them that fails is the drinking tube bite valve. So having this replacement is a great peace of mind! It is made extremely durable... more »

Clean and sparkly

26 Apr, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #JCarp I received this at a discount. This is a great addition to my survival gear, and heck let's face it, my camping gear! I love the water bladders tha... more »

very good for such a small thing!

01 Mar, 2018
This is really a great travel hair styler! I was slightly skeptical at first but decided that the price was right and I had nothing to lose by trying it. It really works! the nice thing about this is... more »

Even my 68 year old kid loves it!

04 Feb, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XTQT35N/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is a fantastic car! I love the lights, music and the acrobatics that it does, it is very entertaini... more »

This is a super tool and easy to keep with me!

31 Jan, 2018
Since we have been remodeling our home, it seems like for years, I have always been looking for tools that weill be easy to carry with me. This one is something I can put in my pocket and use when I n... more »

These are great for connecting my speaker to my Echo dot!

31 Jan, 2018
I love my echo dot.. however, it doesn't sound great when it talks or plays music.. So I got a good speaker for it, only to discover I didn't have an aux cord to hook it up with. So, having sa... more »

Comfortable and clear

28 Jan, 2018
I love this headset! it is comfortable to wear with or without the silicone ear cover and you can hear very clearly on it! Now when my kids call me I can hear them and they can hear me. It seems to ho... more »

Finally! I can hear my echo dot!

22 Jan, 2018
This is exactly what I needed for my new Echo Dot! Now I will be able to listen to my music and her speaking without trying to figure out what she is saying. This will make my experience with music a... more »


16 Jan, 2018
This is a perfect set for my daughter to learn to crochet on! She has been wanting to learn, and this has everything she will need to do so. It is in a very nice case that she can carry with her. Thes... more »

perfect for the car!

16 Jan, 2018
This isn't just a nice tray, it is a fantastic tray! It is perfect for traveling in the car going on a short or a long trip. My grandson loves this! Whe can bring all the stuff that makes him comf... more »

warm and comfortable!

20 Oct, 2017
These socks are great! I wasn't sure my husband would like them, but he loves them! They are sturdy and look nice, so he can wear them as boot socks or dress socks. He says the great thing about t... more »

This makes riding at night safer!

04 Jul, 2017
I bought this for my son in law for Father's Day, because he actually owns three Harleys. Although he is a really good rider, it cannot be said too many times that safer is better. This goes on th... more »