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About Me

Father of 6 amazing children... married to my sweetheart... small business owner... youtuber. I love any cool gadgets that I can get my hands on! :-)


It works... kind of.

30 Jun, 2019
Let me preface this by saying that I have never owned another robot vacuum before, so I have nothing similar to compare it with. That being said, this vacuum is very small. I turned it on, and it star... more »

Good backpack

17 Apr, 2019
I bought this backpack for my 15 year old son. I was worried it might not be big enough for all of his school supplies, but he said it all fits great!  He really likes the look of this backpack,... more »

My 7 year old loves it!

11 Apr, 2019
This Apple TV steering wheel remote works great, and actually makes it easier to play racing games on our Apple TV. It is reminiscent of the steering wheel controllers for the original Nintendo wii... more »

So much fun!!

12 Mar, 2019
I have 6 kids, and they are all very musical.  We have many different instruments, and love playing together. While looking around at a music store, we came across a Kalimba.  My 7 year... more »

Just what she needed!

11 Jul, 2018
I bought this charging stand for my wife who has both an iWatch and an iPhone 6. It was simple to set up, and works great!  She loves how clean it looks and how simple it works.  more »

Great value!

30 Jun, 2018
My kids love this skateboard!  It is HUGE! Seems well built, and glides like butter. Only time will tell how long it will hold up compared to my much more expensive secter 9 board.  more »

Just okay

18 Apr, 2018
I use a similar flexible arm clip for my iPhone 7 Plus, and it works great!  This one has a larger clip which can hold an iPad. The only problem is that the flexible rod isn’t very lon... more »


18 Apr, 2018
Pretty cool set that includes both a flashlight and a tactical pen.  The flashlight is surprisingly bright and seems decently built. The pen is pretty simple... it is solidly built and works... more »

Great idea!

18 Apr, 2018
My dad was looking for a way to listen to his iPhone 7 Plus while also charging it at the same time. However, the iPhone 7 plus only offers one lightning port, so you can’t do both at the same t... more »

Great backup battery!

18 Apr, 2018
My son loves using this battery power bank with his iPhone 6!  It is small yet packs a punch. For less than $15, you really can’t beat it for the price!  Highly recommend! more »

Light and bright

18 Apr, 2018
These little lights are great for camping!  They are light and bright enough to light up my tent. I only wish it came with a built in rechargeable battery instead of requiring AAA batteries.... more »

Looks like an Apple Product!

23 Mar, 2018
I love this little battery power bank.  It looks like an apple product... matches my macbook perfectly!  It is small, looks great and works perfect on my iPhone 7 Plus. more »

Built like a tank!

23 Mar, 2018
Great tactical flashlight!  It is built like a tank, and is super bright!  Not sure if it is really 1200 lumen, as I have no way to verify, but it is great! more »

Love it!

20 Mar, 2018
This "lazy bracket" is awesome!  I love how it holds my iPhone 7 plus while I lay in bed.  No more dropping my phone on my face! :-)  Highly recommend! more »

Perfect for my 8 year old daughter

20 Mar, 2018
I bought these for my 8 year old daughter, and she loves them.  Good quality, and seems like it will last.  Highly recommend. more »

Nice water bottle

14 Mar, 2018
i bought this for my 6 year old son. It was priced perfectly, and the size is great for him. The only problem with this bottle is that the kids are not interchangeable with hydroflask and most other s... more »

Awesome Idea!

14 Mar, 2018
This thing is pretty awesome!  I hooked it up to the headboard on my bed, and now I can look at my phone hands free... it’s great! I almost wish it was another foot long, but it works perfe... more »


07 Mar, 2018
Very cool product. I really hate it when I need a certain size socket, but can’t dins the correct size!  This socket fits any bolt from 7mm to 19mm.  more »