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Crystal Dueñas

About Me

Happy wife, mother of 5 and I love bargains!!



12 Apr, 2018
I love the toy car pull back mini construction truck set.  I have sensory bins for my daycare and these are so perfect for little hands and sensory movement.  My littles love to play with th... more »

Great for childproofing and saving little fingers

12 Apr, 2018
My son loves to hold the door jam and will open and close the door over and over.  I purchased the No finger pinch foam door stoppers and i am so relieved he will not have anymore smashed fingers... more »

Awesome toy!

14 Feb, 2018
my son absolutely loves his kitchen playset!  It’s perfect for on the go as the base is also a carrying case. As of right now it’s his favorite toy. It is well made with fun bright co... more »

Aurelife illuminated kit

04 Dec, 2017
The Kaidifangte Go Glow 4 Color Illuminator Kit Light Highlighter & Bronzer Shimmer Matte Palette is beautiful, I love 3 out of the 4 colors, not really a lilac fan but the others are just gorgeou... more »

Easy use can opener

07 Nov, 2017
The can opener almost does all the can opening work itself. Easy to use and quick to open.  Very durable and has hand slip grips. There is also a bottle top function on it as well. #rankbooster #... more »

Great nightlight

07 Nov, 2017
 The color is more of white and not so much a soft yellow, but my kids absolutely love it! There is also an LED function that makes their room look like dancing party stars. It is battery or dc o... more »

Beautiful palette

07 Nov, 2017
Great palette with many colors, perfect for fall weather and fashion. There are many gold undertones which normally don’t work well for me but this palette they work well. I went simple and natu... more »

Amazing peeler

04 Oct, 2017
Hands down the best vegetable and fruit peeler I have ever had. It’s durable and sleek and super effective. I peeled an apple with ease and quickly. Definitely going to buy another to have on ha... more »

Amazing tripod

04 Oct, 2017
i purchased this tripod for my daughters and we didn’t realize how many functions it has! It can go from 2ft to over 5ft. There are attachments and screw ins that can attach to many electronicis... more »