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Rachele Hace

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so cute

08 Aug, 2019
So cute and friendly everyone loved these more »

Super Cute

08 Aug, 2019
I love these and they were a big hit for the party everyone wanted one! more »

Cute and very big

06 Aug, 2019
Cute and large hair clips! Fits perfectly for a womens head.  more »

Very pretty

06 Aug, 2019
Love this dress it will be perfect for the fall! more »

Great length

29 Jul, 2019
I love the length of the shirt, it fits tight.  more »


31 May, 2019
I love how it fits and great color! more »

Works amazingly

18 May, 2019
I love how easy they are to use! more »

Love it

25 Apr, 2019
So stylish i received so many compliments. Fits perfectly great for the fall and winter! more »

Durable and stylish

03 Apr, 2019
I love how durable the phone case fit on my Apple XR phone. Its really snug and fits well. I love how its clear and hasn't changed colors or any scuff marks. Very well made! more »

Well made

04 Jan, 2019
Well made and a great size. I get so many compliments on this! more »

Love the fit

10 Dec, 2018
I Love how this fits, and the color is perfect! more »

Sized perfectly

29 Nov, 2018
I love how it fit, the buttons added a nice touch. The elbow fabric was higher off and wasn't at the same place on both sides of the arms.  more »


21 Nov, 2018
I gave them as a gift and she loved them!! more »

So cute

13 Nov, 2018
I love this baby towel so soft and big so it grows with the baby. We use this everytime he takes a bath! more »

Perfert Ice Ball Maker

13 Nov, 2018
I have been looking for a quality ice ball maker, and this is perfect size ball. Easy mold to use and compact so it doesn't take up a lot of room! more »

Great Poncho

13 Nov, 2018
I loved these ponchos, they are thicker and work perfectly I love the length too! more »

Doesn't stay the same color

07 Nov, 2018
I wish the hwole strand would stay different colors but it only goes red and blue thats it. more »


07 Nov, 2018
This fits perfectly in my air fryer, i love how it still keeps it clean with all the oils from the food. more »

Love it

01 Nov, 2018
Great fit, love the color i get so many compliments! more »

Very comfortable

22 Oct, 2018
Perfect fit and very comfortable! more »

Comfortable to wear

22 Oct, 2018
My cat loves it and very comfortable to wear and easy to use! more »

So cute

22 Oct, 2018
Well made and so cute!!  more »

Works so great

19 Oct, 2018
Works great, really got the flavor inside the meat. Looking forward to trying it for Thanksgiving! more »

Great size

28 Sep, 2018
Made very well, made in America!! Great color perfect size. Looks Great more »

Tugged on hair

28 Sep, 2018
Tugged on the hair alittle. Maybe with oil it wouldnt be so rough to use. BUt could see how it could work. Just needs to be on larger breeds to handle.  more »

Great fit

28 Sep, 2018
Fit very nice, love the color.  more »

Great fit

28 Sep, 2018
Great fit, love the feel of the fabric. A little shorter than i like but cute. more »

Very pretty

20 Sep, 2018
Its clear during the day and lights up at night. Its not wind chimes they just dangle and if its really windy will get tangled.  more »

Great quality

19 Sep, 2018
This is great quality and made very well. I was nervous with the lace, its thicker lace which is nice and will last a long time!! Perfect size. more »

Very comfortable

11 Sep, 2018
Very comfortable and stylish and my finger could still breathe. Perfect  more »

Works great

11 Sep, 2018
Works great I love the timer feature and the battery lasts a long time more »

Comfortable stylish

11 Sep, 2018
I have received so many compliments on this shirt. It’s comfortabke stylish and super cute!! I love the detail on the sleeve!  more »

Works great

04 Apr, 2018
Holds my phone nicely. If it has a bulk case on it then it will slip off during bumps. But with case off it works great more »

Super cute

12 Feb, 2018
Great packaging, well make. Even came with this cute case that can hook to your purse.  more »