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Works great with iPhone XR

24 Aug, 2019
got this for my iPhone XR and it works great. It really is as simple as taking it out of the packaging, plugging it in and popping your phone on top to charge! I have a thick heavy duty case on mine a... more »

Room for all essentials

24 Aug, 2019
bought this to take into hospital there was plenty of room for all the essentials and extras. The hook is a handy feature especially while using the wet room. For the price this is a great buy! Would... more »

Not worth buying

30 Jul, 2019
This is the second rechargeable fan I have purchased and I was really hoping this one would be as good as my other, I was severely disappointed. This one does not give out any cold air where as m... more »

Attractive and each one unique

30 Jul, 2019
When these arrived the weight on the parcel surprised me. Nice looking holders and every one is unique in colour and shape. They are quite heavy and make an attractive display. more »

Great for kids pics or appointment cards/letters

30 Jul, 2019
These are great little clips there are plenty in a pack too. The suction to the fridge is really strong been using for a couple of weeks now and none have broke or moved in the slightest. They also do... more »

Lightweight and sturdy

25 Jul, 2019
Bought this intending to use it with my fire tablet but it was too big so used it for my iPad. Great design and sturdy when supporting the tablet only issue is you cannot use a case with the stan... more »

Really sturdy.

25 Jul, 2019
Been using this for a couple of weeks now and it's a great little holder. Perfect if you use your phone for directions as I do. Adheres to the dashboard really well not flimsy or shaky at all. Bet... more »

Makes laundry softer

21 May, 2019
Used these a few times now and they make washing especially towels a lot softer. Added a few drops of essential oil onto balls and leaves a lovely scent. Definitely a good buy will be ordering more. more »

Exceeded expectations

20 May, 2019
Bought this because i was fed up of losing my lighters. Great little buy as long as you remember to charge it (i know im not very clever) works well and does what its supposed to. Best thing... more »

Easy to set up

20 May, 2019
I bought another bulb which did not want to connect so thought i would give this one a go. This one was easy turned the broadband to 2.4ghz and it connected within seconds.  If your broadband... more »

Not really any good for large dogs.

20 May, 2019
Bought this for my cane corso it looked terrible he ended up looking like a giraffe. Used it for my jack russel tho and it looked super cute. Good buy if your not putting it on a mini horse. more »

Ideal for changing watch straps.

20 May, 2019
I bought this as i needed to change my late dads watch straps. Made the job effortless and easy and always handy to keep in the drawer for future use. Nice little buy  more »

Really bright.

20 May, 2019
Quite bright for little lights on a copper wire. Bought for my daughters bedroom and they are great. Even ordered a second set.  more »

Really sharp took teenage boys a little getting used to.

20 May, 2019
With a 19 and 16 yr old i wanted them to be able to have a clean shave. Took them a couple of times of nicking themselves but now they are fab with it. Doesnt cause as much of a shaving rash as other... more »

Love the different tunes!

20 May, 2019
Does exactly what it says. We live in a 4 storey so needed something loud and this definitely is. Great little buy would buy again.  more »

Lovely little kit.

20 May, 2019
This came in a lovely little box so its easy to grab and use with everything all together. They are well made and not flimsy like a lot of toe clipping sets ive bought.in the past. Would definite... more »

Fun for adults and kids

06 Dec, 2018
Had a funny hour with the kids trying to make some balloon animals, good price to keep them amused on wet days. Don't make a mess either which is always a bonus. Good little buy kids loved it plus... more »

Does what it says

06 Dec, 2018
Bought to be used with my electric toothbrush. Does what it says.  more »

Bought for a teenager and she loves it

25 Nov, 2018
Bought this for my teenage daughter and she loves it. Leaves her face feeling and looking clean and fresh. Would recommend. more »

Newbie to diamond art and this is a must!

25 Nov, 2018
Finding all the bits and packets of colours was completely putting me off, now I've got this though I'm organised and love doing it for the price and amount of bits you get in it, it's a f... more »

Small but colorful

24 Nov, 2018
My son is autistic and loves this.. To get it to play to the beat if the music you need the aux wire which luckily I already had but to be honest just for the nightlight which you can have on any of t... more »

Nice and sleek looks more expensive than it is.

23 Nov, 2018
I love this lighter. If your like me and you forget what you need to the shop then kick yourself coz you forgot a lighter,then this is for you. I like the fact there isn't a flame. All in all grea... more »

Not cheap and nasty lovely quality.

23 Nov, 2018
Bought this as I loved the colours, it's a great size and the quality great. Nice that it comes with the hooks so I don't have to buy then separately. Nice purchase. more »

thick in width and nicely padded.

22 Nov, 2018
Bought this for my cane corso. It's thick in width and very nicely padded.. beats the one I paid double for in the pet shop by miles.. fantastic buy! more »

Even tho they are disposable they are very durable.

21 Nov, 2018
Bought these for wearing while I'm spray painting my house and even tho they are disposable they are made very well and the material they are made of is very durable so one masks lasts a few uses... more »

Fab headset!

21 Nov, 2018
Son loves this headset! Says its better by far than the named brand ones he usually has.. Absolute bargain for the price! more »

Lovely soft shawl.

21 Nov, 2018
I absolutely love this shawl. Nice colour, big enough to wrap around a couple of times if it's extra nippy out. If your anything like me and can't stand anything chunky and heavy round your ne... more »

Really soft and comfortable.

21 Nov, 2018
This scarf is comfortable. Big enough to wrap around a couple of times to keep me extra warm on those chilly mornings. Great if like me you can't stand anything heavy and chunky around my neck! Fa... more »

Are as described.

21 Nov, 2018
Great for holding my work bag, coat, etc on a work morning saves having to reach into the bag until I find what I'm looking for.  more »

Saves fighting to get loads of cubes out of a normal tray

21 Nov, 2018
Adds a bit of fun to the kids drinks, easier than fighting with an ice cube tray to get enough out for one drink. Would recommend. more »

Bought these for batch cooking.

21 Nov, 2018
Bought these for batch cooking and freezing. They are rather thin and don't think they will last many uses but for the price and quantity I still feel it's a good buy even if I only get 3-4 us... more »

Haven't used yet. Seems durable.

21 Nov, 2018
Bought this for when the weather warms up so won't be using until then. Have taken it out of packaging and checked it over. Material seems durable all the bits are there to hang it. For the price... more »

Works with my Amazon echo dot.

21 Nov, 2018
Bought this to go with my Amazon Echo Dot. Works great going to buy more for my other rooms. more »

Lovely soft material, sizing as expected.

21 Nov, 2018
I was surprised to how soft this hoodie is. Lovely material fit as expected. Good buy. more »

Lovely set of earphones!

19 Nov, 2018
These came today and I was not disappointed! I've had branded sets that don't sound as good. Came in lovely packaging and look more expensive than they actually are. Will be buying more as pre... more »

It's quite a small drone but has a fab picture.

19 Nov, 2018
When I first opened the box and seen how small the drone was I thought I'd made a massive mistake buying it but after taking it out, charging and flying it I changed my mind. It's easy to take... more »

Lovely bit of kit, my son loves it.

19 Nov, 2018
Bought this for my son who usually uses branded name disposables or a electric shaver. Took him a while to get used to it and learn how to use it but once he got the hang of it, it has become his go t... more »

Nice does its job.

17 Nov, 2018
With this cold weather I now use this most nights makes my early mornings a lot easier without having to wait for the window to de-ice.. Really easy to put on takes a couple of minutes at most.. Mater... more »

Best make up bag I've ever owned!

17 Nov, 2018
I've owned a quite a few make up bags and end up throwing them out because of hacking to empty everything in them to get what you actually need. This bag tho is fabulous holds most of my make up a... more »

Bought them for my partner but are to feminine for him but fab buy for me!

09 Nov, 2018
Lovely warm gloves, fit perfect, very soft and comftable and work great with my phone screen! Did originally buy for my partner as it states unisex but he wouldn't wear them as they do look rather... more »

Just as good as the named brands I have been buying for years

06 Nov, 2018
Bought these for my son after spending much more money on named brands. I'm useless with this but he's 16 and loves his consoles and reported back that they are great and just as good as the n... more »

These are a fantastic buy. Would definitely recommend!

06 Nov, 2018
These are really comfortable with the memory foam and fit nicely on the eyes. The added bonus of having earphones in them is fantastic if like me you can't sleep without some sort of noise or find... more »