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About Me

I'm a former Amazon top 1000 reviewers and shopper from Chicago, Illinois. I made a lot of purchases from Amazon and rate them based on my own fair experience. I know how much it takes for the Amazon sellers to get their products to expose to millions of shoppers online. I am here to help you skyrocket your sales and promotion of your new products from my very own personal blogs and share them directly with my thousands of social followers to easily get indexed by Google at the top page thus giving you more sales. I'm also an online marketer, E-commerce entrepreneur, and a phantom drone flyer who likes iPhone photography and 360 videos.

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Wood drill to metal no problem

12 Aug, 2019
The package was shipped fast. Thanks to Amazon Prime. I have tested the Cordless drill on wood and metal without any issues. Too bad Amazon limit the review of this product so I could not submit my re... more »

Quality precision screwdriver set

05 Aug, 2019
The package was shipped fast from Amazon Prime. The toolset was well made and comes with a neat storage case. Pros: If you have a small electronic device. This screwdriver toolset has got you co... more »

Holds iPad tight and secure even with a cover

05 Aug, 2019
The package was shipped fast. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: The car headrest mount securely holds my mini iPad even with a cover. Easily install in minutes without any additional tools. Th... more »

Quality video Dash cam with the function of an expensive one

04 Aug, 2019
The dashcam was shipped super fast. Thanks to Amazon Prime! I use this dashcam primarily on the rear side of my car on my daily commute and it works well. I can almost see the rear end of my car&... more »

Quality sunglasses repair kit

31 Jul, 2019
The package was shipped quickly. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Good quality kit tool for sunglasses, watches and small personal items. The screwdriver tools have a comfortable handle with a r... more »

Quality wine rubber caps set

24 Jul, 2019
The package was shipped fast. Thanks to Amazon prime. Pros: Quality silicone wine stopper caps. Spill-proof if used properly. Fits the regular wine bottle perfectly. Easy and convenient... more »

Quality precision Torx set

24 Jul, 2019
The package arrived quickly. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Quality Torx set for the price. Rotateable head for easy tightening and loosening screws. Comes with a neat storage case and all... more »

Comfortable Fit

11 Jul, 2019
The package was shipped fast.Thanks to Amazon prime. Pros: One piece full face snorkeling mask. 180 degrees viewing angle. Convenient foldable design for traveling. Snug fit makes no wa... more »

Awesome Choice of Color

30 Jun, 2019
This Sling Bag shipped fast from Amazon Prime. Pros: Awesome choice of color. Quality of craftsmanship is execellent. Convenient with plenty of storage. Great size on the go bag. Con... more »

Crystal Clear Video

30 Jun, 2019
The package was shipped fast and received in excellent condition.Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Crystal clear daytime video. The suction cup sticks well and secures the camera even on the hott... more »

Quality pieces with tools

09 Jun, 2019
The package was delivered quickly. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Fasteners, clips, and push pins rivets with removal tools are good quality plastics. Plastic storage has multiple divisions to... more »

Nice quality and color

02 Jun, 2019
The package arrived earlier than expected. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: The quality is good and can be rolled for storage or carry on the go. Vibrant color and smooth surface to slide your m... more »

Very nice and fashionable

02 Jun, 2019
 I was very excited to wear these shoes. Thanks to Amazon prime for quick shipping. Pros: Very good quality and fashionable design. The sleek looking design makes it attractive. Very... more »

Vibrant color and elegant

02 Jun, 2019
The package arrived fast than expected. Thanks to Amazon Prime. I've always been a fan of this seller and bought several bags in the past because of good quality. Pros: The sling bag has a v... more »

Nice quality Tactical belt

02 Jun, 2019
The package arrived fast. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: This Tactical Military belt is thick and has very good quality. Metal Buckle is easy to attach and release. The adjustable Nylon web... more »

Suction sticks well, perfect for my action camera

24 May, 2019
I am impressed with the thread quality for attaching my action camera. Pros: Suction holds my action camera weight pretty good. The thread has good quality. Attaching your GoPro without... more »

Super easy to use and secure holder

24 May, 2019
Thanks for shipping it fast! The product has awesome quality. Pros: Rubber quality is very good. Flexible, adjustable and super easy to install. The base mount holds the device steady... more »

Durable and plenty of storage

24 May, 2019
Item was shipped fast and it looks very nice. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Durable sling bag with lots of storage compartment. Comfortable sling and adjustable. Nice vibrant color combina... more »

Very lightweight and comfortable

16 May, 2019
This pair of trekking pole can be carried almost anywhere. Amazon shipped my order fast. Pros: Very lightweight Easy locking assembly and disassembly Comfortable handle grip Comple... more »

Perfect for survival or emergency situation

16 May, 2019
The Military tourniquet is of high quality. The package arrived fast. Pros: High-quality material Easy one hand easy application. Long and velcro bind well. Windlass and lock help well... more »

Big and bright, but light cover broke

03 May, 2019
Item arrived quickly. Thanks to Amazon Prime Pros: The oil diffuser has quality wood finish look at the bottom. Large water capacity and light are bright and changing colors. Clearly marke... more »

Good quality set of fuse

03 May, 2019
Order arrived quick and everything is perfect. Pros: A good quality set of a fuse with inline fuse holder and storage case. Fuse ratings are clearly marked and easy to read. Inline Fu... more »

Nice and easy to use

15 Apr, 2019
The package arrived quickly. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Easy to set the number combination. Long and durable cable. Aluminum and nice designed luggage tag. Clear number dials. TSA... more »

Decent size with lots of storage

15 Apr, 2019
Fast shipment and it arrived earlier than expected. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Compact and can be carried on the go as an emergency bag. Lots of storage space with zippered closure.... more »

Easy to use

14 Apr, 2019
The package was sent fast from Amazon FBA.Thanks to Prime. Pros: Easy to attach and remove your device and holds it securely. Adjustable Arm and the cradle can be turned vertical and horizont... more »

So hard to position and focus

12 Apr, 2019
The package arrived early as expected. Thanks to Amazon Prime.  Pros: The material looks good. Cons: It's not easy to center and focus from cell phone camera lens to your monocula... more »

Good as indoor projector screen

05 Apr, 2019
The package that arrived got damaged from shipping and some missing parts. I am glad I have the Prime and Amazon replaces the item in just 2 days. The vendor though did not reply when I informed about... more »

It works for my 2004 Highlander

05 Apr, 2019
The package arrived early as expected. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: It looks solid and very portable. I tested this to carry my weight at 170 LBS without a problem. It comes with storage... more »

Durable and lots of storage

05 Apr, 2019
The package arrived early as expected. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Durable and solid construction. Lots of small space storage compartment to store your small stuff. It has a decent size... more »

Beautiful color and works well

06 Mar, 2019
The package arrived early and it looks nice. The Pros: It has decent size (not too small nor too big). Attractive wood finish. Changing colorful bright LED light. Easy to use buttons.... more »

Fast and Portable

06 Mar, 2019
I received the package earlier than expected and it looks good. The Pros: It inflates my SUV tire fast. Auto stop when tire pressure is reached. (No worry of overinflating) Easy read clear... more »

Good quality.Perfect for my SUV

27 Feb, 2019
This car cellphone dash mount has durable construction and has decent size and length. Pros: Durable construction with soft rubber to protect your phone's finish. A good adjustable arm le... more »

Quality finish and light output is bright

27 Feb, 2019
I love this desk light. It has very good quality and the style is sleek. Pros: Very portable and yet solid construction. Light output is bright and adjustable from low to very bright. Ligh... more »

Heavy Duty Construction and Modern Design Sprayer

05 Jan, 2019
I am happy to receive this upgraded version expandable 50 FT 3/4 water hose from Skywee. Pros: Durable construction that can withstand high water pressure. Modern design sprayer gun hand... more »

A good face skin exercise device

14 Dec, 2018
I bought this not just to remove blackheads on my face, but also to increase the blood flow to my face to stretch the skin a little bit. PROS: Nice quality ergonomic design. Easy to handle. 3... more »

Nice quality car USB charger

14 Dec, 2018
The size and quality are good with a nice blue ring LED power indicator. It looks sleek on my Mercedes E350. PROS: Fast USB 3.0 port for your gadget that requires instant power. Solid quality... more »

Works Well on Car

14 Dec, 2018
I bought this for my car without heated seats. It's cold here in Chicago during winter time and very hot in the summer so this seat cushion might do the work. Pros: It has both cooling and h... more »

Good quality but kind of short

10 Nov, 2018
They Shipped fast and Received the package early. Pros: The material quality and construction are really good. Comfortable and easy to wear. Washable. Cons: The velcro strap is not l... more »

Bright colored flame light

10 Nov, 2018
I bought a pair and the package arrived early. However, the other unit didn't even turn on when charged, so I emailed the vendor and they quickly sent me a new one. This is recommended to places w... more »

Sticky suction mount base

18 Oct, 2018
It sticks in place on my car dash with the use of the plate from my other dash mount. The phone holder secure locks my iPhone xs and can be extended. PROS: Sticky base suction. 360 degrees ro... more »

Sharp and bright light

18 Oct, 2018
This headlight has solid sharp and bright light suitable for almost all activities. The light has 3 switch mode to choose from and easily accessible through the main light top area. PROS: Comes... more »

Good size headrest car hook

18 Oct, 2018
This pair of a car headrest backseat hanger has the right size for my Mercedes E350. It matches the width, thickness, and color of my car's seat. PROS: Install and Uninstall in seconds. I... more »

Inflates tire fast and auto shut off

29 Sep, 2018
I am surprised by how fast it inflates my car tires with such a small compressor and yet it was not really noisy. The easy to read LCD display indicates the current tire pressure and the pressure comi... more »

Heavy duty and easy to read LCD display

29 Sep, 2018
This kit of Tire pressure gauge has heavy-duty construction and comes complete with extra hardware for your car tires need. The easy to read digital display indicates the current tire pressure and the... more »

Quality Hook and Easy to Install

29 Sep, 2018
This pair of car seat hook has quality plastic and rubberized attachment that is so easy to install and holds in place. You don't need to remove your car seat headrest, you just need to slide them... more »

Clean and fits perfectly

22 Sep, 2018
This Ipad Mini 4 Tempered glass screen protector fits perfectly to my Ipad Mini 4 device and it looks like the screen doesn't have the screen protector because it looks so clean and yet responsive... more »

Good for small flying insects

10 Sep, 2018
This USB Mosquito lamp is quiet and yet it has a decent size for a small space. I personally haven't tried it yet near mosquito areas, but the device works a suction fan when flying insects come n... more »

Compact and lightweight selfie stick

10 Sep, 2018
I personally like the look and compact design of this selfie stick, especially when folded. It looks like a high-end tiny gimbal with the function of a mini tripod and yet it is very lightweight that... more »

Beautiful and attractive design oil diffuser

10 Sep, 2018
This Essential oil diffuser is uniquely beautiful and rotating color changing lights are very relaxing at night. It is perfect for a living room or bedroom. Pros: The design is unique and v... more »

Portable solar panel with LED light bulb

05 Sep, 2018
Emergency portable solar panel with LED light bulb comes in handy when you’re in the area with no electricity. The bulb stores power through its 1600 mAH Lithium Ion battery that can last you ma... more »

Comfortable on my face and clear view

27 Aug, 2018
This full face snorkel mask deserves a five-star rating. I am 5 feet and 6 inches tall and this size perfectly fit my face comfortably. The front panoramic view gives you the perfect angle your eyes c... more »

Elastic good quality fabric and wide

27 Aug, 2018
I am pleased with the size and quality of this projection screen. The look, quality, and size of this foldable projection cloth screen exceeded my overall expectations. This comes with a bag, ropes, a... more »

Quality Bird Water Fountain Solar Panel

23 Aug, 2018
This bird drinker water fountain powered by sun's energy has good quality. The solar panel also with the small 200L/Hour pump comes with all the hardware to get you started in a minute. Pleas... more »