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Toni Jensen

About Me

I'm a mom to 6 kids and 2 fur babies aka cats . I am a behavioral science major in psychology. I’m the owner of mommies angels blog and share reviews and giveaways. I give honest thorough reviews complete with links and pictures. I do a lot of social media sharing and have a lot of followers


Great molds or ice trays

15 Aug, 2019
These are the handiest and cutest silicone trays ever! Easy to use and I love the silicone because it makes it so much easier to get them out! They are small but I like small ice cubes anyways. There... more »

awesome spoons

31 Jul, 2019
These small wooden spoons are great! They are sturdy and well made for an affordable price. They are great for decoration use or for sugar, honey, jam, tea, and more. A great feeling and easy to wash.... more »

awesome survival knife

06 Jul, 2019
This knife is a cool pocket knife. Great for survival and for those survival packs everyone is making. It is great for hunting and fishing. It has a knife sharpener as well as a bottle opener, glass b... more »

amazing backpack

06 Jul, 2019
Back to school shopping has started and I found an awesome stylish backpack that the kids will love. It has so many compartment and places to organize everything. It is big enough for my junior and hi... more »

cute 2 piece outfit

04 Jun, 2019
I got this cute 2 piece outfit for my almost 13-year-old because she loves cute girly outfits. This has a cute tank top that is more towards the crop top and so adorable. The shorts are flowy and almo... more »

beautiful comfy dress

04 Jun, 2019
I have a hard time finding dresses that flatter my figure and still light and airy for summer. This dress is perfect! It has pockets which I love. It is light material so great for all seasons. I love... more »

great organic hemp oil

22 May, 2019
All the rage of hemp oil right now I have been trying a few different brands out to see which is better and which is the best deal. This brand says a strong milligram of hemp oil and it's priced a... more »

waterproof phone pouch

22 May, 2019
Summer is coming up and that means a lot of water activities for our family. I always want pictures but I am afraid of my phone getting ruined by the water splashing or swimming so I don't take it... more »

oil for my diffuser

07 May, 2019
I use a diffuser daily and I love adding lavender oil around bedtime to help relax and calm me for better sleep. This oil is really good priced and in all natural and pure. This bottle will last me mo... more »

Great HTV

23 Apr, 2019
We have been making a lot of hoodies and shirt and having been trying all different brands of HTV. I got this brand and first off it is comparably cheaper than others on the market. Second, it is whit... more »

Awesome unicorn swimsuit

23 Apr, 2019
Do you have a unicorn lover in your house like I do? Then I have the perfect cute swimsuit for your little girl. This adorable one piece ruffled unicorn pink and blue swimsuit is amazing. The coverage... more »

Cute swimsuit

15 Apr, 2019
I absolutely love the style and colors of this swimsuit. Great for teens and adults. I love the coverage of it and that even though it is a two piece it looks like a one piece. The price is awesome an... more »

Adorable swimsuit

13 Apr, 2019
I’m dreaming of summer even though it snowed today. Swimsuit season can’t come soon enough for me. So I’m looking for new swimsuits for my girls and this one I love and so does my gi... more »

Pretty leather bracelet

04 Apr, 2019
I love leather bracelets. This wrap bracelet is so pretty and stylish. It wraps my wrist 3 times and I love the flower and beads. The colors are awesome. It’s easy to put on and remove. It is an... more »

One piece swimsuit

14 Mar, 2019
I got this suit for my teen and she likes the coverage it gives her. Only complaint she had was she wished the flowers were a different color hah. It fits good and the metal neck closure is easy to us... more »

Pretty beaded bracelets

18 Feb, 2019
I absolutely love bead bracelets and one that can be used for aromatherapy even better! These come with two bracelets perfect for a couple or just yourself. I love the black and white because they mat... more »

Funny cute keychain

18 Feb, 2019
I got this awesome keychain for my husband for valentines and he loved it! It is made amazingly and is very durable. It’s not too heavy but looks great. It’s a awesome price too. Makes a g... more »

Fairy lights are awesome

09 Jan, 2019
my girls are obsessed with fairy lights. They have their whole room decorated with them. I got these since my daughter is getting married in August and these are perfect to decorate her wedding and gi... more »

Warm Bluetooth speaker beanie

31 Dec, 2018
My kids love beanies and they love listening to music so combine the two and it is a favorite gift in my house. The beanie is so soft and warm and comfortable. The Bluetooth speaker is small and works... more »

Unicorn fan

31 Dec, 2018
My daughter is obsessed with unicorns. Anything unicorn are a must have for her. This adorable set has everything you need to make a special gift for their birthday. It comes with a gift bag and card,... more »

Virtual pet game

12 Dec, 2018
The new cool toy these days is a oldie toy we had years ago when I was younger. It’s virtual pets and the kids love them. The can go anywhere with your kids and keeps them busy for hours. Fun ga... more »

Fun game

06 Dec, 2018
Tamagotchi’s are back and kids are loving them once again. I remember these from when my nieces were little and they loved taking care of the cute pet. They are small keychain size activity pets... more »

Great Sketch set

25 Nov, 2018
Do you love to draw or sketch? This set is perfect for the sketcher in your family. It comes with 8 premium graphite pencils (8B,6B,4B,2B,HB,F,H,2H), 100 sheet drawing pad, 1 ultra soft all-graph... more »

Awesome Watercolor paint set

25 Nov, 2018
Do you have an art lover in your home or family? Well if you do this watercolor paint set is perfect for them. It comes with 36 color watercolor paints which is more colors than other waterc... more »

Awesome Acrylic paint art set

25 Nov, 2018
We love art at our house. We have fallen in love with family paint days as well/ We may not be Bob Ross we still like letting our painting creativity flow. This set is amazing. It comes with everythin... more »

beautiful ceramic teapot

08 Nov, 2018
I love tea and this teapot is absolutely stunning. It is ceramic and the white and blue oriental design is so elegant. It is lead-free and non-toxic. It comes with the teapot, the lid, a handle, and t... more »

Awesome tough scooter

06 Nov, 2018
My daughter has been wanting a new scooter since hers broke. This scooter was perfect for her. It is quality made and tough. I think the scooter will outlast her haha. This one was all put together al... more »

beautiful necklace

06 Nov, 2018
My girls are getting to the age where they love jewelry especially pretty sparkling jewelry. So this Christmas I thought jewelry would be a great gift. This beautiful sterling silver cubic zirconia ne... more »

fun mess free writing board

06 Nov, 2018
I grew up playing with one of these and they were always so fun. Honestly I still love drawing on them. This is great for all ages but geared more for younger ages but all my kids still play with it.... more »

stylish awesome clock

02 Nov, 2018
Some clocks do not fit into your room decor but that isn't this clock. This clock is so stylish and cool looking. It looks like a black stained piece of wood. You would never know its a... more »

handy little diffuser

29 Oct, 2018
Diffusers are all the rage right now. Essential oils deodorizing areas and being used to calm or overcome certain ailments. This little diffuser fits in the palm of your hand. It can be used with batt... more »

Fun creative hoodie

21 Oct, 2018
My 14-year-old daughter loves hoodies. So when she saw this one she wanted it. She loves the artsy design or the melty crayon or drippy paint. The colors are bright and awesome. It fits wonderful... more »

Fun starter pack of yarn

21 Oct, 2018
This pack is a great starter pack of yarn for those who love to knit or crochet. It comes with 20 different colors of yarn. They are small rolls of yarn but great to make a rainbow colored patch quilt... more »

paleontology fun for kids

21 Oct, 2018
My kids discovered these dig activities a few years ago and absolutely love them. This one you get to dig for dinosaur bones. It comes with all the tools and a cute sandy block that you use the tools... more »

no more yelling

21 Oct, 2018
If you are a teacher or a speaker of any kind this is great for you! This is a voice amplifier. It clips on your pants or belt and then the mic clips on your shirt. You turn it on and it amplifies you... more »

overall healthy

10 Oct, 2018
With all the rage of CBD oil and Hemp oil going around right now I wanted to try it. I have had some medical education and have done my research and I can see possible benefits from these types of hom... more »

fun little clock

04 Oct, 2018
This clock has all the needed functions at such a great price too. It not only tells the time but also the temperature, the date, timer, and week. It also has 7 different colors for the backlighting o... more »

cute fun pencils

25 Sep, 2018
With school back in full swing, I figured what better way to keep school fun and exciting then adorable cute pencils. I have mostly daughters and they love unicorns, cats, fuzzy stuff and more. These... more »

beautiful small oil diffuser

05 Sep, 2018
This diffuser is small and elegant. Absolutely stunning! It is glass and looks like a beautiful home decor. It is easy to use. Just add water and oil and turn on. It has 7 different light effects and... more »

stylish handy hamper

05 Sep, 2018
This hamper is great for a housewarming gift or Christmas present to a young couple or even a wedding gift. It is reasonably priced. It looks amazing and stylish. It is very sturdy. It is easy to put... more »

fun and creative toy

22 Aug, 2018
I have been seeing these flow rings around and wasn't sure what they are or what they do but I did know my kids wanted them. This one is a great deal because you get two sets of flow rings, T... more »

great mp3 player with all bells and whistles

20 Aug, 2018
As a family, we love music and do just about everything listening to music. This mp3 player is perfect for us. We can use it while cleaning, exercising, and everywhere in between. This one has 16 GB b... more »

fun for the whole family

20 Aug, 2018
My youngest has been wanting a hover ball for a while now and I just never seen the appeal. Why not just use a regular soccer ball. When we finally got one I notice its like a hockey puck but 5 times... more »

Compression socks are amazing

07 Aug, 2018
If you’re an athlete or have circulation issues these are for you. Compression socks are great for athletes of all kinds but especially runners, weight lifters, hikers,etc. They are also great f... more »

Comfortable socks

07 Aug, 2018
Compression socks are great for athletes of all kinds but especially runners, weight lifters, hikers,etc. They are also great for people with certain health issues like diabetes or poor circulation is... more »

Handy flash drive

07 Aug, 2018
With technology so important these days storage devices are needed. I take a lot of pictures and videos on my iPod and I know lots of people who use their phone a lot and you use up your storage well... more »

Handy powerful little fan

17 Jul, 2018
Summer time gets hot so this little fan is a great thing to have for extra cooling. I was extremely surprised on how powerful this little fan is. It has a dial to lower or higher the speed of the fan.... more »

Good stylish earbuds

17 Jul, 2018
We go through a lot of ear nods at our house with 7 people always listening to music or podcasts.  When I find a good deal and ones that are stylish I am excited. These ones look cool with the wo... more »

comfortable sport bras

09 Jul, 2018
I wear sports bras a lot because I have the hardest time finding comfortable bras in my size. I am always looking for high support and comfortability in sports bras. I love that these are Razorback an... more »

great brain supplements

09 Jul, 2018
We have been using Omega 3 for over a year now and love the overall benefits for your brain with them. These pills are nice because not only does it have Omega 3 but it also has Krill oil, Phospholipi... more »

Great comfy yoga capris

29 Jun, 2018
I absolutely love yoga pants. These ones are high rise which I like to hold the tummy in. I love the black and grey color because it matches with practically everything. They are super cute and comfy.... more »

beautiful wax battery operated candles

09 Jun, 2018
I have an addiction to pretty candles. The only part I hate is actually burning the candles because it ruins the look of the candle. These candles are perfect for that because they are battery operate... more »

great quality back pack

09 Jun, 2018
This backpack is great tough material.  It looks amazing and feels so comfortable on. I love that it has many pockets to organize everything. The power pack hook up is handy and easy to use. Thes... more »

Cute summer dress

25 May, 2018
Summertime gets hot and my kids especially my youngest hates wear clothes when she's hot. So they wear a lot of summery dresses all summer long. This dress reminds me of an outfit I had as a child... more »

coolest and easiest thermometer

22 May, 2018
My thermometer is over 20 years old so getting this thermometer was great. This thermometer is so cool and so easy to use. It uses infrared to take your temperature quick and accurately. This is... more »

GReat earphones

22 May, 2018
We go through a lot of earphones in our house with 7 people living here they get lost, broke, etc. We've have had cheap ones, expensive ones and everything in between. These earphones are very sty... more »

Water beads so fun

18 May, 2018
My kids love water beads, aka orbees, because they are fun to soak in the water watch them get bigger and become soft and squishy. My youngest has a foot spa that uses these as well and she has lost s... more »

comfortable workout capris

07 May, 2018
I pretty much live in yoga pants especially over the summer. I find a comfortable pair that moves with me and feels great on. These yoga capris are just that! They are comfortableand easy to put on. T... more »

great for hiking and walks

27 Apr, 2018
We do a lot of walks and hiking and outdoor things over the summer. This hydration bladder is awesome for carrying water with us wherever we go. It is lightweight fits in practically any backpack. It... more »

Cute Scrapbook

19 Apr, 2018
I have been looking for a cute scrapbook to put pictures from family outings in for a while and this one is perfect. My kids say its the UP movie book which is adorable. The quality of the book is ama... more »

great playing cards and flash cards

15 Apr, 2018
My son loves everything Japanese and he is taking Japanese classes in high school. He is a 3rd year Japanese student. So these playing cards are fun to play with and just refresh his knowledge with th... more »

Cute black choker necklaces

10 Apr, 2018
I used to wear chokers all the time in junior high and high school. Now my daughters wear them and love them. This pack comes with 9 different chokers to choose from. There are lace ones, knitted ones... more »

fun mind teaser puzzle games

29 Mar, 2018
I have loved mind teaser puzzle games since I was young an me and my nieces and nephews used to play them all the time. I got my kids into them as well. These simple but difficult games are fun and re... more »

adorable mermaid tail blanket

28 Mar, 2018
My kids love mermaid tails! They seen many types of the mermaid tail blankets and bugged for any of them. This one is amzing! It is a knitted mermaid tail blanket that fits your kids with plenty room... more »

fun headphones

28 Mar, 2018
My kids are obsessed with ears. It apparently is the new fashion and their favorite youtube stars wear them as well. So they have asked for cat ears headphones because they are "cute" they s... more »

great tactical flashlight

20 Mar, 2018
Great flashlight! It comes in a tough plastic case that hold the flashlight the optional battery pack and the charging cord. What makes flashlight special is it is heavy duty and tough but it also is... more »

great makeup blenders

20 Mar, 2018
Makeup blenders at a affordable price that are awesome. 5pcs and a scrub pad!  Why spend $8 for one blender that will only last a month or two. This pack will last you all year long for only a co... more »

awesome backpack

20 Mar, 2018
I know is only March but I have 6 kids so back to school shopping start right after school starts for the next year for me. This backpack is awesome and perfect for the tweens and teens. It is a great... more »

great razor for on the go or for beginners

20 Mar, 2018
This razor is cute. It is small and easy to use. It takes two AAA batteries. This is great for on the go, for quick touch ups, and for those tweens that are just learning to shave. You can use it on d... more »

great painting kit

15 Mar, 2018
This kit is awesome! If you love to paint or know someone who does then this kit is just what you need. It comes with 24 tubes of oil paint in all the colors you will need. It comes with one canvas, a... more »

fitness band

13 Mar, 2018
This is a great fitness tracker. It tracks steps, calorie burned, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring for light and deep sleeps and wake ups and so much more. You do have to download an app o... more »

Squishy fun

13 Mar, 2018
My kids love squishies. The slower the rise the better apparently. So for Easter I figured these would make awesome basket stuffers. I comes with 5 fruit squishies; apple, banana, strawberry, orange,... more »

great fitness tracker

13 Mar, 2018
This is a great fitness tracker. It tracks steps, calorie burned, heart rate, blood pressure, and so much more. You do have to download an app onto your phone but they have it for the android and the... more »

keep microwave clean

03 Mar, 2018
Great cover to use in the microwave to keep splatters and messes to a minimum. Easy to use just place over the plate or bowl you are microwaving and it will prevent it from getting all over the microw... more »

great shower rinse for camping

03 Mar, 2018
I have 6 kids and camping means dirty kids. This camp shower is amazing for washing hands and face. It is awesome that it is solar powered so you get nice warm water and it has a temperture gauge to t... more »

great air pump

03 Mar, 2018
Great air pump! This works amazingly to pump up air mattresses for camping or just sleepovers. We have a queen size mattress and with this we can easily pump it up in no time. It is easy to use just i... more »

great lighting better for your eyes

03 Mar, 2018
Great easy bright lighting. It is easy to install just use the peel and stick sticky tape. It is flexible and folds and bends for continous coverage around corners of the mirrors. Makes the mirrors br... more »

ultimate do everything curling wand

03 Mar, 2018
This wand is awesome! Not only does it curl your hair, it straightens it, crimps it, and more. I love that it does it all so I dont need 3 or more items to style my hair. The crimping works amazingly... more »

great multi charging cord

03 Mar, 2018
Great set of two charge cables that have multiple different charging types. It has Micro usb, lightening and 30 pin the only one it was missing for us is the type c but there are not too many phoens t... more »

fun pretty metallic markers

20 Feb, 2018
We love art in our family. We love adult coloring books. We love anything metallic or holo. So these markers were great for us. There are 12 beautiful colors to use. The actual color differs a little... more »

great waterproof snow legging gaiters

11 Feb, 2018
If you are like me I hate hiking or dealing with wet pants around the ankles and calves from snow, water, or even morning dew. These are great for hiking, walkings, running, hunting, climbing, working... more »

activated charcoal powder teeth whitener

11 Feb, 2018
Check out this neat activated coconut charcoal teeth whitening powder. I havent used it long enough to know how well it works but I can tell you it has a great taste. My teeth feel cleaner. They defin... more »

a year milestone book for girl

11 Feb, 2018
With all my kids I had baby book to write down all their milestones and pictures that I want to remember and share with htem when they are older. This cute baby girl first year milestone book is a per... more »

cute deer head earrings

11 Feb, 2018
I absolutely love these adorable deer earrings. They are sterling silver and fresh water pearl deer head earrings and are made by hand with superior quality at such a low price. They make a awesome pr... more »

beautiful sterling silver antler earrings

11 Feb, 2018
These ear rings are absolutely gorgeous. They are sterling silver. They are perfect size. I love that they come with different types and sizes of backings so you can pick the ones that are most comfor... more »

great earbuds for exercising

03 Feb, 2018
If your like me I have to listen to music while working out. It makes working out much more enjoyable. These earphone are awesome for me to workout im. They are sweatprook and are noise canceling. The... more »

comfort and style

25 Jan, 2018
If you have back pain or tailbone pain while sitting this cushion is for you! This seat cushion has tons of padding. It fits perfectly on my chair and the little grip dots underneath keep it from slip... more »

great braided lighting charger cords

12 Jan, 2018
These are are quality made. They have a braided cord to protect from breakage. They work great with my iPod. They are 6 foot which is a great length for most charging cords. I love that it came with 3... more »

great art pen brushes

23 Dec, 2017
Do you love art and drawing and coloring? If you do then these marker brushes are great for you. They are dual tipped; one side is fine point and the other is like a caligraphy paint brush marker. The... more »

awesome power bank for electronics

23 Dec, 2017
If you are like me or my kids then you know the struggle of being away from home and your phone or tablet is dead and you have no where to charge it. Well thats where this power bank comes in handy. I... more »

beautiful elegant dreamcatcher

23 Dec, 2017
So I am in love with dream catchers. So when I got this one I was so excited! I love the colors and style of it. The blues and browns together are so fun and gorgeous. I love the look of the moon and... more »

Useful and quality made surge protector

16 Dec, 2017
Check out this awesome power strip surge protector. It has 6 outlets and 3 USB ports to plug your devices into to keep them safe plus this also is space saving and expands your current outlet to charg... more »

fishing for cat fish

14 Dec, 2017
This toy was surprisingly strong and toughly made. My cats have broken most of their fishing toys by snapping the poles. This one is strong and sturdy and just like a real fishing pole. It can take a... more »

great mic

28 Nov, 2017
So if you are into doing youtube videos or other recording videos this mic is perfect for you! It is quality made out of metal . Has nice rubberized grip to the mic. It comes with a stand and 2 cords... more »

awesome wooden music instrument

28 Nov, 2017
my daughter has been wanting a guitar for years and I just havent felt she was ready for one yet. This Ukulele is perfect size for her and easierfor her to learn on. It is quality made out of wood. It... more »

fun remote car

25 Nov, 2017
This is a fun remote control car. It is good for any gender. My daughters love it! It is easy to use and fun to control. It does flips and 360 turns. The lights and music just add to the excitement of... more »

easy and natural fat burner

19 Nov, 2017
These are a natural fat burner and food suppresant. They are easy to take and pretty reasonably priced for comparable products out there. Has ingrediants like green tea, green coffee, raspberry ketone... more »

beautiful and elegant

19 Nov, 2017
This dream catcher was pretty and elegant. It was well made and a great size. I love dream catchers and so does my family so this makes a great present as well. The white is very bright and the feathe... more »

pretty dreamcatcher

14 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love dream catchers. This one is medium to small size but is so adorable and beautiful. I love the heart and heart beads that dangle from it and the white feathers. I definitely reco... more »

beautiful dream catcher

14 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love dream catchers. This one is medium to small size but is so pretty. I love the two hearts and the pucca shells and the white feathers. It makes it look elegant. Very well made as well... more »

Awesome assortment of paints

12 Nov, 2017
Me and my girls love to paint on canvas and this set of acrylic paint was awesome and had all the colors we needed to make our pictures masterpieces. The paint was vibrant and worked smoothly. They bl... more »

Great Whitehead popper kit

12 Nov, 2017
If you’re like me and get stubborn blackheads or the whiteheads pimples and have a hard time popping them with fingernails then this kit is perfect! It has everything you need to safely and easi... more »

Awesome safe can opener

12 Nov, 2017
I am in absolute love with this can opener! It is so easy to use! Smooth and strong. I like that it opens the cans in the side so they are not sharp. I can run my fingers on it and not get cut. It is... more »

Extra clean toothbrush

12 Nov, 2017
I like electric toothbrush for the extra cleaning for my teeth! This one is a good one! It has extra replacement brush heads for when the get worn out and I love that this is chargeable and not batter... more »

Cute squishy

30 Oct, 2017
My girls love squishies ever since they seen their favorite youtubers open them. This one is a cute squishy donut bear. It is super squishy and the paint and ears are absolutely adorable. They are the... more »

Heavy duty glue gun

30 Oct, 2017
Heavy duty, easy to use, great for crafting and projects and more. Uses the big glue sticks! Durable and quality made! It has a decently long cord so you have plenty of room to move around to glue you... more »

antennae better than nothing

21 Oct, 2017
HDTV Antenna, Firstbuy Best Indoor 1080P Amplified Digital TV Antenna 50 Mile Range with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster,USB Power Supply, 16.5Ft High Performance Coaxial Cable https://www.amazon.... more »

great cords

26 Sep, 2017
we loved these cords. It worked perfectly for our fire tablets. Loved the braid cord as well. great price and quality made. Love it! more »

so fun

26 Sep, 2017
my kids love fidget spinners and this one is a great color. It spins smoothly. and is a lot of fun to play with! more »

fidget fun

26 Sep, 2017
my kids are obsessed with these and have all colors. This works great. It smooth gliding and so much fun! more »

mermaid fun

26 Sep, 2017
my daughter loves her mermaid tail. It is so fun and warm and big. We love the quality of it and it is a family favorite now! more »

so fun

26 Sep, 2017
what a amazing pillow case. My daughter loves playing with it on her throw pillow. My kids play with it for hours. so pretty and fun! more »

great earbuds

26 Sep, 2017
worked amazing. Easy to use. Great quality. bass and tremble is great sounding. definitely recommend them more »

natural fast energy

26 Sep, 2017
great product! gave lots of energy and easy to use. No jitters! Definitely will buy again! more »